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KrampKrushers, Energy Chews That Crush The Competition

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KrampKrushers crush the energy chew competition by giving runners a salty and hydrating way to fuel their runs. KrampKrushers, Energy Chews That Crush The Competition www.runnerclick.com

The race is going really well—and then suddenly it all seems to go downhill. Legs that just felt strong that rooted confidence now starts to cramp up and feel wobbly. Poor running nutrition and dehydration results in hitting the wall. Suddenly what was getting one foot closer to reaching a major goal is now clouded with self-doubt and the body’s inability to perform. This is why runners need to consume their energy chews—specially KrampKrushers—to avoid this.

KrampKrushes are energy chews that boost performance and makes sure that the body has the energy, sugar, and electrolytes it needs to go the distance. But that isn’t all.

These chews stand out strongly in the sports nutrition space. That’s because unlike other recognizable brands, KrampKrushers also includes natural sea salt for hydration.

“If you’re looking to have a great training supplement that covers all your bases: energy, hydration, recovery, then KrampKrusher is for you,” Ron Emrani, president of NDX, told RunnerClick.

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Developed by the health and nutrition company NDX, KrampKrushers work similarly to other energy chews. These products are made for endurance athletes who need to replenish glycogen stores in order to perform for long periods of time.

KrampKrushers: A League Of Its Own

KrampKrushers separates itself from other comparable options on the market. And in multiple ways.

Photo: Lauren Keating

“We didn’t find a chew or gummy that had any supplements added,” Emrani said. “All we found were candy items marketed for ENERGY but there were no nutritional benefits and all made with gelatin— hard to chew and won’t break down in the stomach as fast in order to get the energy to the bloodstream it has to be broken down.”

As a result, these endurance chews contain 84 “peak performance trace elements and minerals.” These include calcium, magnesium, Cooper, potassium, and iron.

What also makes it different is its addition of sea salt—something other chews don’t have. Sure there are salt tabs and sticks, but they are missing the ingredients (like dextrose) for performance. They also don’t include sea salt as KrampKrushers do. “It’s very hard to keep re-loading as it’s not sea salt,” Emrani said. “Sea salt absorbs in the body faster and better.”

These chews contain natural sea salt, which act has natural electrolytes for better cell hydration. Along with the 84 elements and minerals, these ingredients help improve muscle and brain communication. It also enhances nutrient digestion so there is no worrying about tummy troubles during that marathon.

“A lot of athletes we interviewed hated how their stomachs felt or almost vomited while they were using the gels and got upset stomachs or couldn’t swallow them,” he added.

This makes them a great alternative to gels that are often too thick to consume and harsh on the stomach.

Supplement Facts

Calories: 70
Total Carbohydrates: 19 g
Sugars: 12 g
Other Carbohydrates: 8 g
Calcium (Calcium Lactate): 75 mg
Sodium (Sea Salt): 160 mg
Potassium: 45 mg
Dextrose: 1500 mg

KrampKrushers are vegan, gluten-free, soy free and caffeine free.

How KrampKrushers Work

Athletes are advised to consume five chews before exercise and five chews every hour during exercise. Chew thoroughly and drink water afterward.

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KrampKrushers also includes dextrose that boosts performance and is that sugar the body needs for fuel. It also contains calcium lactate, which stops cramps. One of the worst things that can happen to a runner is legs cramping during that long run. This ingredient prevents and even is said to cure cramps, fighting lactic acid build up.

Like any sports nutrition product, it’s best to try during training to feel its benefits and make sure it is best for that specific consumer.

How KrampKrushers Taste

Consumers will either love or hate the taste of KrampKrushers. It’s flavor called “Salty Limon” is exactly how it sounds. It is salty and it definitely tastes like lemon. It can best be described as a margarita flavor, which gets two thumbs up in this runner’s book. Envision licking the rim of an ice-cold margarita. That’s what these gummies taste like.

Even those who aren’t drinkers can appreciate the flavor. This is especially the case during the summer when it is really hot and the runner’s mouth is really dry. It is thirst quenching for sure.

Photo: Lauren Keating

This solves the problem fitness enthusiasts face when shopping for a nutrition product that isn’t so sweet. “When your mouth is dry while training or racing and you’re not salivating, you don’t want anything sweet,” Emrani said. “We made it sour/salty to pucker up your glands and get them to re-hydrate your mouth and trick your brain into thinking your mouth is hydrated.”

This means that the taste isn’t for everyone. Those who do prefer sweet gels and chews might have a hard time getting used to the flavor. But take from this runner who tends to go the sweet route, nothing is as satisfying when running long distance and working up a real sweat than mucking on KrampKrushers.

Those who aren’t fans on the lemony taste can look forward to two new flavors, “Salty Watermelon” and “Salty Strawberry,” which are coming soon.

KrampKrushers: RunnerClick Verdict

From someone who actually uses this product, it absolutely works. Not a runner who gets cramps, this runner can speak to being able to get through long distance or HIIT workouts feeling energized and able really give it my all. It can be used as a pre-workout boost or to fuel that half marathon and be able to race full speed to the finish.

Personally, the taste is just right and I bet will be best during those hot and humid summer runs.

KrampKrushers cost $32.99 for a pack of 12.