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Have you ever met someone who just absolutely exudes positivity? Like, someone who enters a room and brings a magnetic attitude that you simply cannot help but be attracted too? Well, let me introduce you to an inspiring person who is an ambitious go-getter, while at the same time genuinely warm and kind. An athlete, an entrepreneur and great influencer who makes it his mission to motivate and inspire others daily, say hello to Rundezvous Ralph from Australia and creator of Regalo, the minimalist, magnetic, wearable pocket.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are, where you’re from, what you do?
I live in Sydney, Australia. However, nothing excites me like being in New York City! The city, the people, the energy. It is so inspiring and is like no other! 
By day, I’m a Human Resources Manager. By night, I’m just a fun-lovin’ human being. I’m a man of the people. I love connecting with great people, seeing them smile and what fulfills me is seeing people make progress to achieve their dreams and goals! 
When and how did fitness become a part of your lifestyle?
When I was 10 years old at school, we would have compulsory swimming lessons every year and I had a bit of “fluff” and wanted to be more “buff” haha. I started by doing pushups and chin-ups in the shower. This love of fitness then leads to me studying to become a Personal Trainer right after high school and then working in the fitness industry for the three years following. The mindset has changed from “looking good” to “feeling great”. I now want to be built for a purpose, aka to be strong, fit and healthy. That’s my perpetual goal.
You’re also an entrepreneur! Can you give us details of how you manage work, life, and leisure?
I believe we are all creators and entrepreneurs! Some of this just gets lost as we grow up and for most of us, follow the traditional route of going to college, getting a job, etc. We all have our unique personalities and energy; I’d encourage you to explore that more for yourself (if you haven’t already). Have you been: hiding in your comfort zone, afraid of change, afraid of being in the spotlight, or playing it small? Perhaps it’s time to share the real you with the world!
I digress! As I am an employee Monday through Friday, to fit more life and athleisure into my days, I wake up before 5 am every morning (yes, even on weekends) and work on myself. The first 90 minutes of my mornings revolve around: reading The Daily Stoic, cuddles with my son (@hellomochipie), lifting or running, working on my next moves aka dreams, coffee (of course), meditation and making my bed (and flossing my teeth). Nothing extraordinary or revolutionary here, just consistency. Once you develop a pattern, it just becomes a way of life! I encourage you to find a pattern that suits and supports your lifestyle!
You are all about supporting a positive thinking way, in business ventures, self-care, and fitness. How did this passion develop?
I view and live my life as a whole, rather than segmented parts of work, fitness, business. Each of these things is integrated into the whole and by living my life in this way, it is much simpler. I am a simpleton and operate on very basic principles which revolve around: being alive in every sense of the word, living a joyful life and infecting others with this positive energy and being disciplined to get things done. It’s one thing to read and learn something, but it is another thing to actually implement these things into your life. By doing, this is where the magic truly happens.
How do you organize yourself to do it all?
Priorities and discipline. That is all.
Can you give us a recollection of your most trying part of that journey and also your most rewarding?
I was lying in bed one night and was doing some research on the product I was creating. I came across some very disheartening information that made my guts wrench and left me feeling physically ill. My internal dialogue said, “Oh no! You’ve got no chance now. You might as well give up. Damn… all that work and effort down the drain.” This happened for a good 10 minutes. The better and braver voice responded with, “Ok. So this is an issue. What can we do? What can we do to fix this?” From this moment, it was a matter of asking myself the right questions and not stopping until I overcame this hurdle. I believe many things in our lives are “figure-outable”.
Most rewarding part of the entrepreneurial journey? CONNECTING WITH THE PEOPLE! Seriously. Being connected with the people is what makes it all worth it! I can now call many of Regalo’s customers/fans/supporters, my friends! How cool is that?
What are your upcoming goals? 
To travel the world, meet in for real life the connections I’ve made on this Regalo journey, document this through video and share it with the world. Stay tuned.
What advice would you give to someone who would like to be a successful, fit and of good mind like yourself?
One thing I’ve been telling myself for some time, especially through difficult times, is that EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT. Life doesn’t give us what we want but gives us what we need. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but learning and adding foresight into the picture is extremely valuable. When something doesn’t go the way we want, I think it’s important to also ask the question, “What can I learn from this?”.
Some practical advice that I can give which has been super valuable for me:
– Learn. Implement what you’ve learnt and share this with people. They say knowledge is power, but it is only potential power. It’s very easy to say you’ve read something, but it’s another to actually LIVE it.
– Stay humble. No one likes a proud person.
– Count your blessings and practice gratitude every day. No, really. Count them. Think about where and who you were this time X number of months or years ago? Look at what you have now and be grateful. Remember, some people would “die” to have the “problems” that you have.
– Ask yourself more questions and respond to them honestly. Your soul never lies. It’s easy to get caught up with social media and what other people are doing and achieving. You have all the answers within you. Ask yourself every morning, “What is my unique purpose and personal destiny on this Earth?” It may be confronting for some, but in my opinion, absofrigginlutely necessary.
– Take a genuine interest in everyone you meet. There is ALWAYS something to learn from everyone you meet.
– Surround yourself with good and positive people. It helps. Big time! This is why I love the running community! It is super positive and very supportive!