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LG is the brand they call Delightfully Smart. With a famous slogan of “Life is Good,” and a futuristic logo, this company has developed a reputation for quality products and advanced technology. The circle in the logo around the L and G is to show their centered ideas. With their incredible international influence, they have also created the LG Watch Sport. As of January 2015, LG’s US location was in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and the corporate headquarters was in Seoul, Korea. With their global experience and contributions of expansive electronics, telecommunications, and chemical products, LG has taken the world by storm.

This equipment is more than the name describes, though. It’s a GPS, a phone, a workout watch, and an actual watch. It operates as a standalone phone. Would need to be added to a phone plan, with a SIM card inserted near the battery. A full circle display with Gorilla Glass 3 helps reduce unwanted reflections and is surrounded with a rotating navigational crown. There are two additional side buttons that serve as shortcuts to Google Pay and Google Fit as well. LG Watch Sport has even more features than that, including the microphone, loudspeaker, vibration, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, LTE, Heart-rate sensor, ambient light sensor, and water resistance. These are some great benefits and this watch is very simple to use in combination with the apps available for download.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Scroll wheel around crown for navigation
  • Functional microphone and internal speakers
  • Water resistant up to 5-ft for 30 minutes
  • 3 data elements reflected in Google Fit
  • Basic daily metrics 
  • Cons
    • Battery life is reduced with phone and music usage
    • Bluetooth range can be spotty
    • Key Features
      The watch sport is designed for those who enjoy highly athletic lifestyles. It is equipped with a wide range of sensors that will help track different elements of a workout as well as coaching challenges. The heart-rate sensor will show resting and active heart rates while the accelerometer will track speed and the GPS will track distance.
      These features are great for running, walking, hiking and any activity that you would like to follow distance, speed, and physical response. The barometric altimeter keeps track of altitude on hikes and stair climbing. These measurements are great for biking, treadmill running, aerobic exercises, stairs, strength training, and sit-up/push-up challenges.
      Basic Features
      This lifestyle tracker is a watch, standalone phone, pedometer, and heart rate monitor. The LG Watch Sport 2019 was made by LG but designed in cooperation with Google. They made it compatible with Google play apps and has shortcut buttons for GoogleFit right on the watch face. The design is clean-looking and industrial. The display light has an always-on mode that gets brighter outside and indirect lighting. The matte, stainless steel casing with the dark gray TPU watch band is a stylish, design that is also available in blue. The wristband has a unique design that is smooth and comfortable on any medium to the larger sized wrist.
      Advanced Features
      The LG Watch Sport is a cross between a fitness tracker, a phone, and a music player. With a 1.38-inch circular display, protected by Gorilla Glass 3 to reduce unwanted reflections, the Google apps can be accessed either directly on the screen or with the external buttons. The GoogleFit app features 3 data elements during a workout: heart rate, distance, or elapsed time, but is also customizable. Basic daily goal metrics are also tracked, including a standard 10,000 step per day goal or an additional user-set goal. The automatic tracking is done via the app and you can add coaching challenges for push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.

      An accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, altimeter, GPS, an optical heart rate sensor are all built into the LG Watch Sport. These sensors measure the movement, altitude and heart rate. Android Pay comes enabled with the equipment. You can pay at any tap to pay Android Pay-enabled location for a faster, easier payment method. This also makes payments more secure while running or hiking since you won’t need to carry any physical money.

      The middle crown button spins around the face of the LG Watch Sport for easier navigation of apps or scrolling through messages. Pressing down on the crown activates Google Assistant but the response will only appear in the text with no verbal answer.
      The GoogleFit app on it will let you measure your steps, track mileage, and additional activities. With motion detection, even stationary bikes and treadmills can be measured accurately. If wrist movement is minimal there could be a slight deviation in the figures as well as any medical situations that affect heart rate causing different readings. The Android Wear 2.0 software is user-friendly but any customization errors could also cause misreadings.
      As it was mentioned in the introduction of this LG watch sport review, this watch is both a stand-alone phone and a Bluetooth connective device. It can connect to your device directly to play music and for phone service and app notifications. The watch itself is wireless but will need to charge nightly to keep a full day’s battery.
      Being designed by Google has helped this device to have access to many apps. Google Play holds all available apps for download to your device but the watch itself comes preloaded with GoogleFit for fitness tracking, times and challenges. Basic daily goal metrics are tracked through the watch and GoogleFit but have to be monitored on your device as the watch itself doesn’t have detailed functionality.
      The LG Watch Sport has a chunky design with a larger watch face and Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), watch band. The fixed, rubberized wristband has a unique design to fit your wrist but still protects the internal watch antennas. The contoured lugs around the watch face also protect the inner workings of the device while adding to the overall appearance. The display screen is 1.38-inches, making this watch larger than most popular fitness trackers but not so large that it is uncomfortable. Due to the size, this device is best for medium to large wrists.
      With a 1.38-inch full circle display with contoured lugs and TPU rubberized wristband, the LG Watch Sport is a larger fitness tracker than most currently on the market. It’s clean-looking and industrial with a unique design. The LG Sport comes in blue or titanium gray, both stylish and fashionable in design. The crown around the display is made of a matte, stainless steel casing to match the dark gray watch band. The larger buttons on the side are shortcuts to the fitness app and Google Pay but also resemble a standard watch.
      The TPU wristband is fixed and rubberized with a unique design. This material is durable and will protect the interior watch antennas since it is not a soft rubber prone to deterioration. The larger, 1.38-inch display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, to reduce unwanted reflections and serves as a second layer to the display. The battery life fluctuates depending on usage. If using streaming music and phone calls, the battery may run out faster than if simply using the fitness tracking capabilities.
      The face of the watch is a large, 1.38-inch face with 480 x 480 resolution. The time is shown on the main screen but you can also check your fitness tracking progress on the face as well as through the app. Rotating the crown and clicking the buttons on the side will change apps from the fitness tracker to the Google Pay app. By holding the crown down on the face, you can activate Google Assistant and ask questions, however, the reaction from the device will be in a text rather than audio.
      The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) band on the LG Watch Sport contains watch antennas, a functional mike, and speaker for phone calls and playing music. The dark gray or blue band is a fixed, rubberized wristband with a unique design. It has a standard enclosure with optional sizing holes for an adjustable fit.
      Sizes Available
      There is only one size available, but the wristband does have multiple holes for adjusting sizing. Given that the face is a larger size, most reviews suggest that this model is a better fit for medium to larger wrists.
      Ease of Use
      With the download of the GoogleFit app, your device can be paired to the LG Watch Sport. If you choose to use the watch as a phone, you install a SIM card and use it directly without connecting to a phone. You can connect to the device directly via Bluetooth technology as well; keeping the device within range of the phone will provide a better connection.
      Power Source
      The LG Watch Sport is powered by a rechargeable watch battery that lasts about a day, depending on usage. With less phone and music use, the battery may last longer. Connecting to the power source is a standard plug-in wall charger that can be plugged in nightly.
      The LG watch sport price comes as a standard tracker app with many options and apps available for other lifestyle trackers and is priced accordingly. The majority of current fitness watches and devices are just around the same price point, making this a competitive model with an original design.
      The LG Watch Sport does not come with any external accessories other than a charging cord. The GoogleFit app, Google Pay app, and any additional apps you load from the Google Play Store are added based on which apps you select. Once loaded, you can use the Google Pay app at any swipe to pay location.
      Key Features
      • 1.38-inch display face for monitoring fitness apps, steps and time
      • TPU wristband protects watch antennas, microphone, and speakers for calls
      • Rotating crown around the face for easier navigation and selection of activities
      • External buttons for simple selection of apps and activities
      • Water-resistant design up to 5-feet and 30-minutes
      Bottom Line
      The LG Watch Sport is a watch, a fitness tracker, a phone, a music player, and a method of payment. With all of those options, there are even more available through the Google Play Store. What LG and Google have done with this device is to make it a blank slate that each individual user can use for their own needs. They can track a push-up or sit-up challenge as well as a trail run into the mountains.

      They can track a stair climb or a bike ride and they can access the app through their smartphone or follow their history and activity. As a standalone phone, slip in a SIM card and you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts directly from your watch and listen to streaming music. This combination of options is unique to the LG Watch Sport. It is very unlikely that this specific combination of features would be available on another, similar device.

      For a company that has so many diverse interests around the world, from chemical products to appliances to technology and electronics, LG has produced a strong, variable fitness tracker that can be individualized to each user’s preferences and used to reach fitness and life goals for each person. The ability to use the watch as a standalone phone as well as a unique, technologically advanced design detail that most current competitors do not even attempt. For that alone, the LG Watch Sport should be a leader in this category.

      Keeping the price in the mainstream, LG has ensured that a LG watch sport buy comes with a reasonable price yet still competitive on the market against similar fitness trackers and systems designed to help the user meet their physical goals. Combining the payment option with phone capabilities and adding in the fitness dynamic has created a well-rounded product that you can enjoy for years to come.
      Where to Buy
      By Jennifer Frazier
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      Where to buy
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