Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray sleep and fitness tracker has a rather unique feature that most trackers on the market cannot and do not offer. This tracker does not need to be charged, instead, it uses replaceable batteries to give you a far better battery life than most. You will only need to change the batteries every couple of months which means there is no need to remove the tracker. The more you wear it the more data it can collect which will give you a much more accurate depiction of your daily activities, sleep, and calories burned. This tracker is extremely affordable, which customer love. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Whether you want to wear this as a sleek and stylish bracelet or a fashionable necklace, you will be able to keep track and monitor your daily activities. There are some downfalls when it comes to this product but customers seem to think that the good outweighs the bad and they continue to purchase and use the Misfit Ray.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof
  • No screen to scratch or break
  • Very affordable
  • Cute and stylish
  • Can be worn as a bracelet or necklace
  • Does not need to be charged
  • Cons
    • Not rechargeable and takes batteries
    • Batteries only last a couple months
    • Not the most accurate
    • Key Features
      The Misfit Ray fitness trackers will help you track more than just your steps. You will have the ability to keep track of a plethora of activities including, but not limited to, cycling, tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, running, and walking. This product will help you monitor your sleep, steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. You will have the ability to set reminders to yourself to get moving, connect to your phone to get alerts when you get a call, text, or alarm, control your music, and much more.
      Basic Features
      The Misfit Ray is a fitness tracker and as such will provide you with the basic features you would expect from one. You can keep track of the steps that you take throughout the day, as well as your distance traveled and the calories that you have burned. This product is water resistant up to 50 meters so feel free to dive right in with this tracker on. You also have the ability to keep track of your sleep, monitoring how long you were asleep as well as your sleep cycles.

      This tracker does not have a watch face so there is no digital display, however, you can still get alerted to incoming calls and texts or ongoing alarms through vibrations when you have your phone connected to the device. You can even set the device up to send you reminders to get moving when you have been inactive for too long.
      Advanced Features
      The Misfit Ray does not give you a lot of more advanced features, as it has more of a minimalist design. One of the features that are offered to you that you do not normally get from other trackers is that this one does not need to be charged, ever. This tracker uses button cell batteries that have to be replaced about every 6 months or so. That being said, some customers have commented that their batteries were only lasting them about 3 months instead of the advertised 6 months.
      One of the customers biggest complaints about this product is the accuracy. Reviewers have stated that after a long day of walking they will check their progress and see that it looks like they did not go far. When comparing their steps taken to the steps that are tracked there are usually discrepancies with the Misfit Ray showing fewer steps than actually taken. Because the tracker does not always accurately count your steps, the numbers are off for other things that are tracked as well, such as distance traveled and calories burned. If you are considering purchasing this tracker, just keep in mind that some customers have reported that it is not the most accurate.
      The Misfit Ray connects to your mobile device through Bluetooth. You can simply download the Misfit app to your iPhone or Android device to get started. You will need to set up an account if you do not already have one through Misfit, which is going to require basic information about you such as your age, weight, gender, and height, but this information is mostly used to improve the accuracy of the tracker itself. Once you have your Misfit account all set up then you will be good to connect your tracker to your smartphone and it is as easy as that.
      The Misfit Ray does not have a screen or any way to display data so you do have to use this in conjunction with the Misfit app which you can download onto iPhone or Android devices. The use of this app will allow you to monitor your activities and sleep. In addition to the Misfit app itself, you can link your account and your device to other popular fitness and health apps such as Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, LoseIt!, and MyFitnessPal. Customers have not had any issues when it comes to linking their accounts to these other apps and it gives them more options and tracking capabilities to utilize that they do not have offered to them on the Misfit app.
      The Misfit Ray is small and sleek. It is really lightweight and feels like a bracelet on your wrist. Customers have reviewed that this is rather comfortable to wear throughout the day and even to bed at night. There are a few who have stated that the band does not fit them properly and therefore it is not the most comfortable on them, but this is not the case for most wearers. If you purchase the tracker and find it to be uncomfortable on your wrist you can wear it as a necklace and achieve the same results.
      One thing that most customers can agree on when it comes to the Misfit Ray is that it is cute and stylish. The fitness tracker is quite small and super lightweight. Many have compared it to wearing a bracelet. The tracker comes in a plethora of colors to choose from so you are sure to find something that is going to fit your style and personality. When purchasing the tracker you can choose between a leather or a sports band so there is something for everyone. You can choose from carbon black with a black band, forest green with a green band, gold with a black band, gold with a white band, navy blue with a blue band, rose gold with a black or grey band, or stainless steel with a black, white, or cream-colored band.

      The Misfit Ray does not always have to be worn as a bracelet, however, to track your activities throughout the day. Some customers opt to get rid of the bands altogether and wear the tube-like tracker as a pendant and wear it as a necklace. If you are not a bracelet person or do not like things on your wrist it is nice to know that you have another option with this tracker.
      The Misfit Ray can take quite a bit of abuse. There is no screen on the tracker so you will not have to worry about the screen breaking or scratching as you do with other fitness trackers on the market. The Misfit Ray is water resistant up to 50 meters as well so there is no need to try to keep it dry and no reason to worry about water damage. It is nice to know that you can do almost anything while wearing this and you will not have to worry about it getting damaged and having to be replaced.
      The Misfit Ray is a fitness tracker that has no face. There is no digital display on the tracker itself, everything can be seen and reviewed through the Misfit app on your connected mobile device.
      The band of the Misfit Ray is available in both a leather and a sports version so you can choose one that is going to best fit into your routine. The bands are easily interchangeable which customer appreciate, as it makes the tracker more customizable.

      The leather bands that you can purchase with this tracker are made from top grain leather and the sports band is made out of comfortable and flexible TPU. There is a third option for a band, although you do have to purchase it separately, and that is a paracord band that is made out of durable and soft nylon. There are so many options available to you when purchasing bands for this tracker.
      Sizes Available
      The Misfit Ray does not have size options available when purchasing the product. The bands on the product, however, are very easily interchangeable so if you find the band too big or too short when you receive your tracker you can get another band in a different length and easily swap them out. The tracker itself is rather small, weighing in at only 4 ounces and measurements of 7.3 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.2 inches. The weight, of course, is going to increase when you connect it to a band or a necklace, but regardless it is still ultra lightweight.
      Ease of Use
      The Misfit Ray is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. There is no digital display so there are no fancy features on the tracker itself that you will have to worry about learning to use. The tracker will automatically start tracking your activities so there is no need to go into it and let it know what you are doing. You can put on the tracker and forget about it. If you want to monitor your activities you would simply open up the Misfit app on your smartphone and view your activities there. The app is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use.

      Customers have not had many issues when it comes to using this product. The biggest issue that they have had was getting the tracker to sync to their app, but once they were able to get it all linked up everything worked well and was easy to figure out.
      Power Source
      The Misfit Ray is one of the few trackers on the market right now that does not need to be charged. Because you do not have to worry about charging the battery you can wear your tracker all day without it dying. The longer you wear it the more data it can collect and therefore give you more accurate results. Since the tracker does not need to be charged, it does take batteries. The batteries will generally, according to reviews, last about 3 months before you have to change them. You will, however, receive batteries for this when you purchase it so you will not have to worry about purchasing them for a couple of months.
      The Misfit Ray is super affordable which might be one of the best things customer love about the tracker. The MSRP for the product comes in at $99.99 but you can almost always find it much cheaper online. Many customers have commented that they chose the Ray over other fitness trackers simply because of how inexpensive it is. Some customers have stated that you get what you pay for and if you purchase a cheap fitness tracker then you will get a cheap fitness tracker. That being said, many other customers love it and say that it was worth the money they paid.
      When you purchase the Misfit Ray you will get the tracker itself and either a leather or a sports band, depending on which one you chose when you ordered it. The package will also include the batteries needed to power the tracker and a quick start guide to help get you started and ready to go.

      There are a plethora of accessories available to you when you purchase this product. You can purchase additional bands and a wide array of colors, styles, and materials. You can purchase necklaces that the tracker can hook into. Customers appreciate the massive amount of options they have available to them when it comes to bands and necklaces.
      Key Features
      -Smart button enabled so you can control your connected household devices
      -Water resistant up to 50 meters
      -Multicolored LED progress display
      -Uses replaceable batteries, not rechargeable, for a much longer battery life
      -Automatically tracks your sleep, steps, calories, distance, and more
      -Vibrations can alert you to phone call or text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms
      -There are a plethora of accessories and color options available for a customizable look
      Bottom Line
      The Misfit Ray may not be the best fitness tracker on the market and it does have some downfalls, but overall it is not a bad tracker and customers seem to enjoy it. If you are looking for a plain and simple tracker to monitor your daily activities, such as sleep, steps, and calories, without the hassle of having to keep it charged every day then you have come to the right place.
      Where to Buy
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