LED Lenser SEO5 Reviewed & Rated

For anyone who regularly takes a walk in the night, enjoys bicycling when the sun goes down or simply is an avid night jogger, you will know how important a lighting system in these situations really is. Without having lights in front of you shinning your way, you can easily get lost. However, there are few options for night runners in this regard as most wearable headlamps that are either not illuminated enough for a run or wobbly and uncomfortable to use during a run in the evening hours.

This is where the LED Lenser SEO5 comes in. It is designed for runners from the ground up, although it can also be used on a bicycle to replace bike headlamps or for other purposes, such as night walks or evening low-light fishing. A person can simply put it on their forehead and turn the light to be able to see at night. What truly makes this headlamp system special is some of the features it comes packed with. For instance, it offers a Red Light Mode in order to preserve a runner’s night vision. It comes packaged with 20-180 lumens of a range of 40-120 meters, which is plenty for anyone and will keep everything in front illuminated during a run or other activity.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable head strap
  • 40-120 meters of range
  • Three light modes
  • 3 light modes
  • Temperature control
  • Cons
    • Batteries will eventually run out
    • Key Features
      The LED Lenser SEO5 is a very functional device for different lighting purposes. The way you can change the focus from different light modes from full power, low power, and defense strobe with a single button makes it very functional for different purposes off the bat. However, to make it even more useful for various uses, the device also offers an Advanced Focus System. This will allow users to transition from a close-up wide beam into a long-distance focused beam using only a one-handed Rapid Focus mechanism for efficiency’s sake. No matter what the situation calls for, this lighting system should find use from just about anyone even though it has been particularly designed with night runners in mind. The Advanced Focus System allows you to easily transition from a close-up wide beam to a long-distance focused beam using the one-handed Rapid Focus mechanism. It also has three different light modes to choose from, so the options are varied in both intensity (or focus setting) of light, and its brightness.
      The headband is lightweight and features water resistance. How breathable is it? That really depends on what you expect from a lighting headband. LED Lenser SEO5 is made out of foam-like and very flexible/durable material that is effortless to strap on. LED Lenser SEO5 is breathable in the sense it is thin and light, but no ventilation shafts from the looks of it. However, you shouldn't need ventilation for such a small and light headband. LED Lenser SEO5 is made to be used in adverse weather as it has water resistance, so users shouldn't complain about it being too stuffy or uncomfortable in heat or long use.
      The headset lamp system was built with comfort in mind. It offers an adjustable head strap, for instance, water resistance of a level IPX6, and only weighs in at 105 grams. It offers its wearer the ability to focus effortlessly using its Advanced Focus System technology. They will be able to transition from close-up wide beam to a long-distance focused beam using a simple Rapid Focus mechanism and only one hand. However, what truly makes it special from a comfort perspective is that the LED Lenser SEO5 even comes packed with temperature control. This means that an intelligent and completely automated system within it is able to regulate temperatures in order to, for instance, keep the device getting too hot. This also aids in keeping users from getting burnt and the device’s LED lighting from overheating during prolonged use.
      From the options that are available right now on Amazon and Led Lenser's website, it appears that this is a one-size-fits-all type of headset. However, it is fully adjustable and should fit on anyone's head with the right snug and pull on the strap. So you should have no problem strapping it on no matter how wide or large -- as well as small -- your head is.
      The headset is very durable due to the way it is constructed and the features it includes. For instance, it comes with water resistance to a level of IPX6, so it will not get ruined if wet or some mist hits it during a night run. It also comes with an intelligent type of temperature control, so it adjusts in real time based on the temperature it operates in. This prevents the LED Lenser SEO5 from overheating and protects users from rashes, burns or discomfort.
      The headset of the LED Lenser SEO5 will require batteries to operate and doesn't come with rechargeable from what users explained after purchase. However, its Amazon listing shows that it requires three AAA batteries to operate and includes them with an initial purchase. The batteries will last up to 25 hours with this headset in use, which is plenty for any night outing.
      When looking at most of its Amazon and other retailer listings at first, it appeared that the LED Lenser SEO5 comes in only a greyish and dark variation. Its features included some white color on its design near the LED section where the light shines from, but overall a darker color hue. However, when scrolling down, there appeared other color variations to choose from, particularly a white variation and a red variation with different shades of hue around them.

      The white variation has a white strap, instead of grey, and the whole LED frame is also white in appearance. The only black is the bezel or section holding the LED in place that the strap attaches to. The red variety has a section around the LED Lenser SEO5 white and a small section of the bezel holding it as well as parts of the strap. All of these styles look good and use color in a nice way, giving them something to like.
      The price will vary depending on the EU and U.S. market as it appears to offer different ranges based on the retailer stores location or different online stores you can purchase them from. Amazon has a nice price range and maybe the cheaper way to purchase them, but even the other more specialized retailers, for even for the EU audiences, aren't expensive for what you are getting. There is a lot to like in this lighting system with so many features and lighting modes that you can't go wrong with it at such a price. It would have been nice to have it run on a built-in and rechargable battery pack rather than AAA batteries, but that is really the only complaint about what it offers.
      Key Features
      - 3 Light modes to choose from
      - Various focusing options on the fly
      - 20-180 lumens of lighting
      - 40-120 meter range
      - Up to 25 hours of run time
      - Lightweight
      - Adjustable head strap
      - Water resistance level IPX6

      Bottom Line
      If you want a lighting system that you can put around your head, stick on a bicycle or just hold as a flashlight replacement, the LED Lenser SEO5 does all this and more. With three different brightness or light settings, an adjustable one-handed focus knob, and up to 25 hours of runtime, you cannot go wrong with it. There will be some purpose or way you will utilize it. It is made for running, at night or evening hours with low lighting conditions, in mind, but it can be used for night skiing, bicycling in the early dawn hours, going on hiking trips, and various such things. Let's analyze its usefulness for running, however, since that is its main hallmark.

      Running before the sun sets or after sundown is really a relaxing way to either start or end your day. You can go to sleep more easily or wake up and start your day more energized and refreshed, so if you haven't tried it give running morning or night ago. The main thing that keeps many of us from doing it when we should is the darkness. If you use this headband, you should find it no problem to run at any time of the night. The angle of the LED Lenser SEO5 is also great, so you don't have to worry about just seeing right in front of you and up to a close distance as in many other flashlight-type headbands. Again, it adjusts settings for various weather conditions and times of day, so you should find the right setting for your needs. LED Lenser SEO5 is also water resistant so you can use it while a light shower or mist hits you.
      Where to Buy
      By Mike Lata
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      Where to buy
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