The Best Tips For Long Runs – How To Have a Great Time

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Tips for having a great long run is not pushing the pace and staying fueled. The Best Tips For Long Runs – How To Have a Great Time

We love to run. And sometimes we love to run for a really long time. But then there are times when our long runs are far from enjoyable. The miles seem endless, legs like lead and mind dread every step. But there are plenty of tips for turning these around and having a great long run.

What it takes are the tools to know just how to turn a poor mentality around, as well as the strategies to prevent negativity even seeping in.

Chances are if a runner sets out for some long mileage, then they actually enjoy to run. But there are also times when runners have to as part of their training for a big race.

This runner might not be feeling it that day. In general, many things happen to make a long run not be so great. This includes being sore, tired, hungry or thirsty.

It could be that the runner is having a bad day and not in the right headspace.

No matter what the circumstance is, use these tips for long runs to make sure they are as close to being as great as possible.

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Only Do It Once

The greatest long-run tip to give is only to do it once. Per week that is.

The body can only take so much. So for new runners or first-time long-distance runners, stick to one “long” one per week. This is to prevent overtraining and potentially causing an injury.

Now, what is a long run? This is relative. For 2-mile runners, a 4-mile run is. along run. Half marathoners might consider a 7 plus mile run is a long run. For a marathoner, this is 13 plus.

Only experienced runners generally can handle high mileage loads, so stick it one per week when training or increasing mileage in general.

Fuel Properly For Long Runs

Among the most real tips for long runs to give is the importance of fueling properly.

Any exercise over 60- to 90-minutes long requires proper fuel. This means going for the run equipped with chews, gels, or other snacks to consume during the miles. This is typically every 35- to 45-minutes for the duration of the run.

It also means properly hydrating along with consuming these sports nutrition products to prevent stomach issues.

Nothing is worse than having a good long run just to suddenly hit the wall because of lack of carbs.

Taking care of the body properly when it comes to fuel for the exercise is the backbone of having a good long run.

Run An Out And Back Course

Doing the long run on the treadmill is painful for some. This is because there is nothing to look at and no fresh air to take in. However, it can be done and is sometimes necessary.

The best tip when it comes to the course is to make it an out and back one. This means running say five miles out one way, then turning around and heading back for the next five.

There are a few benefits to this. First, it’s a lot better than running in a giant mile loop.

It also allows the runner to break the distance up in half. Run the first half just focused on that half, then pausing to refuel, change music and head back to the start.

The scenery is the same, but at least the runner knows how far they will have to go and get excited when they are close to being done.

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Tip For The Long Run: Let The Mind Wander

Many runners start to get anxiety as they start to increase the mileage. The more miles added on, the more chance the mind has to wander.

Embrace the wander. Allow this a time to decompress from the week and the day.

This is a great tip for making a long run great. After, the runner might feel like they have an insight into a problem they are facing. They might feel like they left with stress on the pavement.

Yes, those later miles get hard. But focus on each mile at a time.

Then at those later miles, put on some music or listen to a podcast to forget about the amount left.

Slow And Steady Wins This Race

Do not use the long run as one for pushing the pace. Take it nice and slow.

The goal here is just to finish and to increase endurance. This takes time.

Be patient and allow the body to just run slow and steady and enjoy it. Over time, when the runner is used to a certain mileage, they can add some speed in the mix.

For now, make it enjoyable by pushing the breaks a bit. Overexerting and being out of breath is not the recipe for a great run. So just think the conversational pace and head off.

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Gear Up For Comfort

A great long run means feeling great. And feeling great means no chafing, irritations or hot spots on shoes.

So to prevent this, take the steps before taking on long-distance to gear up.

This includes running sneakers that are fitted by experts at a running store. More tips for the long run also includes wearing moisture-wicking clothing and getting anti-chafing cream to be used under the arms and between the legs. Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, and chapstick.

Don’t Do It Alone

One of the best tips for having a great long run is not doing it alone.

Having a long run buddy is life. Just knowing the runner isn’t in to alone makes the world of difference.

This buddy brings with them accountability and someone to talk to to make miles fly by.

A great idea is signing up for a long-distance race with a running buddy so both runners are on the same or similar training plans.

Hit The Trails

The long-run is a great opportunity to check out local trails. Not only is the scenery so much better, but also the dirt ground is a lot softer on the knees and body than hard asphalt.

Just make sure not to get lost!

Don’t Get Tense

Part of getting through the run is feeling loose and good the entire time.

When the runner feels like they are getting tense, relax the shoulders and shake out the hands. Focus on good form.

This means not holding hands in fists. Doing so seems small, but causes the upper body to tense up.

Think about being light as a feather, not rigid. And if it starts getting too tough the best tip for the long run is to take a few seconds to walk it off and then get back to the run.


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