Jabra Halo Free

Gone are the days of the big, bulky headphones that people would wear everywhere with their Walkman, CD player, DVD player, and MP3 player. Each of those technologies has faded into our memories like so many other pieces of our past. We now listen to our music on our phones through a music-streaming app, choosing our favorites at the click of a button. With such easy choices available, it makes sense that our earphones have become easier, more lightweight and more functional. The Jabra Halo Free is a prime example. They are wireless earbuds that fit neatly into your ear for a great sound quality on your favorite track or phone call. Their minimalist design will be great for music or podcasts while running your short, medium or even long runs, errands around town, or to walk through the house without holding your phone to your ear.

The Jabra Halo Free comes with 3 different wearing styles, eargels, earhooks and earwings. They send 3 pairs of ear tips in Small, Medium, and Large as well as a clip to ensure a perfect fit, and a USB charger. They’ll hold a 5-hour charge for music or talk time, with Bluetooth technology keeping them connected to your favorite mobile device. These earbuds also have a small control box for volume and the entire unit is water resistant and very durable.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
rei.com Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
  • No external noise when wearing 
  • 5 hours of talking/listening time
  • 3 different wearing styles 
  • Water resistant, durable design
  • Siri and Google Now with one-touch activation
  • Cons
    • Microphone is not noise-cancelling
    • Key Features
      The Jabra Halo Free is good for phone calls, podcasts and music. The secure fitting of the ear pieces will stay put in the ear canal by bouncing, movement, and twisting. They’re great for a workout, a run, or for errands around town.
      Basic Features
      Bluetooth connectivity, easily accessible volume controls and a built in microphone for phone calls are just a few of the features the Jabra Halo Free offers. The battery life is 5 hours of calls or music and it is shipped out with three different wearing styles to please every wearer.
      Advanced Features
      The Jabra Halo Free is a standard Bluetooth technology, wireless earphone/microphone combination. They are made by Jabra which is part of the Gn group who is a pioneer of sound, from wireless headphones to hearing aids. With their focus on strictly sound, they have created a solid earbud for music, podcasts, and phone calls. When seated properly, the sound is centralized to your ear and no external music or speaking can be heard. Each earbud has separate audio channels, giving a strong sound to each individual ear. Weighing only .64 ounces, these earbuds are lightweight and won’t hurt your ear canal, resting exactly where it’s supposed to.
      Sound Quality
      With over 150 years of experience in the electronics and sound business, Jabra has produced a solid, dependable earbud for your most basic needs. Each individual product consists of hundreds of hours of research and engineering to provide all of the features you desire in your purchase. This set features separate channels for each ear, giving a localized sound exclusive to that ear. Reviewers say that this product is best for podcasts and music that is more vocal-heavy. There is still a good amount of bass but not so much as to distract from your run.
      The Jabra Halo Free features Bluetooth connectivity and a USB charger. With a battery charge that lasts 5 hours, you won't need to plug it in too soon, but you can count on only about 2 hours for a full charge, once it's low. These earbuds will connect to any iOS or Android compatible device. It is recommended that you also download the Jabra Assist App for iOS or Android to enable certain features and a more detailed manual.
      If you’re not a lover of over-the-ear headphones, the Jabra Halo Free earbuds will be most comfortable for you. They come with three different wearing styles for your convenience: ear gels, ear hooks, and ear wings. They also issue three additional sets of tips in small, medium, and large in an effort to please every customer. An additional Fit Clip is included to get exactly the correct fit for your physique. These earbuds will stay put with a good amount of motion and you are connected with one singular wire. If there is any movement, you will notice it immediately.
      With a sleek, black, streamlined design, the Jabra Halo Free is a minimalist’s dream. It’s a very simple construct with two earbuds, a wire and a small control panel with two buttons. The controls only work for volume so no extensive training is required to learn and the microphone is built right into the panel. When fitted correctly, the sound transfers directly into your ear without residual noise leaking to people around you, keeping with the minimalist concept.
      The Jabra Halo Free are steady and reliable earbuds. Their construction is solid with no loose pieces. The additional pieces included for a proper fit ensure they sit securely and comfortably, reducing any possibility of failure due to damage or malfunction. The earbuds, control panel, and connecting wire are all treated and water resistant, making them more durable if caught in the rain. The microphone is protected in the casing of the control panel so there is minimal concern over failure.
      Ease of Use
      Bluetooth connectivity is as simple as pushing a button on both the Jabra Halo Free and the device you are trying to pair it with. Once they’re connected, you can adjust volume, directly from the control panel accessible just below the earbud. Jabra issues additional wearing styles and ear tips to ensure a perfect fit and ultimate satisfaction. The USB charger fits with standard wall plugs, enabling a good charge whether you’re at work, home or the gym.
      Power Source
      The Jabra Halo Free is a rechargeable wireless headset. It has a USB cable that can be plugged into the wall or the computer to charge. The battery holds up to a 5-hour charge without plugging in, so you can run a medium to a long run or a day of errands while chatting on the phone or listening to music. The USB cable is standard so you can charge the earbuds wherever you can access a wall plug, whether at work, home or the gym.
      With 150 years electronics and sound experience behind them, Jabra has committed itself to engineering products to be the best with every new product. Given that not all earphone and headset companies can claim that they produce both hearing aids and headsets in their facilities, the experience associated with simple sound production gives Jabra a foot up against their competitors. And one would expect them to price their products accordingly. Not so with the Jabra Halo Free. These earbuds are reasonably priced and provide a quality sound, so they won’t break your budget while you’re listening to your daily playlist at the gym.
      Key Features
      • 3 different wearing styles for perfect fit and additional ear tips for additional sizing
      • Bluetooth technology for connecting to your mobile phone
      • Microphone built into a control panel for voice calls
      • Volume controls on a control panel for ease of use
      • Separate audio channels for each ear, providing crisp, clear sound on calls and songs
      Bottom Line
      The Jabra Halo Free is a sleek, minimalist design that meets exactly your needs without all the extra additions and training. Added Bluetooth connectivity makes these earbuds wireless with no wire to fight with while running, catching on passing foliage or your arms. With over 5 hours of talk or music time, you can have a full phone conversation or jam out completely on all of your runs, even your longer runs, without equipment failure. The volume controls are right on the control panel located near your ear so you can make the adjustment without pulling your phone from its safe place.

      For over 150 years, Jabra has been producing sound equipment, including consumer headphones, professional headsets and even hearing aids, all in the same facility. This kind of experience should inspire your belief that this company knows exactly what they’re doing when they’re building a new set of earbuds. But beyond just experience, they invest hundreds of hours of research and engineering into every new product. They don’t just start with a previous model and make adjustments. They start from the very beginning and double check every connection and feature to ensure they’re meeting your needs.

      That focus and concern over their products have carried over into the Jabra Halo Free. The water-resistant durability and ease of use of these earbuds are remarkable while the price is incredibly reasonable. They’re a great minimalist earbud that does exactly what you need them to do. Enjoy!
      Where to Buy
      rei.com Link
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      By Jennifer Frazier
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