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Let’s face it, there are a lot of fitness trackers on the market. Fitbit specializes in trackers made to be worn 24/7. And with all the strap options available for the Alta, they win some big points for style. Apple and Garmin are on the forefront of the technological push for the perfect fitness watch, offering high-end (and expensive!) GPS smartwatches with just about every feature you can imagine. Other brands, such as Soleus, are going for simpler, more minimalistic (and less expensive) design and features. All this said, there’s a lot of competition in the fitness tracker world. When another company decides to present yet another tracker, it needs to be something special. It needs to have something to set it apart, make it different, something to make it particularly desirable to all those exercise enthusiasts out there. The Huawei Fit has two such features: it’s waterproof and it has an internal personal trainer. Throughout this review we will share the details of these features, as well as go into some pros and cons of this watch, so you can decide if the Huawei Fit is the fitness tracker for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Personal trainer
  • Basic fitness tracker capabilities
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof: can be worn in the shower and even swimming
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Shows smartphone notifications
  • Six-day battery life
  • Cons
    • Touchscreen is very difficult to use while working out
    • No GPS
    • Does not automatically track exercise
    • No social outlets
    • Inaccurate distance tracking
    • Key Features
      The Huawei Fit is a multi-sport tracker. You have the options for running, walking, cycling, treadmill, and, because this watch is waterproof, even swimming. Like many fitness watches, however, it is really best suited for running.
      Basic Features
      When it comes to basic fitness tracking, the Huawei Fit has got you fully covered. It counts steps and, based on your steps, calculates distances traveled. It tracks the calories you’ve burned as well as tracks your active time. If you’ve been sitting still for too long, it reminds you to get up, move around, and burn off a few more calories. While it unfortunately does not automatically start tracking workouts, it does allow you to pause tracking mid-workout and start up again at another time. You’re also able to choose from a variety of different workouts. This is a smartwatch, so it connects to your phone and delivers call and text notifications. It sports multiple alarms that gently vibrate, alerting you without disturbing anyone else. The Fit not only tracks your activities throughout the day, but also continues to monitor you through the night with its sleep-tracking capabilities. And day and night, the screen is always on, ready to provide the time or your stats with just one quick glance.
      Advanced Features
      Given the simplicity of the Huawei Fit, it is somewhat surprising that it has an optical PPG heart rate sensor. In order to track your heart rate, the Fit uses a light-based sensor that detects your blood volume by flashing against your skin. The heart rate intensity zones help you train smarter by letting you know if you’re doing an aerobic or a fat burning exercise. The sensor also helps you not overtrain, by vibrating to alert you when you’ve reached a designated maximum threshold. And you can be more mindful of your health all throughout the day with the heart rate curve. As you can see, the heart rate sensor is an excellent feature on the Fit, and it’s by no means the only advanced feature. This watch is also waterproof, up to an IP68/5 ATM rating. You can wear it in the shower, and you can wear it in the pool. It has the option to put it in aquatic workout mode, making this an excellent choice for those who enjoy swimming as well as running.

      Probably the greatest feature the Fit sports is its personal running coach. You are able to create your very own running plan based on your own fitness level, your personal target distance, and your training frequency. Once you’ve made your personalized plan, you can get guidance during a run — the Fit will give you alerts to speed up or slow down, it will let you know when you’ve hit distance marks, and it will provide you with heart rate alerts. As if that isn’t awesome enough, the Fit’s VO2max assessment indicates your cardio-respiratory fitness and an estimated recovery time. For anyone who’s ever been frustrated by trying to figure these stats out on his own, the Fit’s personal training program will probably sound like a dream come true.
      The lack of GPS on the Fit is a big part of why this watch is so affordable, but it really takes a toll on its accuracy. When tracked alongside the TomTom Spark 3 GPS watch, the pace was sometimes two to three miles off. You can sync the Fit with your smartphone and use that as a GPS, but this is hardly the same as the watch itself providing accurate distance data. The heart rate monitor, however, is far more accurate than the distance tracker. It consistently provides reliable data, making this a good option for people who are particularly concerned with that information.
      The Fit is a smartwatch, so it connects to Android and Apple mobile devices. Receive smartphone notifications such call alerts and messages from all your favorite third-party apps (even apps such as Facebook and Instagram). However, other than receiving notifications from third-party social media apps, the Fit provides little outlet for camaraderie. The Huawei Wear app doesn't allow for following friends or challenging colleagues, so the Fit is more of a solo watch.
      Most of the watch’s special features, such as alarms and personal training plans, must be set up through the Huawei Wear iOS or Android app. On the main home screen you will see steps, heart rate info, exercise tracking, and sleep data. All of this is straightforward and intuitive. Unfortunately, however, syncing your data isn’t quite so simple. In fact, it’s downright temperamental. The app often fails to save workouts and, to make matters worse, workout histories are difficult to find on the app’s interface.
      With its all-day activity tracking and all-night sleep monitoring, the Huawei Fit is designed to be worn 24/7. Thanks to its light weight (under 35g) and its soft flexible strap, this is an easy task to undertake.
      With its sleek round face and slim profile, the Huawei Fit looks more like a traditional wristwatch than many of its competitors. Since you can attach any 18mm strap to the face, you could choose a leather band and make it look really classic. But if sporty is your thing, Huawei has got your back. When you purchase the Fit, you can choose between three different soft, flexible rubber straps — orange, blue, or black. Any of these would go great with the typical black and neon wardrobe of most exercise enthusiasts.
      With its sleek design and minimalistic make, there is little to go wrong with the Fit. With Corning Gorilla 3 Glass, a durable metal casing, and a strong rubber strap, this is a watch meant to last.
      The Huawei Fit’s face looks fantastic. Made of scratch-resistant Gorilla 3 Glass, the screen is perfectly round and encased by metal made of one single component. This, along with the fact that there are no buttons protruding from the sides, gives it a sleek, minimalistic design. The memory LCD touchscreen shows bold numbers in black and white; and it is always on, so you don’t have to worry about tapping the screen when you want to quickly glance at the time. Unfortunately, when it does come time to tap the screen (to access your stats, for example), the touchscreen is not very responsive. Sweaty fingers slip off the screen, making it difficult to use while working out. And though there is a wrist-flick option for switching screens, this strangely isn’t supported when the watch is in workout mode. So, while the lack of buttons helps in terms of design, it doesn’t do much for actual functionality. Another problem is that, while its clearly visible outdoors, the screen is difficult to see inside.
      It’s become fairly standard for many fitness watches to have interchangeable bands. But the Huawei Fit is unique in that it supports any 18mm watch strap, not just those designed specifically for the Fit. So if you already have a strap you love, you don’t have to give it up when you upgrade your standard timepiece. The band the Fit comes with is available in three different colors — orange, black, and blue — and is a great option as well. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s something you can wear all day long without getting irritated.
      Sizes Available
      The Huawei Fit is available in two sizes: large (246.5mm x 39.4mm x 9.9mm) and small (229.4mm x 39.4mm x 9.9mm). The sizing slots on the bands make it adjustable.
      Ease of Use
      It seems like the Huawei Fit would be easy to use — simply tap the screen (or, with certain options, flick your wrist) to view all your stats. Unfortunately, however, the number one complaint about this sports watch is how difficult it is to use. Because there are absolutely no physical buttons, tapping the screen really is the only option. Even when you’re in the middle of a workout. Even when you’re fingertips are dripping sweat. Given that lack of buttons, you’d think the touchscreen would be able to handle sweaty, slippery fingers. Sadly, this simply isn’t the case. But you can just flick your wrist, right? Avoid tapping the screen altogether. Theoretically, it’s the perfect solution. But the watch only responds to wrist-flicking about half the time, making it ineffective as a reliable workout companion.
      Power Source
      We’re getting more and more used to fitness watches that sport long-lasting batteries. Most of those watches, however, have only the most basic of features. The Huawei Fit has some very advanced features (such as heart-rate monitoring) and yet it can still last for almost an entire week on just one single charge. And that’s assuming you’re using all the features available. On standby, the Fit can last for up to thirty days. When it does finally need to recharge, it only takes about forty minutes until it’s ready to go again.
      Considering the number of features it boasts — including heart rate monitor and smartphone notifications — the Huawei Fit is very reasonably priced, in the same price range as the Fitbit Charge 2 and Samsung Gear Fit 2.
      Any 18mm band can be attached to the Huawei Fit face. Other than that, there are no additional accessories for it.
      Key Features
      • Allows you to make your own running plan and guides you through it

      • Heart rate monitor works both during workouts and throughout the day

      • Multi-sport mode accommodates a variety of exercises: walking, running, cycling, treadmill workouts etc.

      • Counts steps, tracks calories, shows distances covered, monitors sleep

      • Connects to your mobile phone and delivers notifications

      Bottom Line
      The Huawei Fit sports some pretty great features. It boasts a traditional wristwatch design. It has an accurate heart rate monitor. Its battery is long-lasting and quick to recharge. It’s waterproof with aquatic workout options. Its comfortable enough to wear day and night as it tracks your waking activity and also monitors your resting time. It even has a customizable training plan and acts as your very own personal trainer with speed, distance, and heart rate alerts. All of this speaks very highly in its favor; sadly, however, none of that really matters if the watch isn’t usable. With a touchscreen that is finicky at best, the Fit simply isn’t a reliable tracker. If you can’t view your stats in the middle of a workout because your fingers are sweaty, what exactly is the point of that workout watch? Until Huawei addresses this problem in their product, the Fit will remain an excellent option on paper, but a poor choice for actual use.
      Where to Buy
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