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Marshall has been creating some of the world's most famous amplifiers since its founding in 1962. Since they are so well-known for their incredible sound quality, it only made sense that they would eventually move on to creating headphones. Although most of them are large over-the-ear models, their Mode headset is very different. Its in-ear design means that its smaller, more lightweight, and better for everyday life. It comes complete with four different sizes of ear sleeves, a cable clip with a small remote, and a microphone. And despite its simpler build, most buyers claim that it offers the same amazing sound quality as other Marshall products. Buyers are known to use this set for work, travel, casual settings, and even for a good run or workout.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Appealing design

-Reasonably comfortable

-Great sound quality

-Very lightweight

-Works with most devices


-Lacks durability

-Not for all ear shapes

-No volume control

-No storage case

Key Features
Even though it could be suitable for audio production work, the Mode was really designed to be used in casual everyday settings. It’s extremely lightweight, just like all other in-ear headphones, to make it easier to travel with and to use for running and training sessions. There is no clear indication of whether or not this set is noise-canceling, although its overall design does indicate that it might be. So it may not be a smart idea to use this set in high-traffic areas, although it would be great for indoor workouts and outside during a clear day. And even though its cable might make it awkward to use during more high-intensity workouts, it does come with a built-in cable clip that attaches to clothing. Still, those who want true convenience for their active lifestyle might want to opt for a wireless set.
Basic Features
The Mode’s earbuds are round, flattened, and made from a simple hard plastic material to keep it lightweight. The ear tips are placed to the side and angled, instead of being fixed in the center, which enables it to really anchor in and stay put for as long as it’s worn. Each earbud is faintly marked with an ‘L’ or ‘R’ to ensure that buyers wear them correctly and get their best fit possible. The cable clip, which can easily attach to the buyer’s clothing for convenience and less risk of damage, also functions as a remote. The buyer can hit the button once to answer or end calls, twice to skip to the next song, and three times to go back. The entire audio cable has a rubber coating to prevent tangles, and a small microphone unit is placed on the left-hand side. Its 3.5mm connector is attached to an L-plug, which is intended to provide a stronger connection to any device that the buyer uses. And finally, it comes with silicon ear sleeve in sizes small to extra large, further enabling a secure and comfortable fit for almost all buyers. Although most seem to be satisfied by what it has to offer, some reviewers to wish that it came with volume controls for even better hands-free usage.
Advanced Features
The Mode has the same frequency range as your average set of earphones, going from 20Hz to 20kHz. Its listing on the Marshall website states that its sensitivity level at 97dB, meaning that it enables a very high volume. This same listing also has its impedance level at 34 Ohms, which makes it more resistant to blowout than some other headphones but still not quite as sturdy as more modernized sets. Considering all of these features, there doesn’t seem to be anything all that advanced about this particular set. But considering the brand that created it, as well as potential buyers, it’s clear that those who would purchase this model expect nothing from it other than incredible sound.
Sound Quality
Since it is made by Marshall, buyers would be hugely disappointed if the Mode didn’t offer them high-quality sound. According to its listing on the brand’s website, this set features customized 9mm drivers for a well-balanced audio. Not only did their music sound clearer and richer, but reviewers also noticed a difference whenever they made calls. There were some who clearly weren’t satisfied with what they were offered, although that could also be due to either their personal expectations or individual item that they received. It should be noted that this model is known to lack durability, which will have an obvious impact on its overall sound quality over time. In fact, some buyers even claimed that it went dead on one side or just stopped working altogether after only a few weeks.
Obviously, the Mode connects to any of the buyer’s chosen devices via its audio cable. Its L-shaped 3.5mm plug works with almost any smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer to allow the buyer more versatile usage. Even though it may not be as overall convenient for some as a wireless headset, this does mean that buyer does not have to worry about set-up, Bluetooth connectivity, or even making sure that this set is charged. However, there are a number of reviewers who have experienced problems with this set staying connected throughout use. They claim that it unplugs from their smartphone on its own every time they have it stored away in their pocket, which makes things especially awkward during phone calls.
Most reviewers seem to be quite happy with the Mode’s overall level of comfort. The way that its earbuds are shaped allows them to anchor into the ear canal and stay in place without being cumbersome or difficult to remove. Its ear tips, or sleeves as they’re called on the Marshall website, are made from silicon and come in sizes small to extra large to ensure that everyone has their ideal fit. And the fact that it only weighs .56 oz. means that buyers won’t have to worry about added pressure or constant readjusting throughout the day. However, it is clear from several other reviews that this particular design is not meant for everyone. They found its fit to be uncomfortable, as it still rubbed against their ears and caused some chafing. One reviewer even said it caused a great deal of discomfort while they were laying down. Of course, this all may have more to do with the person’s individual ear shape than the earbuds themselves.
Marshall is known just as much for its simple aesthetic as it is for its overall sound quality, and the Mode headphones definitely follow this design. Even though it doesn’t come in a wide range of colors, as it’s only available in black with white lettering, buyers seem to be very satisfied as it not only fits the brand’s look but also still makes it appealing to a wide range of people. The uncentered in-ear design of its earbuds ensures that they stay in place, and each one is marked with an ‘L’ or ‘R’ and branded with a white ‘M’ in that famous cursive font. And its cable clip, which functions primarily as a remote, also features the brand’s name prominently. Buyers also appreciate the rubber coating on its cable, which prevents tangles, and its extremely light weight of only .56 oz. makes this set amazingly well designed for traveling and long runs.
Across all online platforms, almost all of the Mode’s negative reviews are centered around its lack of durability. This isn’t surprising considering that its earbuds, microphone, and cable clip are all made from a simple plastic. While the material definitely helps this set feel more lightweight and easier to travel with, it also means that it’s not protected from potential damage. As a result, these parts are way more susceptible to being accidentally crushed or snapped if the buyer is not careful. The fact that its audio cable is specially made to avoid tangles does help to some extent, considering that this is what affects its inner wiring the most, but even this hasn’t prevented its sound quality going down overtime for many buyers. Just weeks after purchasing this set, many have claimed that either it becomes static, one side stops working, or that the sound just diminishes altogether. The fact that it does not come with its own protective case, like many other high-quality headsets, doesn’t help matters. It’s also worth pointing out that it has an impedance level of only 34 Ohms, so it’s not all that resistant to potential blow-out.
Ease of Use
Since it doesn’t come with any special features, accompanying apps, or a need to be charged, the Mode is a very easy set to use. All that the buyer has to do is plug its 3.5mm audio cable into their chosen device for hands-free phone calls and music-listening. There are some buyers who may find this set’s remote to be a bit confusing at first since it only comes with one button. Its listing on the Marshall website does provide instructions, so they should definitely pick up very quickly. As stated before, they press the button once to answer and end calls, twice to fast forward their music, and three times to go back. Buyers do wish, however, that it came with a set of volume controls.
Power Source
The Mode plugs directly into the buyer’s chosen device, meaning that they don’t have to worry about battery life or charging it while they’re on the go. Those who have grown used to having a wireless headset may not like the feeling of being tied to their smartphone or music player, but most seem to appreciate its convenience and the consistent sound quality that they know they’ll get. With all this said, some reviewers have claimed that it doesn’t always stay connected while they move. Because it features an L-shaped plug, instead of one that’s more straightened out, several buyers have said that this frequently causes it to become disconnected. Although this doesn’t happen with all devices, buyers say this happens most often whenever they have their phone in their pocket while on a phone call or listening to music.
When comparing its price to other high-quality headphones, the Mode is actually quite reasonable. It can be found on the Marshall Headphones website for $70, and some incredible deals are also available on Amazon, eBay, and B&H. It’s also the least expensive out of all of Marshall’s current headphones, which makes this set their most accessible one to date. While this set has been praised across the board for its sound quality and versatile usage, those who aren’t avid fans of the brand can’t seem to justify paying the full price. It’s clear from the reviews that this set is not built to last, as many buyers have complained that it either broke or just stopped working after only a few weeks. Therefore, they see no difference between buying this or just a regular, and more affordable, pair of earphones for day-to-day usage.
Key Features
-Ear buds that anchor in securely
-Four different sizes of ear sleeves
-Cable clip that attaches to clothing
-Single-button remote control
-Microphone unit on left side
-3.5mm audio cable with L-plug
-Rubber coating to prevent tangles
-Only available in black
Bottom Line
It's clear from reviews that Marshall's Mode headphones offer amazing overall sound quality, which is to be expected from the brand that creates some of the most recognized amps in the world. Not only are many buyers happy with their music-listening experience, but they also feel that its fit is comfortable and overall design makes its usage extremely versatile. Reviewers are known to use this model for audio work, traveling, working out, and casual time. With everything that's offered, it's extremely disappointing that this set is known to lack durability. It seems to be a good thing that incredible deals can be found frequently because a large number of buyers can't justify paying the full $70 price tag.
Where to Buy
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Where to buy
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