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The Misfit Phase is a different kind of smartwatch, to say the least. It looks like a normal analog wristwatch but with features that only the wearer will have access to. There is no screen as with many other smartwatches on the market but the lack of a screen doesn’t mean that the Misfit Phase won’t be able to provide the wearer with the valuable feedback that smartwatch users love to have access to. It will notify the wearer using vibrations and hand movements as well as track your movement and sleep patterns. While the Misfit Phase does face some limitations due to the simplicity of the design, this may be the perfect choice for folks who prefer a more minimalist smartwatch. Let’s take a deeper dive and see what this option has to offer.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Relatively accurate sleep tracking

-Great looking analog watch

-Impressive battery life

-Very simplistic


-Only available in one size

-Notifications take a while to decipher

-Only offers very basic fitness tracking

-Watch face prone to shattering

-No backlight makes it hard to read at night

Key Features
The Misfit Phase uses its 3-axis accelerometer to track your steps, distance, the number of calories you’ve burned as well as your sleep. You are able to access your stats in the Misfit app. The Phase features a points system that is calculated from this activity data. When you receive your watch and set up your account in the Misfit app, you’ll be prompted to set a goal of how many points you’d like to strive towards every day. The app will let you know how many more points you need to be able to hit your daily target. From the app, you’ll be able to tag your activities (like running or cycling) but there won’t be any additional data provided as you would find with many other smartwatches on the market. If you’re looking for details on your pace or split times, you’d be better off searching elsewhere.
Basic Features
The Phase delivers important alerts right to your wrist. It syncs with your phone and will provide you with a color-coded alert whenever you receive a call, text or e-mail. Each color aligns with a different kind of notification like calls, texts or even messages from Facebook. You are also able to control other connected devices and music via the watch buttons as well. Consumers are able to activate Smart Button mode which allows them to call their cellphone, take self-photographs and control music.

The Link feature will allow users to utilize the bottom button on the watch for one of four different functions – a music remote, a selfie photo taker, a keynote remote or pairing it with some applicable third-party app.
Advanced Features
The Phase has a water resistance rating of 5ATM. Simply put, you can wear the watch swimming but not diving or snorkeling. You can wear it in the shower if you so wish, but it’s always a good idea to give your wrist some watch-free time to let your skin breathe.

Consumers will rely on the accompanying Misfit app to see details about their daily activities. That said, however, folks are able to access their progress report for the day by pressing the top button on the watch. For example, if you’ve reached 50% of your daily activity goal, the hour hand of the watch will stay at the 12 while the minute hand will rest upon the 6. At 75% of your goal, the minute hand will go to the 9 and so on.

Though this watch doesn’t offer very in-depth details about your sleeping patterns, it does measure your sleep by ‘light’ and ‘restful’ metrics which can be helpful information to know. Some reviewers loved the fact that this watch doesn’t require nighttime charging which means that it’s able to be worn day and night (until the battery dies, that is), providing 24/7 activity and sleep tracking.
The general consensus with the Misfit Phase is that the day-to-day activity tracking isn’t the most accurate when comparing it to other smartwatches available on the market, but it’s not the worst either. It seems to undercount steps more than anything else. The sleep tracking with the Phase is fantastic, however, with most reviewers commenting on how accurate it is.

This watch has the ability to track number of swim laps and distance swam if users choose to download an accompanying app from Speedo (more about that in the ‘Apps’ section of our review). The swim tracking does seem to be fairly accurate, all things considered.
The Misfit Phase wirelessly syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Android users have the option of syncing the Phase to their phones via their Wi-Fi network. There seems to be some issues for some users when it comes to syncing via Bluetooth. Reviewers commented that this problem can be resolved by popping out and reinserting the battery.
Though the app selection is undeniably thin for the Misfit Phase, we think that most folks considering this watch will love the minimalistic approach that the company has taken here.

The accompanying Misfit app will let users access slightly more data than what is available to them via the smartwatch itself. It presents an easy-to-understand interface where daily activities are translated into points. The goal is to hit a certain number each day from your activities. This number is, of course, customizable via the app. As you choose how ambitious you would like your points target for the day to be, it will let you know how many hours of walking, running or swimming you’ll need to complete in order to hit your goal.

You can connect your Misfit Phase with other fitness apps like Runkeeper or MyFitnessPal to help provide a more holistic view of your overall fitness. As previously mentioned, users can also download the In-App Lap Counting Upgrade from Speedo, which will help swimmers track their distance and swim laps.
Reviews were mixed when it came to the comfort level of the Misfit Phase. Some users found that the body of the watch wanted to float above their wrist instead of lying flat comfortably against it. The leather band seems to fare better than the plastic option in terms of how comfortable it is. This, of course, only seems to be true when the user isn’t sweating profusely. Once the leather material gets wet, it can quickly become uncomfortable to wear.
The Misfit Phase is the smartwatch for folks who don’t want others to know that they’re health-conscious. From the outside world looking in, the Phase looks just like a classic analog wristwatch. Its brushed metal body and leather band make it a stylish option for folks who love a subtle design. The bands are easy enough to swap out, making this a great choice for users who have a hard time deciding what color band to go with. There are ten color options currently available from plain black to white/rose gold to lime green/black and many more.
One of the most common complaints about the Misfit Phase smartwatch is that it completely lacks in durability despite its relatively high price tag. Many reviewers commented that the watch face shattered within days of purchasing the product without any sort of roughhousing done to it at all. In a few cases, folks reported the watch faces shattering in the middle of the night. This is unacceptable and at a $175 price tag, shouldn’t even be an issue.
With no LCD display or touchscreen interface, the face of the Misfit Phase looks just like a traditional analog watch. At 41mm, it provides users with a clean and classic look that won’t scream “I AM WEARING A FITNESS TRACKER.” There are no numbers on the face of the watch, instead there are lines present to indicate hours. One of the downfalls of not having a LCD display is that the watch is very hard to read in the dark. Also, as previously mentioned in the ‘Durability’ section, the glass protecting the face is very delicate and prone to shattering.
The band is available in either Sport or Leather material. Both materials have their own pros and cons attached. The Sport band isn’t as sleek looking as the leather one, however, it may be more durable and sweat-wicking in the long run. While the leather band feels comfortable on the skin, this material does not mix well with sweat. One reviewer even commented that the band gave them contact dermatitis and constant skin irritation problems. Thankfully there are a number of third-party bands made from different materials available for purchase for a relatively low price. This isn’t exactly ideal, however, as one would hope the band that arrives with your Phase would be sufficient enough.

As we mentioned in the ‘Style’ section of our review, there are a number of different color combinations for users to choose. The bands are easy enough to swap out, making the Phase a great option for users who are prone to indecisiveness.
Sizes Available
The Misfit Phase face size is 41mm. This isn’t too big, especially when comparing it to larger and more hefty smartwatch options available. There is only one size to choose from, however, so if consumers are turned off by the 41mm size, they may want to look elsewhere for different options.
Ease Of Use
The Phase can be a little confusing until users get acquainted with the notification settings. Remember, there is no screen on this watch so it has to communicate with users through color-coded notifications. Users will find it may take some getting used to remembering who and what corresponds with which colors and numbers. If you do receive a call or text notification on the Phase, you will still need to pull out your smartphone to see what it was and who it was from. The simplistic design and lack of screen really doesn’t make this the easiest to use if folks are hoping to be able to use the Phase for much more than activity tracking.
Power Source
What sets the Misfit Phase apart from many other smartwatches available right now is the fact that it doesn’t require daily or nighttime charging. It arrives with a replaceable battery that should last most consumers about six months. This eliminates the need to have yet another electronic plugged in at your nightstand and you won’t need to worry about bringing a charger with you on vacation. The battery is the same that most watches use – a coin cell battery and the watch arrives at your door with one preinstalled.
With an MSRP of $175, the Misfit Phase is priced quite a bit lower than other smartwatches available today. That said, however, it must be considered that the other higher-priced options do offer a lot more in terms of activity tracking and data provided. If you’re searching for a smartwatch that provides more information about your fitness level and more accurate feedback regarding your workouts, you may want to invest in a slightly more expensive watch.
Your Misfit Phase will arrive with the watch, a band of your choosing (Sport or Leather), the preinstalled coin cell battery and an instruction booklet. As previously mentioned in our review, there are a number of third-party accessories users can purchase from online retailers like Amazon. These include screen protectors, different styles and colors of bands made from a number of different materials and carbon fiber skins, just to name a few.
Key Features
-Automatically calculates steps, distance, calories and sleep
-Minimalist design
-Vibration alerts for calls and texts
-Replaceable battery
-Shower and swim proof
-Bluetooth 4.0+
Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a minimalist smartwatch option that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a computer screen on your wrist, the Misfit Phase might be the right one for you. This smartwatch strikes a great balance between fitness and functionality but does leave a lot to be desired. If you want to get serious about your health and fitness, we would suggest you look elsewhere. The Phase’s activity tracking is basic at best and won’t provide users with much useful data that will help them on their healthy lifestyle journey.
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