Leikr GPS Sportswatch

The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is a unique device that was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Danish company involved in producing the watch created a unique design and functionality for this watch. The bulky computer-like construction looks more like a car's GPS than a sleek sports watch, and in many ways, it's similar to a traditional GPS for vehicles. Its ability to help the user navigate using full-color maps is something quite unique and the large screen makes deciphering data easy.  The watch certainly does offer something different from other GPS units on the market, but is it enough to make it worth buying?

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Ability to view large street maps that help with navigation on a run
  • Large color screen that's easy to read
  • GPS signal quickly acquired
  • Sturdy construction with medical grade materials
  • Device is not too heavy and is comfortable to wear
  • Company actively releases updates for the unit
  • Cons
    •  Set up is overly complicated
    • Poor battery life
    • Data screens are not customizable
    • Often has issues syncing
    • No dedicated app for the device
    • UI is not super attractive
    • Watch is not very stylish
    • No ability to download extra apps
    • DST (daylight savings time) not supported
    • Key Features
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is most suited to runners and cyclists, but can also work for other types of endurance athletes. It tracks activities using its GPS function and will provide like distance and pace to users. Keep in mind that the company has configured its data screens for each activity and they are not customizable.
      Basic Features
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is able to track various activities and with its GPS function, and it can keep track of distance and pace. It can provide quite a bit of data, but since those screens are not customizable, users will have to be alright we seeing the data screens Leikr has created. There is, of course, the potential for software updates in the future to remedy this problem. The watch does not provide the ability to track steps, so it's not a daily fitness tracker. It's really more for recording specific activities. It does feature the handy ability to auto count laps and auto pause for those times when you're running with your dog and he needs to stop to relieve himself.
      Advanced Features
      The most advanced area of the Leikr GPS Sportswatch is its open street maps feature. Users can navigate using the watch, find out where they are, how to get home, and can even zoom in up to 5X on the screen. The large screen is perfect for this functionality. There's no need to squint to see what street you need to turn down next. The map data does need to be downloaded prior to a run (the watch doesn't have the capability to download data when not connected to WIFI) so you'll need to do a little bit of preparing before you head out. The watch features a total 8GB of storage for data and map information.

      The watch also works with various social sports-related apps like Strava and MapMyFitness. A few reviewers found the incorporated link to these platforms a little annoying. It gets in the way if you're not really into sharing your workouts via social media. This is another update that could greatly improve the device. If Leikr provided the option to opt-out of this feature, more users might feel more comfortable using the watch. The watch is not waterproof, so it's not a good idea to go lap swimming with it. Instead, it's water resistant, so it can probably make it through a quick shower at the gym.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch GPS signal is super quick to lock on, but the GPS is not super accurate. Most reviewers found it was at least semi-accurate, but they weren't overly impressed with it. On particularly cloudy days, a GPS signal is tough to get which can be annoying for those who just want to lace up and head out.

      Map data is accurate, but it does need to pre-loaded before you go out on a run. One strange drawback of the Leikr GPS Sportswatch is that it doesn't support Daylight Savings Time. Sure, it would probably better if we ditched DST altogether, but the fact that the watch doesn't automatically update itself when the time change comes is really odd. It seems like a small quirk but for many, this small feature omission can cause a lot of headaches.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch uses WIFI to connect and upload data. It's also ANT+ compatible so it can be used with a foot pod (great for those who often find themselves running in cloudy weather). It can also be used in conjunction with a heart rate strap. The watch was also designed to automatically be compatible with Strava and others fitness apps for those who use these types of platforms regularly. Many reviewers who weren't users of these apps and sites found this integrated feature a little annoying.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch works in conjunction with the Leikr website. That's basically where users do everything from configuring their watch to downloading data, like map information. Keep in mind, Leikr is a startup, if the website dies, then the functionality of the device also dies. Be careful when considering new to the market devices like these that are tied to a specific website or app. When you're choosing Fitbit or Garmin, there's little doubt that their online platforms will be up and running for a while. Another note is that you cannot download apps for the device. What you see is what you get.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch strap is made of medical grade rubber. It means you probably shouldn't feel much irritation when wearing the strap. Reviewers did find that wearing the watch was comfortable. It's a large bulky device but there's no need to wear it outside training sessions. For one, it's kind of ugly, and it's not a 24/7 fitness tracker so there's little need to wear it all day.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch was definitely not designed with style in mind. Its medical grade rubber strap looks cheap (despite this, it is sturdy!) and the watch itself is basically a huge wrist computer. It's not the most attractive unit, but that's not a big deal if you're going to really utilize the map features included. Get yourself a watch for everyday wear and use the Leikr for training runs. If you want people to ask about your giant wrist GPS, then by all means - wear it as much as you want.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is well-constructed. It's sturdy and wearers mostly agreed that they had zero fears of the device breaking. The watch is, in fact, made with medical grade materials. Both its casing and strap material are medical grade. In terms of how well it will hold up as other technology improves and gets released, it's probably not as likely to stick around compared to other watches. It already looks like something from the past and its UI design looks even older. Most people won't choose something with an old school design when there are flashier, trendier options out there.

      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch features a really huge color screen shaped like a rectangle. It looks a lot like a GPS unit you might find in a vehicle, just a little smaller. The large screen makes it easy to read the useful color maps but it also makes it a bulky device. The watch isn't customizable like other sports watches on the market so don't expect to have control over what your watch face looks like.
      The strap of the Leikr GPS Sportswatch is made of medical grade rubber. This makes for a comfortable wear experience and tends to make the watch look a little cheap. The band is interchangeable, though, so you can switch it out for something that might better suit your taste.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is available in only one size: huge. Smaller wristed folks will likely find the large device way too clunky when worn. Even those with regular sized wrists complained that the device was oversized. It's big for a reason, though. The large Google Maps look great on the color screen, but quite a few users found themselves not even using this feature making the larger size rather pointless.
      Ease of Use
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch features a fairly dated user interface. The big screen makes it easy to read maps, but other than that, many reviewers complained that the device was far from intuitive to navigate and use. Set up was a nightmare for many users. Those who are not tech savvy will probably want to choose a more user-friendly device option. The watch buttons also tend to get stuck easily which reviewers found annoying. The lack of customization options helps to simplify things a bit but most reviewers were unhappy with this.

      Leikr also doesn't have their own app so the watch, if a user wants to link it with a Smartphone, needs to use Endomondo or Strava type apps. Users mentioned they would have preferred a native app or the ability to upload data to whatever platform they wanted.

      One saving grace is that since the Leikr's release, the company has been committed to coming out with updates to improve the watch's software.
      Power Source
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch needs to be charged via its charging cable. It has a lithium battery to keep it powered. The device's battery is probably one of its biggest drawbacks. It only lasts a few hours when in use. It's simply not enough to last through the average marathoners race. Because of this, it's not really a good watch for most endurance athletes. You'll probably end up constantly having to charge it. For those who are running shorter distances, a map function is a bit frivolous since training likely won't take you too far from home.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch falls in the mid-range area of prices for sports watches. It's priced above $250 but does it really offer up value? If you're dying to have map data on your wrist, the Leikr is perfect for you. For others, though, the map data might not outrank other priorities like good battery life, and an easy to use interface.
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch doesn't come packaged with accessories but it can be used with various ANT+ compatible devices. The Leikr watch can be used with foot pods, heart rate monitors, and even cadence sensors. The watch band can also be swapped out for other options.
      Key Features
      - GPS functionality
      - Tracks various activities (run, bike, etc.)
      - WIFI connectivity for wireless upload of data
      - Street maps that allow the user to zoom in up to 5X
      - Big 2-inch color screen displays maps beautifully
      - Fairly lightweight considering its size
      - Lithium ion battery (rechargeable)
      - Compatible with Strava and other sports apps
      - ANT+ compatible
      - Auto lap and auto pause features
      - Water resistant
      Bottom Line
      The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is a unique sports watch offering in that it offers users the ability to navigate using big colorful street maps. It's perfect for frequent travelers who require a bit of extra guidance on their runs or those who are new to a neighborhood. The short battery life, however, makes this a poor choice for endurance athletes. Despite its large clunky design, most reviewers had very little to say regarding its size. Most found it comfortable to wear. Although it's not the most attractive option out there, it does offer a sturdy construction. The large screen is also great for those with reading difficulties. If you're not interested in the map feature, it might be wise to go with another option that's similarly priced. Keep in mind, the Danish company that makes the watch is consistently releasing updates to improve their product.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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