The JVC HA EC20BT wireless in-ear sports headphones are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. They are great to wear out on a run or for your daily gym workouts. The sweat proof design allows you to follow your workout routine without having to worry about your sweat damaging your headphones. The sports clips are also designed to help those who are participating in a lot of vigorous activities. Since the hooks go up and around your ears you do not have to worry too much about your earbuds falling out of your ears when you are in the middle of a workout. The JVC HA EC20BT headphones really are perfect for those who like to spend some time hitting the pavement or rocking out at the gym.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Wireless
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
    • Short battery life
    • No voice prompts
    • Key Features
      There are a plethora of activities that can be done when wearing the JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless earbuds. The fact that they are splash proof and sweat proof makes them ideal for those who do a lot of physical activities, such as running or other types of workouts. The use of these, however, is not limited to workouts and runs. Customers enjoy wearing these headphones when they are traveling or riding public transportation as well as just wearing them occasionally when they want a break from the world around them. These headphones also feature an in-line microphone so they are great if you are looking for a pair of earbuds to wear while making hands-free phone calls, whether for personal or business purposes. These are a great pair of headphones for just about any activity.
      Basic Features
      The JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless earbuds are a fairly basic pair of headphones and as such do not have a whole lot of features to offer, but the ones they do provide are easy and convenient. The fact that they are sweat proof is fantastic, especially if you are doing a lot of exercising when wearing them, you will not have to worry about the sweat from your workouts damaging the headphones. They feature three buttons that are used to operate them, controlling the volume, call functions, and music controls. There is a microphone on these headphones which customers love, they can take phone calls when they are on the go without even having to pull their phones out of their pockets.

      The JVC HA EC20BT earbuds feature wireless sports hooks around the buds themselves that fit up and around your ear to help keep them in place and comfortable when you are participating in sports or working out. The pivot motion fit lets you customize the way you wear them to make sure you get the most comfortable experience you can from your headphones when you are on the go.
      Advanced Features
      There are not many advanced features when talking about the JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless earbuds, they are plain and simple and do not offer a whole lot above and beyond what you would expect from an affordable and basic pair of wireless headphones.

      When you purchase these you will receive three pairs of silicone ear tips, coming in small, medium, and large, to make sure that you get the best fit possible to ensure maximum snugness and comfort. They have a wireless range of about 33 feet so you do not have to keep your connected device on you, necessarily, but you should definitely stay close by so you do not risk becoming disconnected. These headphones feature an open type earpiece, which will allow in ambient sounds so you can listen to your music in your earbuds while still being aware of the world around you. Many outdoor runners like this feature because they can enjoy their music while still being alert and aware of any possible hazards such as cars or other pedestrians.
      Sound Quality
      When you are listening to anything through a pair of headphones, more specifically, if you are listening to music, you are going to want to listen to something that is going to sound good in your ears. Sound quality is very important when looking to buy a pair of headphones. That being said, customers have stated that the JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless earbuds do not offer the best sound quality. Many said that it is not terrible but a lot of reviewers were not happy with what they heard when wearing them. Some customers stated that the sound quality is much better, however, if you make sure your earbuds fit snugly into your ears because if they are just sitting in your ears haphazardly then the sound is going to suffer.

      The sounds also rely heavily on what it is that you are listening to. If you are someone who is listening to a lot of loud music with strong bass then they are probably going to sound a lot worse then those who are listening to the news or a podcast at moderate volumes. Just keep in mind when purchasing these headphones, though, that customers have stated they do not always have the best sound quality to them.
      The JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless sports earbuds connect to your phone or other devices through a Bluetooth connection. Customers love that they do not have to worry about wires getting in the way when they are at the gym or going for a run. They simply connect the headphones to their phone and they are good to go. No more hassle of tangled cords.

      When you are ready to connect to your device you simply press the middle button on the in-line remote until you hear a subtle beep to let you know it is ready for connection. Some customers mentioned that the beep is low and easy to miss so make sure you are paying attention when you are trying to connect to your device. Reviewers have mentioned that it is fairly easy to get their phones to connect especially when following the step by step directions that are found in the user manual. Unfortunately, however, these headphones do not give you voice prompts when connecting and that can be a bit discouraging to some users.
      The JVC HA EC20BT wireless sports headphones are very comfortable to wear, no matter what you are doing. The earbuds come with three different sized ear tips, small, medium, and large, to make sure that you are going to get a size that is going to fit you as best as possible. You are going to want to make sure that you get a nice and snug fit with the earpiece. You not only want to have a comfortable fit in your ear, but the correct fit also means better sounds quality for your music.

      In addition to the comfortable earpieces that sit in your ear, these headphones also feature sports hooks that go up and around your ear for added comfort and support. The hooks ensure that your headphones stay in place, you will not have to worry about them slipping off of or out of your ear no matter what you are doing, whether you are participating in a race or doing a vigorous gym workout. The best part about the sports hooks is that they feature JVC's Pivot Motion Fit design which essentially means that the hooks can move and adjust to give you a customizable fit that customers love.
      The JVC HA EC20BT in-ear wireless sports earbuds have a plain and simple design that customers love and appreciate. They are not overly flashy or bulky, but they are functional and easy to use. When you purchase these headphones you can choose from four different colors, so you can find something that is going to best fit your style and personality. You can purchase these earbuds in black, white, blue, or pink. Some customers have commented that they would have liked to see a couple more color options, but for the most part, consumers were happy with the colors they had available to them.
      When you are considering purchasing these, or any other pair of headphones you are going to want something that is going to last you a while and not fall apart too quickly. It is super frustrating to buy something new and have it experience premature wear and tear. Typically, however, if you are purchasing a pair of headphones that have a lower price tag you will not expect them to last as long as some of the higher end ones on the market. That being said, the JVC HA EC20BT wireless earbuds are very affordable and they are on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to price; therefore, they may not last as long as some customers would like. This does not mean that they are going to break and stop working right away, they will last you a little bit of time but you should not expect them to last too long.
      Ease of Use
      The JVC HA EC20BT wireless in-ear headphones are very user-friendly. They are a very basic and run of the mill pair of earbuds and as such there is nothing too overly complicated about them, making them super easy to use. Customers have mentioned that connecting them to their phone or other devices is simple and instinctive. Even though they do not have voice prompts like some other products on the market, there is a subtle and low beep that is present to let you know when they are ready to connect.

      These headphones feature an in-line remote, which also houses the microphone, on the right side of the wires that connect to two earbuds together. The remote has three easy buttons to use. The top and bottom buttons are used to control the volume of your music when simply tapped, or you can long hold one of the buttons to restart or skip your current track. The middle button serves as a multi-function button which controls a couple different things. First and foremost, it is the power button as well as the one that you are going to use to connect your headphones to your device. The middle button is also used to pick up and hang up on your phone calls if you are using them for hands-free calling. Finally, the middle button also serves as a play and pause button for your music. These headphones really are extremely easy to use which customers have grown to appreciate.
      Power Source
      The JVC HA EC20BT wireless earbuds are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. These headphones are charged by a standard micro-USB cable that comes with the headphones. The fact that these are charged with a micro-USB cord is nice because it makes it easy and inexpensive to purchase another cord if you misplace yours or simply want to have a backup cord.

      These headphones have a battery life of only about four hours. The battery life, however, is dependant on a variety of variables. For example, your headphones are going to last a lot longer if you are listening to a news story or podcast at a low or moderate volume than if you are listening to loud and bass heavy music. A four hour battery life is not terrible if you are only using these for a couple hours a day at the gym or for your daily run; however, customers who are looking for something for traveling or for business use may find the battery life too short and might want to consider carrying a charger with them. In addition to the short life of the battery, it also takes about two and a half hours to get a full charge, which again, is not ideal. If there is one thing that consumers would change about these headphones it seems that the longevity of the battery would be at the top of that list.
      The JVC HA EC20BT wireless in-ear headphones are very affordable and budget-friendly. Many customers are drawn to these earbuds for their low price point. The MSRP, manufacturer's suggested retail price, rings up at only $40 which is very inexpensive when compared to other similar products on the market today.
      Key Features
      -Wireless, connect through Bluetooth technology
      -Pivot Motion Fit to give you a comfortable and secure fit
      -Sweat and splash proof
      -In-line mic and three-button remote
      -Four-hour battery life
      -Comes with small, medium, and large earpieces for the perfect fit
      Bottom Line
      The JVC HA EC20BT wireless earbuds are a very average pair of headphones. Customers are drawn to them because of their very low price point. The sound quality seems to be very mediocre, but that is highly dependant on the type of media you are listening to, as well as how snugly the earpieces fit in your ears. The headphones are super easy to use and customers have mentioned that they are very comfortable to wear. They are great for those with an active lifestyle who are looking for something to wear to the gym or out for a run.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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