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LED Lenser SEO3 Fully Reviewed for Quality Review Facts

The LED Lenser SEO3 is a device that functions as a headlamp. Its application is best suited for jobs that require one to be hands-free. Campers, hikers, construction workers, and runners will find this headlamp to be incredibly useful and versatile. This headlamp features an array of light settings that aid in the eyes of acclimating to different environments. It features a wide range of rotation and is easily and readily washable. Be sure to check out all the great information about Lenser SEO3 we have here for you.

Keep reading our in-depth LED Lenser SEO3 review to find out if it is worth the investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Delightful color options 
  • Easily washable 
  • Rotational 
  • Varied lighting settings 
  • Affordable
  • Tunnel light view
  • Charging option other than AAA batteries not readily available 


The lamp is affixed to the head via an elastic headband. The headband is a slim and well-considered affair. It is well considered because the designers of the LED Lenser SEO3 were careful not to have the headband occupy too much real estate on the head. This design stands in contrast to some other headlamps that are fastened to a cap.

The design of the headlamp with its scant and slim headband is sure to appeal to those who plan to use it in warm climates or enclosed spaces. It allows the head plenty of space so that it can receive sufficient air flow. It is because it helps the wearer to avoid overheating, a feeling that is sure to impede workflow.

Those who are subject to using it in warmer climates will also be satisfied by the headlamp's water resistant qualities. The headband is also fashioned from hypoallergenic material. It means that when making the headband designers opted for chemical processes whose lingering effects were less likely to irritate the skin of the wearer.

It also means that the elastic band in question is equipped to keep clingy airborne allergens from getting lodged into the fabric. So interested buyers can rest assured knowing that in wearing this headlamp they will not be subjected to allergy-induced runny noses, itchy eyes or irritated skin, and that is always a plus.


When it came to comfort and ease of use, the designers of the LED Lenser SEO3 was remiss to cut corners. One might have crossed their mind the thought that since the headlamp is a device of a fairly simple design, its designers need not fret too much about its ergonomics. It is not until one has used the device for an extended period, and perhaps compared it with other headlamps, that the benefits of its design are better realized.

This headlamp is exceptionally flexible. It is fashioned in a way that prevents it from providing to constricting a fit to the user. It is especially important as some headlamps have been criticized for digging into the skin and squeezing the head too harshly. Though a too-tight headlamp may seem a minor inconvenience it can, when one is in middle of hiking, working under a vehicle, or running along a trail, become a major irritant.

It is especially so when one is mentally pulled from their surroundings, like for example the majestic beauty of a nighttime forest, because again and again they must take off their headlamp and adjust it. The flexibility also extends to the ease with which one can carry it. The elastic bands can easily be rolled up, or even crumpled around the lamp itself, making the entire thing more pocket friendly.

It makes it so the device never feels too cumbersome to carry on one’s journey, which is important because one should never feel inclined to leave a device like this behind. The LED Lenser SEO3 also features an array of light settings that bear in mind the safety of the user. These precautionary measures make it so that the user can feel more comfortable while completing their activity.

The primary setting is that of the standard white diode mode. A bright white light considerably expands the runner’s field of vision. Then, there is a strobe, or flashing, mode. It allows the wearer to better signal to potential passersby their presence in a darkened area. A red diode also provides the wearer with a less ambient light.

This feature allows those coming from darkened areas to acclimate their eyes to a low-level light rather than blast them with an aggressive white light. The red diode, too, can flash and work as a signaling mechanism.



The LED Lenser SEO3 can be lauded for its lightweight nature. The device features a head diameter of 29 millimeters. It maintains a weight, though, of only 96 grams, or 3.4 ounces. It is ideal for extended use as a heavier device can quickly become too much of an inconvenience to wear around one’s head. Also, because of its small size it can be more easily affixed to say a belt or other equipment.


The durability of the LED Lenser SEO 3 is, too, nothing to scoff at. The device can maintain shine of 15 lumens for almost two full days, 40 hours to be exact. At the brighter setting of 90 lumens, it will perform for an impressive ten hours.

So if a user is lost, but has with them a sufficiently charged LED Lenser SEO 3, they can rest easy knowing that they will more than likely rediscover the beaten path before their source of light gives out. The device is also water resistant, but this is not restricted to the wicking away of sweat. No, some have used the device in more inclimate weather conditions.

Drizzle, rain, heavier showers, in all of these situations, it was reported that the device still performed as it was designed to, admirably. The headlamp also comes equipped with a transportation lock. It is basically like a safety switch that prevents the device from being accidentally turned on while it is being transported in storage.

It is excellent at preventing unintentional battery drain.


The LED Lenser SEO3 comes equipped with triple-A batteries, on which it can function optimally. One can also purchase a carabiner for easier transportation of the device.


The LED Lenser SEO 3 Head Torch is available in two colors a wonderful green and the more festive orange. The green device has the added benefit of glowing in the dark. The design of the lamp itself is excellent too. The lamp adopts a simple yet sporty design. The casing around the inner workings of the lamp is constructed of a translucent material that gives the device a futuristic look.



The LED Lenser SEO 3 has adopted a price tag that is lower than the typical headlamp and even lower still than some of LED Lenser’s other headlamps. For an entry-level headlamp, this is understandable and appreciated.

Key Features

Key Features

- Available in green and orange
- Water resistant
- Green color option glows in the dark
- Built for extended use
- Both white diode and red diode modes available
- Can be easily rotated
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The LED Lenser SEO 3 is a great entry level headlamp. It is simple to use and sure to soothe the anxieties of the uninitiated. It is available in two great looking colors but more important than that is its fnctionality. The device provides the wearer with a wide field of vision. It is durable and can be used in varying climates. It is hypoallergenic, easily cleaned, light, and all around comfortable. Topping off all this is its price. Its value at a lower price than the average headlamp, despite its enormous inherent amount.