Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Watch

The Huawei Band 3 Pro is an affordable smartwatch that features an ergonomic design and multi-sport usage. Its sleek build allows it to be comfortably worn during everything from rugged workouts to daily living and even sleep. Buyers can track their progress as they walk, run, bike, and even swim thanks to its 5 ATM water rating.

Of course, its bigger selling features are more versatile. It includes a built-in GPS as well as a heart rate monitor, and it can easily track everything from calories burnt to blood oxygen intake. Even better, a highly-advanced sleep tracker maps out the buyer's sleeping patterns and offers them a number of possible solutions.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Reasonably priced

-Impressive battery live

-Lightweight and comfortable

-Comes with GPS tracking

-Heart rate and sleep monitors

-Highly versatile usage


-Limited app usage

-Some synching issues

-Inconsistant durability

Key Features
For the most part, the Band 3 Pro is considered to be quite versatile when it comes to its usage. Not only does it provide tracking and monitoring for running and cycling, but they're also specified for both indoor and outdoor activities. It also includes tracking for swimmers, and its water resistance level allows it to be used in depths of up to 50 meters.

Everyday activities are also enhanced thanks to features that monitor the buyer's heart rate, calorie level, and even recovery time. Additional trackers are even included to monitor sleep patterns, and the watch's small, ergonomic design allows it to be comfortably worn all day and night.
Basic Features
All standard smartwatch features can be found on the Band 3 Pro, including an alarm, stopwatch, and automatic daylight savings time. Multiple tracking features are present for walking, running, cycling, and even swimming. 24/7 heart rate monitoring is also present, thanks to the brand's TruSeen 3.0 precision system that's fixed into the body.

Additional monitors allow buyers to efficiently keep track of calories and the number of steps they've taken. And, of course, a built-in GPS helps them keep track of where they are whenever they're walking or running outdoors.
Advanced Features
One of the Band 3 Pro's most notable features is its sleep monitoring, which was developed along with Harvard Medical School's CDB center. Not only does it completely map out the buyer's sleep patterns, but it also detects the six most common sleep-related issues and gives access to over 200 solutions.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, buyers can enable notifications for phone calls, text messages, and even social media. Should they misplace their phone, the watch can also trigger its ringer to locate it quickly, even when it's on silent. Even more impressive, this watch can function as a camera shutter remote for a compatible smartphone.
For the most part, buyers seem to be happy with the Band 3 Pro's overall level of accuracy. This was especially apparent while they were using its GPS and heart rate monitor, and it stayed accurate throughout the day. While some may have noticed a few discrepancies with the sleep tracker, most buyers were very impressed with how it functioned.

With all of this said, however, some buyers have also noticed that this watch's readings can become less and less accurate over time. It's unclear if this is an occasional fluke or an error that Huawei needs to correct with the next model in this line.
It's listing on the Huawei website states that the Band 3 Pro features Bluetooth connectivity, specifically Bluetooth 4.2. Its range can also reach as far as 10 meters, or close to 33 feet, meaning that buyers don't have to feel tied down to their phone as they use this watch.

It should be said, however, that its overall connectivity might diminish over time, especially when it's nearing the end of its two-year warranty. Reviews and listings also don't mention if this particular watch incompatible with WiFi, so it may be safe to assume that it isn't.
One of the areas where the Band 3 Pro loses points is its lack of compatibility with various apps. While it’s made to be used along with several of the brand’s own apps, many that are created by a third party won’t be compatible with this particular model.

The Huawei Wear app provides buyers with access to tracking and monitoring for their workouts and statistics and even enables them to set alarms and manage text or social media notifications. Buyers can also use the Huawei Health app, which provides more detailed tracking features for walking, running, and cycling. Both of these apps can integrate with each other for more complete monitoring.

However, those who want access to more detailed workout routines or even music would have to look elsewhere. One buyer claimed that they attempted to download Strava, a cycling and running app that fully tracks and records routes, only to find out that it wasn’t compatible.
While it has received some mixed reviews for its performance and durability, the Band 3 Pro has still been widely praised for it a comfortable wear. Its smaller and incredibly lightweight design means that it will never get in the way of the buyer’s activities and won’t feel bothersome at any point even if they wear it while sleeping.

Its total weight comes out to only 0.64 ounces, meaning that it weighs less than half as much as the average smartwatch. The body measures 1.8 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches, according to the Amazon listing, and its wrist band is only 0.65 inches wide. As suggested, those who have smaller wrists will be very pleased by its minimalist build.

Furthermore, the watch’s materials are carefully selected to not cause the buyer any form of irritation. Not only is the metal casing completely smooth, but its silicone band feels comfortable against the skin and when fastened correctly, won’t dig into the bone.
Many have noted that the Band 3 Pro looks a great deal like most Fitbit models. It has the same thin band, the same slim rectangular body, and even the same weight range and touchscreen features. One of the bigger differences is that this model has no buttons and relies almost entirely on its touchscreen for daily usage.

Buyers can pick between three different color options when purchasing this particular watch. While it’s no surprise that it's Obsidian Black option might be the most popular, this model is also available in Space Blue and Quicksand Gold. Any of these three selections can easily fit into any casual or sporty environment, letting the buyer feel confident as they track their fitness progress.
Most buyers seem to be reasonably satisfied with the Band 3 Pro’s overall level of durability. Its 5 ATM water rating allows it to be completely water-resistant in depths of up to 50 meters, and its silicone band is able to sufficiently resist the gradual wear and tear that may occur with fabric or leather straps. It also comes with a two-year warranty, which several professional reviewers claim is more than enough to cover this inexpensive smartwatch.

On the other hand, some buyers have noticed issues after they’ve used it for only a few months. They’ve noticed that the touchscreen would require additional taps over time and that its overall battery would gradually start to deplete. They’ve also pointed out that its tracking devices may lose their accuracy after some time.
The Band 3 Pro’s screen utilizes AMOLED technology, which is what powers the touchscreen and enables the right amount of sensitivity for its touchscreen. In addition, it utilizes less power than other, more advanced technologies, yet still provides clear and colorful images. Buyers have also praised this model’s screen for its brightness, which can easily be adjusted via the Huawei Wear app.

The casing that holds the screen and sensors in place is made from a smooth metal that features a high gloss UV coating. Its entire body measures in at 45mm x 19mm x 11mm, making it an incredibly sleek and slim model that will never get in the way of any workout or daily activity.

In addition, its screen measures 21.6mm x 10.8mm, and its display resolution is listed at 120 x 140 pixels. While this is noticeably lower than what’s found on most smartwatches, it’s still understandable given its overall size.
Most smartwatches feature a wrist band that's made from silicone, and the Band 3 Pro follows this same design trend. Not only does this make it more resistant to gradual wear and tear than fabric or leather, but it also feels comfortable against the skin and doesn't give the buyer any irritations throughout the day.

Information on the Huawei website lists the strap width at 16.5mm, or 0.64 inches, which greatly adds to its easy and incredibly lightweight wear. The straps are also listed at 120mm and 92mm, or 4.7 inches and 3.6 inches, respectively. This means that it can most comfortably fit any wrist that measures between five and eight inches around.
One of the Band 3 Pro's biggest selling points its lightweight and minimal design, which makes it incredibly easy to wear. Its body measures out at 45mm x 19mm x 11mm, and the screen alone measures 0.95 inches across. Its usable dimensions come in at 21.6mm x 10.8mm, which might make the touchscreen especially challenging for certain buyers.

As stated before, its band measures 16.5mm in width. Both pieces are 120mm and 92mm long, respectively, allowing it to be comfortably worn on all wrist sizes that measure between five and eight inches around.

At just 120 x 140 pixels, its display resolution is noticeably lower than most other smartwatches that are currently on the market. Although the brightness of its screen does seem to make up for it to some extent.
Ease of Use
Judging by most online reviews, buyers feel that the Band 3 Pro is surprisingly easy to use. Not only does the brightness of its screen make it easier to read, especially in sunlight, but it can also connect to the phone efficiently to allow the buyer to check their complete progress for the day. In addition, the fact it relies entirely on a touchscreen means that those who are new to smartwatches might have an easier time learning how to use it.

However, those who have used similar models made by Fitbit have claimed that they were better equipped for easy usage. This could be due to these watches' wider screens, higher durability, and access to more third-party applications.
Power Source
Just like all smartwatches, the Band 3 Pro comes with a USB cable for quick and easy charging. Buyers can simply plug it into their computer to power it up or into a portable charger so they won't have to worry about their battery level while they're out. And its charging time of one to two hours means that buyers won't have to wait that long to confidently use their watch all day.

Most buyers are also highly impressed with this watch's battery life, as it can last up to 17 days while on regular smartwatch mode. Its GPS mode, on the other hand, only lasts for up to seven hours. Since this is noticeably less than what's provided by other models, buyers might want to use this feature sparingly.
Compared to most other smartwatches on the market, the Band 3 Pro is considered to be incredibly affordable. Its official price is listed at $70 on the Huawei website and at other online retailers such as Adorama Camera and Amazon. Lower prices can also be found via several reputable listings on eBay and at Newegg or B&H.

Since it offers most of the features that buyers would want in their smartwatch, including multiple activity trackers and monitors along with the GPS, many find this watch to be an incredible bargain. Its lower price also makes sense, considering its smaller and more lightweight design.

With that said, however, its limited use of third-party apps and lack of overall durability do leave some buyers feeling as if they'd get exactly what they paid for.
Key Features
-120 x 140 pixels
-Heart rate monitor
-Advanced sleep monitor
-Multiple activity trackers
-Water rating of 5 ATM
-Camera remote for smartphones
-AMOLED touchscreen display
-Silicone wrist band
-Three color options
-$70 price tag
-17-day battery life
-7-hour GPS mode
Bottom Line
Overall, the Huawei Band 3 Pro smartwatch has garnered mostly positive reviews from buyers. They greatly appreciate its lightweight design, versatile usage, and surprisingly long battery life. And the addition of an advanced sleep-tracker and camera remote, as well as the accuracy of its GPS and heart rate monitors, make this relatively affordable device an incredible tool for both fitness and everyday life.

There are definitely a few things that Huawei needs to address with the next model, however, such as its lack of compatibility with certain apps and it occasional synching issues. If these are improved, or fixed completely, there's no doubt that this model's successor could become a best-seller.
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