Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is described as a set of true wireless headphones that are made especially for those who live an active lifestyle. The third generation in this line, it’s built for easier calling, music, or voice command experience whether training or out for a long day. Its buttons control everything from volume and song selection to answering calls and enabling commands. This set works in conjunction with the Jabra Sound+ app for better motion control and more customized volume in order to fit the runner’s preferred experience. Motion control is also included so the runner can keep better track of their overall progress and performance as they train. An IP rating of IP-56 lets buyers know that it's resistant to dust and sweat, and could also be used during light rain showers. It also comes complete with three different sizes of EarGels so runners can better find their correct fit. And its charging case enables both easier travel and more efficient power-ups for when you're out for many hours.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Comfortable fit

-Stays in place

-Great noise isolation

-Bluetooth connectivity


-Lacks durability

-Prone to interference

-Expensive price tag

Key Features
As the name suggests, the Elite Active 65t was made especially for those who live an active lifestyle. Whether you're working out, going on a regular jog, or even playing some casual sports, this model is able to stay comfortably inside your ear no matter what. And since they're true wireless, there's no need to worry about becoming tangled or caught on anything while making calls or listening to music during your normal routine. And with its easy connectivity to the Jabra Sound+, Alexa, and Siri, it's easy to customize your calling and music experience to your specific needs and surroundings. Even the most basic workouts are enhanced with this model thanks to its built-in motion sensor, which can track your overall fitness and performance as you run and train. Even if you just want to use this set for a full day out, its regular charge time plus the use of its charging case gives it up to fifteen full hours of battery life.
Basic Features
Since it doesn't come with any wires or plugs, the Elite Active 65t's basic features are quite minimal. Each earbud's main component features a small microphone unit for both calls and voice commands. The large buttons, in either copper or silver, have different functions for each side. While the left earbud features a button that can control the volume or switch tracks, the right earbud has one for multiple purposes. These include playing or pausing music, answering or ending calls, and enabling voice assist depending on how it's pressed. It also comes complete with a charging case, a USB cable, and three different EarGel sizes for safe traveling, efficient charging and a more secure fit for the consumer. All buyers can choose between large, medium, and small EarGels and switch them out easily if they don't get their perfect fit right the first time.
Advanced Features
What truly makes the Elite Active 65t stand out from most wireless earbuds is its multitude of advanced features. Aside from its Bluetooth connectivity, which can be used on up to eight devices, it includes voice command that enables the runner to connect to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant even while out for a run or during a workout. Buyers are also able to use this set on two devices at once, while on both their phone and their tablet. Even better, it works in tune with the Jabra Sound+ app to allow the runner to better customize their overall sound. Not only does it enhance voice command, but it also enhances overall noise control for a better calling and music-listening experience while they are active. And the motion-control feature takes workouts to the next level by keeping track of the runner's performance and overall fitness, allowing them to better monitor their progress.
Sound Quality
The Elite Active 65t has received generally positive reviews for its overall sound quality. The Jabra website lists this model's speaker frequency range as 20Hz to 20kHz and its microphone frequency range as 100Hz to 10kHz, meaning that runners are offered incredible levels of sound, a better calling experience, and easier voice commands. Its acoustical open chamber design also means that there's a noticeable reduction in wind noise. This means that the runner can make clearer calls and enjoy their music during intense outdoor runs and workouts. However, there are some reviews stating that its quality starts to diminish after only a few weeks. Some buyers claim that it becomes staticky or, on the rare occasion, even disconnects calls altogether. While this may or may not have something to do with how well the set is maintained, it should still be something that buyers should keep in mind.
While it may not be quite as advanced as some of Jabra's other models, the Elite Active 65t still includes some surprisingly advanced connectivity. According to product details listed on the brand's website, it can connect to Bluetooth 5.0 on up to eight different devices. It's also capable of multi-connect, as the runner can use two different devices with this set at the exact same time. Furthermore, its wireless range is up to 33 feet, or 10 meters, for more efficient use even when the runner isn't near their device. However, while there are very few complaints about dropped calls, reviewers have said that this model is extremely sensitive to interference. According to them, this can be particularly noticeable after only a few weeks of usage, when the sound will start to become staticky. Some have also complained that they do not disconnect automatically when placed back into their charging case. It should also be noted that its connectivity is mostly compatible with smartphones and tablets, not a laptop or desktop computer. With that said, however, there are some buyers that have been able to use this set with their laptop without any major issues.
Aside from its sound quality and versatile usage, reviews have also praised the Elite Active 65t for its level of comfort. Each earbud's overall shape enables a snug fit that stays put even through intense workouts and never feels clunky or awkward at all during training sessions. At the same time, it also doesn't seem to cause soreness or irritation for most, although there have been a few negative reviews stating that its fit is either too snug or too loose. These could be due to the individual shape of the runner's ear canal or the fact they aren't used to using this type of earbud. Regardless, most reviewers seem to be satisfied with this particular quality. And buyers greatly appreciate the three different sized EarGels that are included, as they can more easily find the fit that works for them.
The Elite Active 65t is quite similar in looks to several other wireless Jabra sets. It's small enough to fit comfortably inside the ear yet still noticeable enough to avoid being interrupted. The 4-microphone technology doesn't go past the outer ear, but it can still pick up your voice clearly from several inches away. Its sleek design and mostly neutral color options allow it to blend in with the runner's look without being distracting. Judging from all the product and promotional photos on various websites, its most popular option seems to be navy with copper buttons. Red with copper and black with copper are also available to give buyers a wider range of options. There is even a black version with silver buttons for those who gravitate towards that particular color scheme.
For the most part, buyers seem to be very impressed with how well the Elite Active 65t holds up against the elements. It's been given an IP-56 rating, meaning that it can withstand limited exposure to dust and, according to the IP Rating Chart, powerful water jets from any direction. While this model hasn't been classified as fully waterproof, its levels of repellency make it sweat resistant and suitable for use in the rain. But despite its generally positive reviews, there are still quite a lot of reviewers who claim that their pair stopped working after only a few weeks. This may have more to do with the website that they purchased their set from or even how they maintained it than the actual earphones themselves. It also goes without saying that proper maintenance is still needed, as this model is quite expensive and not resistant to being crushed or completely submerged in water.
Ease of Use
Buyers seem to find the Elite Active 65t incredibly easy to use, especially since it's paired with the Jabra Sound+ app. All it takes is a simple push of the right-side button to activate it on smartphones, tablets, and even on a few laptop models. The tasks of making calls, playing music, controlling the volume, and skipping tracks are simple thanks to just a few clicks of the buttons on these earbuds. Of course, knowing how many times to press the multi-function button for each task can be a bit tricky at first. Hence why guides are available within the packaging and on the Jabra website listing. While some might consider its noise control features to be a bit more complex, the app makes it easier for runners to control their calls and cancel out any surrounding noises. Even its wireless range enables easier usage without having to hold on to your device for too long. With that said, its sometimes shaky levels of connectivity might make things a little difficult for some buyers to use properly.
Power Source
As stated before, the Elite Active 65t comes with a charging case for both easier power-ups and safer travel storage. On a single charge, this set already includes five hours of battery life to last the runner through their workouts or even during their errands. With the help of the charging case, however, they're then given a total of fifteen hours for a full day of activities. Those who are in a rush can also charge for only fifteen minutes for an hour and a half of battery life. Buyers are also glad to know that it comes with a USB cable for better connectivity and more efficient charging as you use your mobile devices.
Considering this model's wide range of features and versatile usage, it's no real surprise that the Elite Active 65t is so expensive. On the Jabra website and other online retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy, it's listed for a staggering $190. Although lower prices can be found on eBay, Newegg, or other discount sites, its price tag is still considered way too hefty for the average buyer. Those who would get the most use out of this set, such as fitness enthusiasts or even entrepreneurs, should consider paying full price. It's widely suggested that buyers do the proper research into how the product works, its overall durability, proper care and maintenance, and their chosen retailer's return policy before making a purchase. Still, whether they choose to pay full price or not, reviewers don't seem to argue against the fact that its overall design and multiple features make this set worth every dollar they might spend on it.
Key Features
-EarGels in three different sizes
-Bluetooth connectivity
-15 hours of battery life with the case
-Call and music controls
-Sweat and dust resistant
-Motion sensor
-Four color options
-Charging case
-Expensive $190 price tag
Bottom Line
For the most part, Jabra’s Elite Active 65t earbuds have received very positive reviews for its levels of performance, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're working out, running long distances, or just going out for many hours, this set can stay intact and powered up for all-day usage. Buyers are especially happy with how easy it is to use, thanks to its buttons and the Jabra Sound+ app, and its EarGels allow them to find their best and most comfortable fit possible. Its inconsistent sound quality and connectivity do have some buyers worried, and the incredibly expensive price tag means it’s not for those who fully utilize its features. And, despite its decent IP rating, some have said that it's not as durable as they would have hoped. Still, it’s quite telling that most who have purchased this set are extremely happy with their experiences
Where to Buy
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