An In Depth Review of the Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

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an in depth review of the lightweight merino wool buff An In Depth Review of the Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

It’s getting cold outside which means getting dressed to go out for a run seems to be half the battle.  More often than not, you’ll find me looking like what I call a “reflective robber”.  Between the neon yellow long sleeve half zip and the black skull cap and a neck warmer pulled up over my nose, the name is pretty accurate.  And I can guarantee you won’t see me without a neck warmer of some sort once it dips below 40 degrees.

The problem I run into is that sometimes the neck warmer will be too heavy for my face and neck, even though I want something to keep both warm.  So when I received the Lightweight Merino Wool Buff to test out, I was excited to see if this would solve my face covering/neck overheating dilemma.


Well, if you haven’t guessed by the product name, yes it is indeed made of merino wool.  Not only that, it is made only with merino wool.  But why merino wool you ask?  Well this isn’t your grandma’s sweater wool.  Merino wool has become extremely popular in athletic wear because it is great at managing sweat, keeps you cool in the heat & warm in the cold and is odor resistant.  Merino wool also has good stretch and is super durable.

This Buff is incredibly soft and smooth and is also very lightweight.  No complaints in terms of material.  It felt comfy on my face, neck and head, no matter which way I used it and if you aren’t familiar with Buff, there are a million ways to wear a Buff.  They don’t call it “multifunctional” for nothing.

Design & Sizing

True to Buff design, it is a seamless “tube” of fabric.  The one thing to note for this particular Buff is that it is extremely long.  Comparing it to another Buff I have, an Original Buff, the merino wool Buff has got several inches on the Original design.  However, it is also much thinner, so when used as a neck piece, it sits comfortably and isn’t too thick.

This Buff comes in one size and should work for most people.  The only downside to the length of this Buff is that I had a hard time making it into a headband.  It was a bit too long and turned out a little thicker than I would’ve like for headband. However, I really enjoyed and preferred using it as a face warmer/neck warmer.  The design is super simple, but sometimes simple is better.


Like mentioned before, the merino wool is super comfy, soft and lightweight.  It was quite cozy around my neck for my cold weather runs.  The packaging states that it is for warm weather conditions, which would make sense being that it is so lightweight.  But I think it kept me warm enough in some pretty chilly conditions, without overheating my face or neck.


Buff does a good job providing a variety of colors and designs for each type of Buff they make.  I received what I would call an “eggplant purple” Buff. and personally, I love the color.  And while there are no flashy design options for the merino wool Buff, there are plenty of color options, some with subtle designs. You can choose from various blues, greens, purples… you get the idea.  A simple design, a beautiful color and lots of style. This Buff worked well for running and with my casual wear as well.


This type of Buff will cost you more than the Original.  You can find the merino wool Buff for around $25-$30.  Is it worth it?  I’m gonna go with a “definitely” for this one.  It solved my problem of finding a breathable, lightweight piece that I can pull over my face and wear on my neck in the winter.  Merino wool is gonna cost you more, but its also going to do a lot more than traditional technical fabrics.  I also find it to be extra comfy, which is especially important if its going to be on sensitive skin, like my face.

Key Features

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Variety of color options
  • Odor resistant and manages moisture
  • Microclimate control
  • Super lightweight

What I Didn’t Like

There’s nothing that I didn’t like about this Buff.  The only thing that didn’t work for me was making it into a headband.  Just didn’t look or feel right.  But as I mentioned I wasn’t looking for this to be a headband.  Headwear? Sure.  Neck warmer? Yes. Face cover? Yes.  Headband?  I’ve got plenty of headbands and hats that’ll do the job while this Buff is busy doing something else.

Bottom Line

Since I received this Buff I am wearing it constantly.  I reach for it for nearly every run.  (If it isn’t in the wash, that is.)  It works well when I’m running errands or out and about, as well as the face covering I’ve been searching for all these years.  Another excellent Buff product that I highly recommend.  Looking forward to trying it out when warm weather comes.