Merrell Jungle Moc

For long walks with the dog or light hiking on Sunday afternoons, the Merrell Jungle Moc offers a supremely comfortable slip-on design. The casual shoe also works well as a recovery option for athletes on their feet all day who need a bit of extra TLC for everyday errands and activities. The sturdy suede slip-on works for all types of weather and comes in a slew of neutrally toned colorways.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lots of color options available
  • Comfortable
  • Fits true to size
  • Supportive
  • Good traction
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear slip-on design
  • Waterproof
  • Cons
    • Suede is not as breathable as other materials
    • Key Features
      The Jungle Moc's outsole is made of sturdy M Select Grip material, which provides grip and durability. A quick glance at the bottom of the shoe also reveals thick 3mm lugs, which offer additional traction for wearers. The tough outsole on the Moc makes it suitable for walks even in poor weather conditions and on an imperfect terrain.

      Reviewers reported that the slip-on shoe provided excellent grip, even when the weather was rainy or otherwise unpleasant. Users also commented on the sole's strong composition noting that while the outsole felt tough, it didn't feel bulky.

      The Merrell Jungle Moc makes a great off-day shoe for recovering runners who have been pounding the pavement each day performing tough workouts. The heel of the Moc contains Merrell brand air cushioning to soften the impact. The shoe also features an EVA midsole for extra shock protection and comfort. Additionally, as if your feet weren't already ultra comfy, the shoe contains a Merrell brand M Select EVA footbed for a luxury, generously padded feel inside the shoe.

      Overall, reviewers found the Moc great for long walks and comfortable enough for all-day standing situations. Reviewers appreciated the midfoot arch support and liked the midsole's well-cushioned design. Quite a few users also chimed in saying that the Jungle helped reduce their acute and chronic foot pain issues.
      The Moc's upper is made of a quality suede material, which delivers in terms of style and durability. Suede, while durable, is not the most breathable upper material out there and some reviewers did note ventilation was limited. Regardless of this limitation, the upper fits true to size, feels supportive, and delivers an easy to wear slip-on design. Reviewers particularly liked the slip-on aspect of the shoe commenting on the fact that it made the Moc an easy choice for errands and quickly heading outdoors. Reviewers also loved the waterproof design. Protection from the elements makes the Jungle Moc a great four-season shoe choice. Taking out the trash in the dead of winter? Slip on the Mocs and head outside for a few minutes to bring your garbage bin to the curb without worrying about getting your cozy socks soaking wet.
      The Jungle Moc weighs in at 1 pound 9 ounces for the men, and 1 pound 6 ounces for women. While it won't weigh as little as most of your running shoes, the casual Merrell shoe doesn't feel bulky even with such a sturdy design.
      The Moc's suede upper isn't the best when it comes to circulating air. While Merrell has included a mesh lining, the air inside the shoe still tends to feel somewhat trapped. Feet are more likely to sweat inside the Jungle Moc but thanks to an Aegis anti-bacterial lining, the environment shouldn't smell (or feel) stale. Surprisingly, reviewers didn't have too many complaints about breathability. Instead, many focused their attention on the beneficial design aspects of the suede upper material and thick rubber outsole. The Moc, after all, is waterproof and works well for outdoor situations where rain, slush, or snow are present.
      The Merrell Moc is all about comfort. The midsole features a combination of air cushion (in the heel) and EVA to help protect against impact forces. Additionally, the shoe contains a Fit.ECO EVA footbed for a plush feel underfoot. The result is an ultra-cushy platform that cradles a wearer's foot just right. The Jungle Moc is a superb recovery option for runners or anyone with tender feet. Some diabetic reviewers even found the shoes appropriate for their sore extremities. Overall, commenters raved about the cushioning and appreciated the well designed midfoot and its supportive feel.
      Shying away from a clunky orthopedic design, Merrell has instead opted for a classy, muted look for its Jungle Moc slip-on. The casual shoe features no laces and a suede upper. The suede-covered shoe is available in multiple colors for both men and women. Men can find the Moc in dusty olive, gunsmoke, taupe, castlerock, dark earth, fudge, and midnight. Women can take their pick of midnight, gunsmoke, taupe, and sequoia. The array of neutral colors will blend in easily with a variety of outfits and suit many tastes.
      Many reviewers noted that the Jungle Moc featured a long-lasting construction with extremely durable components. Its sole, outfitted with thick 3mm lugs and M Select Grip rubber, is sturdy but far from bulky. The suede upper is another resistant element that should last for a long time, too. Many reviewers noted that previously purchased pairs of the Moc lasted several years.
      Whether you're looking for a shoe to reduce foot pain or want footwear that can protect your joints the Merrell Moc features generous midsole cushioning to ensure your wear experience is pleasant. A Fit.Eco footbed inside the shoe is the first layer of padding felt. Next, there is the EVA midsole, which not only provides a plush layer of padding but also protects users against impact. Finally, Merrell's Air Cushioning sits in the heel for added shock absorption.

      To keep users safe and upright, a sturdy smartly designed M Select Grip outsole outfits the bottom of the Jungle Moc. Additionally, the waterproof construction of the Moc keeps users comfortable, dry, and protected from the elements.
      Expect average responsiveness with the Merrell slip-on. The casual shoe's combination of Air Cushion and EVA material fall more on the plush side and thick 3mm outsole lugs reduce ground-feel.
      Reviewers agreed that the Moc was a very supportive casual wear shoe. Reviewers commented positively on the shoe's midfoot arch support and felt that the sizing was accurate with a supportive upper fit. Even with a no-lace slip-on design, users found the fit secure.
      Tackle light hiking trails or head to an indoor mall for the day with the Jungle Moc. Wherever you decide to take a stroll, the Moc will be a reliable companion for your feet. The M Select Grip outsole provides capable traction for most circumstances (barring extreme trail conditions or particularly technical terrain). The suede upper is protective and waterproof so your feet won't end up waterlogged and pruny. 3mm lugs underfoot are tough without adding bulk, too, so you can feel confident as you walk through the great outdoors.
      Compared to regular running shoes, the Merrell Jungle Moc is a cheaper alternative and a good companion to your more expensive runners. Resist the urge to wear your running shoe everywhere, it'll wear them out quicker. Choosing a good recovery option can extend the lifespan of your trainers. Instead of keeping on your shoes post-run so you can quickly take the dog for a walk, kick them off and slip-on the Mocs. You treat the rest of your body kindly post-workout, why not your feet?
      The Merrell Moc's outsole is made of Merrell brand M Select Grip rubber. Also featured on the outsole are 3mm lugs for added traction. The result is a walking shoe with a grippy bottom suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. Reviewers found the outsole performed well in most weather conditions, too.
      Don't expect very much flexibility with the Jungle Moc. Instead, the slip-on provides plenty of support.
      Wearers will feel secure and stable in the Jungle Moc thanks to the accurately sized design, fitted upper, and sturdy construction. Reviewers found the casual shoe supportive and solid as a rock. Plenty of grip, courtesy of the Moc's M Select Grip outsole, delivers a stable walking experience.
      Drop height information was unavailable for the Merrell Jungle Moc, but it's clear that this isn't a zero-drop option.
      Key Features
      - Casual slip-on design
      - Available in multiple neutral tones for men and women
      - Genuine suede upper construction
      - Merrell Air Cushion in the heel
      - EVA midsole
      - M Select Fit.ECO EVA footbed
      - Mesh interior
      - Aegis anti-microbial liner
      - M Select Grip outsole design
      - 3mm thick lugs underfoot
      Bottom Line
      For runners seeking a reliable recovery shoe option or non-runners looking for a comfortable everyday walking shoe, the Merrell Jungle Moc offers plush cushioning suitable for all-day wear. With plenty of neutral colorways to choose from, users will find a pair to match their wardrobe. Complete with a secure fit and supportive construction the Moc expertly combines durability and convenience. Don't forget, this shoe delivers awesome traction, too. Waterproofing keeps moisture out and while breathability is limited, reviewers were satisfied with focusing on all the positive aspects of the casual slip-on including its potential to last for many future walks in the woods.
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      By Steph Coelho
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