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Sustaining Maximum Running Efficiency as a Beginner + Benefits

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Sustaining Maximum Running Efficiency as a Beginner + Benefits Sustaining Maximum Running Efficiency as a Beginner + Benefits www.runnerclick.com

As the year starts, beginning runners start marathons on roads and trails with high expectations of good outcomes. Beginning runners, however, are often engulfed in this new activity. Running is most suitable as a first step of keeping fit. This is because one can do it at any place; there are no fee charges and low starting costs. It’s in fact as simple as buying a T-shirt and some shorts and you are good to start. Due to quick access and low-cost new runners aren’t prepared physically or mentally for new the demand their body will need and also the time they spent in running. So as to enjoy running as a beginner, here is a few tips for staying motivated;

Before Starting


Running occasionally involves very small equipment, only a pair of shoes that suits your foot type. This reduces the risks of getting injuries. One may get advice on finding the right pair of shoes from specialists and trainers who can be accessed easily. Shock absorbers on shoes become weak over time. This increases the rate of injuries. A runner is advised to replace his shoes after running for about every 300miles.

A runner should plan his run, work out, the exact time and place where one is going to run and write it in your diary, this way one avoids forgetting. Also, a runner is advised to see a specialist if there’s an alarming health condition, if one feels out of shape or if he’s recovering from an injury.

Starting out

So as to enjoy the new experience and avoid injuries, it’s important to take it easy during running. One should start at a slow pace, and increase the speed and distance as he starts to adjust to the new experience. For example, a runner should begin with an easy warm-up of about 5-6 minutes. This includes climbing stairs, jogging, lifting knees and side stepping.

Moreover as a starter, one should alternate between walking and running during the exercise. As one adjusts, he should decrease the walking part and increase his running intervals. A regular running time for a beginner means running for at least  twice a week, as one’s body adjust  to the exercise, running improves.


Staying motivated

This includes;

Setting your goal

So as to stay motivated there’s a need for setting your challenges no matter one’s level. One can for instance run for a charity or training for a race. One can access a running event more easily as they are available.

Keeping a diary

Include the weather, time, distance, route and also how you felt. This helps one when he wants to quit to stay motivated by looking back at what he’s covered and stay encouraged.

Improve your running

So as to improve one’s running, one can try running podcasts. Podcasts improve running because they have coaching’s that boosts running technique, speed, stamina. Also, it contains running music.

Running with a friend


It is very helpful to have somebody with the same capabilities as you that you can run with. You’ll motivate each other whenever you are not in the mood for running. Running together is better than going at it alone.  Moreover, you will not want to disappoint your running partner hence you will end up running.

Mix things up

Try to keep running more entertaining by diversifying. Running on the same route over and over can get boring and discouraging. Change your distances, pace and routes. Applications such as route planner discover and share running routes.

Join a club

For more commitment, joining a club will motivate you to keep on running on a regular basis. Clubs have groups with various levels of running such as a group for beginners. This is also a great place for finding running partners.

Buy quality shoes and comfortable


For better and more comfortable. Weather conducive clothes and accessories such as watch, water

Start small

As a beginner, you should start with short distances before going longer distances. When you start with long distances, it will be difficult to keep up because of the fatigue.

Hydrate adequately

To avoid dehydration. Carry water as you run or some sort of energy drink. This will help restore the water and energy lost from the body.

Consistency is key

Do not give up after the first few days. Keep on running every day or alternatively twice in a week.

Stretches before and after

Stretches prevent the body from getting cramps that may be caused by intensive training.


Importance of running

Running is a crucial activity for better health. One is able to be mentally and physically fit through exercise, moreover, it’s a healthy way to start a day. It burns more calories than any other exercise. Running daily reduces one’s risk to stroke, diabetes, chronic illness, and heart diseases. It keeps one’s weight under control and can boost one’s moods.

Boosts health

Research has proven to improve an individual’s general health.  It can reduce cholesterol levels and help improve the functions of the lung. Running will also boost the immune system and even lower clotting of the blood.

Prevent diseases

Running prevents diseases. For instance, it reduces the risk of getting breast cancer in women, chances of strokes generally. It is recommended that individuals with diseases such as diabetes to run so as to reduce the risk of getting a heart attack.

Losing weight

Loss of weight can be achieved through running. Calories get burnt thus it is very effective. In return, individuals gain confidence and empowerment with weight loss that they did not have before.

Stress reliever

Stress is a major problem in the modern world and can lead to loss of appetite, lack of sleep and even to depression. So when you run, the body is forced to apply excess energy and hormones. This relieves stress and eliminates depression.


To conclude, running is extremely beneficial to the mind, body and soul. It may be tiring and painful, but in the long-run, it is highly helpful health-wise and as a fun thing to do. It is free and anyone can run if they want to.