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The Jam Silent Pro wireless over the ear headphones are very middle of the road when it comes to headphones. The comfort level is up for debate, if you have a larger sized head or wear glasses then they might feel a little snug and begin to hurt your ears, causing some discomfort that customers do not like; however, if those things do not apply to you then customers find these to be extremely comfortable, with the padded ear cups and lightweight design. The sound quality on these headphones is fairly decent with no major complaints from reviewers about it. If you listen to your music at high levels the sound can become slightly distorted, but at normal levels the quality is good. The noise canceling aspect of these, however, is one of the best qualities that draws customers in. It is wonderful to be able to sit on a crowded bus or run in a city park and be able to tune out the rest of the world and focus on the task at hand. With the very affordable price point, many customers are purchasing the Jam Silent Pro over the ear headphones and many have commented that they would recommend them to their friends and family. If you are looking for something that is middle of the road and very affordable then these are going to be perfect for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Fantastic¬†noise canceling technology
  • A low price point that customers love
  • Good sound quality at normal volume levels
  • Can be worn both wirelessly or wired
  • Cons
    • Suffers premature wear and tear
    • Slightly uncomfortable for those with big heads
    • Key Features
      The Jam Silent Pro wireless over the ear headphones can be used for a plethora of activities. Whether you are looking for something to wear to the gym or on a long run through the park, these headphones will work phenomenally. The use, however, is not limited to those with an active lifestyle. Customers love the noise canceling technology present in these headphones and use them when riding on public transportation or traveling by plane to tune out all the ambient noise around them for a more relaxing and peaceful trip. There is a microphone built into these headphones so other customers will use them to make and receive phone calls, whether personal or professional. There are so many people that use these for so many different activities that there are just too many to name here. No matter where you are or what you are listening to, these headphones will have you covered.
      Basic Features
      The Jam Silent Pro wireless over the ear headphones are a fairly plain and simple pair of headphones, they do not have a lot of overly complicated features that customers feel are unnecessary. They feature a battery life of up to 15 hours which customers greatly appreciate, as they will be able to listen to their music all day without having to worry about being near a power source. They feature omni-rotational ear cups which allows you to rotate them any way you need them to. With these headphones, you also have the ability to make and receive phone calls, hands-free which is appealing to many customers, especially those who are purchasing these for their business needs.
      Advanced Features
      The Jam Silent Pro wireless over the ear headphones are a basic pair of headphones and as such, they do not have a lot of advanced or fancy features. They do offer active noise canceling technology which customers have commented works very well. They are able to sit on a crowded plane full of noise or exercise in a busy gym and have the ability to tune out the world with just the use of this product. Another one of the better features that customers appreciate is the fact that you can wear these wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection or you can use the AUX cord to connect your headphones to your device so you do not have to worry about keeping the battery charged.
      Sound Quality
      Customers have commented that these headphones offer a fairly decent sound quality for the music that they are listening to. There is not a whole lot of information on exactly how well the sound is at high levels except that it can distort the sound a little if listening to music that is too loud. Other than that there have been no reported complaints on it. It has been said that the noise canceling feature of these headphones performs very well and is amazing at allowing you to tune out the world around you. Customers love it, especially if they are using it for travel, as they do not have to deal with all the ambient noise around them.
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear wireless headphones connects to your device through Bluetooth 4.0 technologies. It is rather quick and easy to get your headphones to connect which is great for customers who tend to have trouble with technology or are new to connecting through Bluetooth. There are voice prompts that you will hear when you power them on that will walk you through the connection process. Customers have mentioned, however, that they have had to remove the device and re-sync it everytime they want to use the headphones which can be a little bothersome. Once you are connected though customers do not have a problem keeping them connected. If you decide that you do not want to wear these wirelessly, you can also connect them to your device through an AUX cable, plugging one end into the headphones and the other end into your headphone jack on your device.
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear Bluetooth headphones are relatively comfortable, for most customers. Users who have a larger head or who wear glasses have commented that they can be a little uncomfortable after wearing them for some time, as they feel snug and almost too tight on their heads. On the other hand, the ear cups are cushioned and customers have commented that they are very comfortable when sitting on their ears. Even though there have been a few negative comments about the comfort level of these headphones, the majority of wearers have said that they were happy with the comfort level.
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear wireless headphones have a plain and simple design that customers love. They are not overly flashy and out there, they do not stand out and some customers greatly appreciate that. When you are purchasing these headphones it appears that you can only get them in black, but it does not seem to deter customers from purchasing them. The outside of the ear cup features the 'j' logo inside of a circle, which is featured in black as well. A few customers mentioned that they would have liked to have seen a few more colors to choose from, but that it was not a deal breaker.
      Customers have commented and complained that the Jam Silent Pro over the ear headphones have the tendency to suffer from premature wear and tear, which is unfortunate and something that customers do not appreciate. The biggest complaint from users is that after only a few short months the headphones will stop holding a charge, making the wireless feature of them useless, as you cannot connect them if they are not powered on. You will still be able to connect to your device using the cable, but that means you will be tethered to your device and it will defeat the purpose of a pair of wireless headphones.
      Ease of Use
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear wireless headphones are fairly easy to use. When you use these for the first time you will have to connect them to the device that you are listening to. If you press and hold the power button for about four seconds then you will hear a voice prompt in the headphones walking you through the steps to connect. Some customers have mentioned that they had a hard time figuring out how to get it to connect at first but the voice prompts should help you when it comes to getting it connected.

      There are buttons on the side of the ear cup that will allow you to control the volume of your music without having to worry about messing with the volume controls on the device you are connected to. The power button also acts as the button for pairing the device, which is fairly normal for other wireless headphones on the market. There is also a 3.5 mm jack on the ear cup that can be used to connect your headphones to your device through an AUX cable if your battery is not charged or you simply do not want to bother with connecting it through Bluetooth. You simply plug one end of the AUX cord into the jack on the headphones and the other end into the headphone jack on your device, it is as easy as that.
      Power Source
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear wireless headphones are powered by a rechargeable battery that has a fairly decent battery life. It is said that the battery can last up to 15 hours when listening to music, but please keep in mind there are many factors to take into consideration when determining the length of the battery life. If you are listening to your music at louder volumes the battery is not going to last nearly as long as if you were listening to the news on a low to moderate volume. That being said, customers do seem to be happy with how long the battery of the headphones lasts. If you find yourself in a situation where the battery dies and you have no way to charge it you can still listen to your music, you simply have to plug your headphones into your device using an AUX cable. It is important to note, however, that some customers have said that after only a few months the battery life of these has started to dwindle and will eventually no longer hold a charge.
      When it comes to the price of the Jam Silent Pro over the ear Bluetooth headphones, you will not have to worry about spending too much of your hard earned money. The headphones have an MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of only $60 which is extremely budget friendly and on the low end of the spectrum when compared to other similar products on the market. As with many products on the market nowadays you can usually find these cheaper and on sale on the internet and it can save you a little bit of money on these already affordable headphones. Many customers commented that they think they got a good deal on these and that they got their monies worth out of them. On the other hand, there are a few who did not believe the same thing and believe that they paid too much for an inferior product.
      Key Features
      -Amazing noise-canceling technology to help you tune out even the loudest of noises
      -15-hour battery life to give you a full day of playback
      -Decent sound quality when listening to music at moderate volumes
      -Can connect to your device both wirelessly through Bluetooth and wired through an AUX cable
      -Plain and simple black design that customers appreciate
      -Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
      Bottom Line
      The Jam Silent Pro over the ear Bluetooth headphones seem to be a very average pair of headphones, but that works well for a lot of customers. The sound quality is pretty decent, as long as you are not listening to your music at extremely high volumes. The noise canceling aspect of them, however, is a customer favorite and they have mentioned that it works phenomenally. Whether you are looking for a pair of great headphones for working out at the gym, traveling on public transportation, casual everyday wear, or business purposes these will have you covered. With such an affordable price point customers have said that they would recommend giving them a try.
      Where to Buy
      By Jessica Brown
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      Where to buy
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