Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds

Most runners like to listen to music while they’re running. They use the beat of their favorite song to keep the rhythm and distract them from overthinking their breathing or from that day’s stress. Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds were designed to help with that. They are truly wireless, not even requiring a plug in to charge. And they have a minimized control panel on the earbud, itself. No big bulky earphones to worry about. They pair with Bluetooth technology and the case is their charger. It can even charge your phone if you’re low on battery. With over 3 hours of charge on the earbuds, themselves, and 10 additional charges ready in the charger, you can wear these all over town as well as on your 5k, 10k or half marathon if you keep a decent pace.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Completely wireless
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smaller in design compared to similar products
  • Case charger can be used for mobile devices
  • Cons
    • Sound is average
    • Key Features
      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds can be worn for your workouts in the gym, running errands around town or for your daily run. They are also good for short to medium length runs but we wouldn’t recommend them for longer runs as the battery is only good for about 3 hours.
      Basic Features
      These earbuds are truly wireless, so they do not have wires to charge or to connect to any device. The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds have Bluetooth technology for connecting to the music source and charge directly from their case. The case can also charge your phone or mobile device with a USB cable. The one button, multifunction control on the earbud manages playback, power, and pairing based on a number of clicks and duration of pressing. To change the song, you would do so directly at the music source.
      Advanced Features
      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds have a plug-in charging case to charge the earbuds. There are no additional wires and no plugs to use for them. They also have Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your favorite music source or your mobile phone. The charging case is especially helpful as it can also charge your phone using a USB cable. The case holds up to 10 earbud charges while the earbuds, when fully charged, are good for just about 3 hours.
      Sound Quality
      The sounds quality is average. If the Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds don’t fit in the ear canal just right, that can result in a less than stellar sound. It is suggested to try additional ear cushions and adapters if your ear canal isn’t seating them properly. However, when properly seated, the base is clear and the sound is good. In this price range, it is of decent quality.
      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds are truly wireless. No wires connect the earbuds to a power source or to a music source. The charging case holds the charge and the earbuds sit in the case to power up. If you choose to use the charge case to power your phone or mobile device, you would need to use a USB cord to connect. Also, the range of the earbuds to source has been tested to approximately 25 feet, with a wall in-between, before music begins to skip.
      Wireless headphones are typically more comfortable just because there’s no wire flopping around, snagging on everything and everybody. Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds are no different. They sit snugly in your ear canal almost flush with your ear. They are lightweight so you may even forget they’re in your ear. In order to be sure the fit is right, you should seat them directly into the canal and twist slightly. They also offer an over-ear hook if you prefer to have the extra level of security.
      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds come in an assortment of colors. They are a solid base with the wires the same color as the earbuds. The accent on the control panel itself is the word “jam” often in a contrasting color. The case matches the earbuds, covered with the same material as the earbuds, so the entire set matches.
      These earbuds seem to have average durability. With a shorter charge, they aren’t in use for extensive amounts of time, and they have a safe place in their case. However, since they are a smaller design, it might be a challenge keeping track of them outside of the case.
      Ease of Use
      Since the Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds are truly wireless, you are controlling them via one single button. With that one button, you are controlling pairing, volume and power. Each of those items will require a different number of taps or an extended push of the button in order to give the command. That might take some getting used to if you have never used this functionality before. However, the charge is quite simple as you just place them in the cutout spaces in the charger. Plugging the charger or your mobile device in is also easy and just as simple. Reviewers report that pairing can be a challenge as both earbuds may not connect at the same time, but they were able to connect without difficulty once they figured it out.
      Power Source
      These earbuds are charged directly in their charging case. The case itself plugs into any wall outlet. Once fully charged, it can recharge the Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds 10 additional times before being plugged back in. The charge case can also be used to charge your phone or mobile device with a USB cord.
      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds are priced right in the middle of the pack. This is just the right price for them as they offer just a few extra benefits in order to keep your focus on your run and not all the bells and whistles of other products. They are an affordable, stand-alone product that will do exactly what you’re looking for.
      Key Features
      • Truly wireless technology – no plugs needed
      • Charging case holds 10 additional charges for earbuds and can charge any mobile device
      • Multifunction button to control power, volume, and pairing
      • Strong Bluetooth connection once paired
      • Up to 3 hours of play time on a single charge
      Bottom Line
      Jam is a company that likes to have fun. They dub themselves the “house party with desks” and that carries over to the designs of the speakers, headphones, and earphones they produce. They have been producing wireless electronics since 2012 so they’re no newbie on the scene. They have experience and products behind them that suit every music aficionado and runner alike.

      The Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds were designed to be truly wireless and to meet the needs of the runner. Both were accomplished with this construct and they were even able to add some extra details, including the charging carrying case, which was a brilliant idea. The case can be fully charged and will charge the earbuds 10 times. With the earbuds lasting about 3 hours on a full charge, that will give you 30 hours of music from one charge to the carrying case. That’s some great math!

      Culling the controls down to one button and keeping the earbuds small was another stroke of genius the great people at Jam were able to think up. You don’t want a huge earbud that’s always falling out of your ear. And you don’t want a control to hang out of the earbud, distracting you from your goals. A streamlined product with minimal distractions that does exactly what it is supposed to do, play music, is what you get. Now you can go out and party while you run.
      Where to Buy
      By Jennifer Frazier
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      Where to buy
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