Monster iSport Victory Wireless Headphones

The Monster iSport Victory is a solid wireless and Bluetooth pair of headphones. These are designed for exercising and have been constructed for all types of activities. The sound quality is top of the line with an intense bass. Please do make a note that the bass is loud and deep. One major perk is the option to scale it back, the iSport Victory has dual sound modes, where you can choose between two options, one is a higher bass and the other is something a bit softer.

Monster is a well-known headphone brand and they offer a range of consumer products. Most of the products are constructed at a good value for the quality. While the brand has all types of headphones, the iSport is constructed for sports, runners, or anyone going to the gym. They are portable and provide a secure fit for the athlete. The iSport Victory features a strong battery life and superior noise isolation.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Good sound quality with two listening modes

Secure fit

Excellent water-resistance and sweat-resistance


Buttons are difficult to use

Key Features
Constructed and designed with the athlete and active person in mind the Monster iSport Victory Wireless is made for an athlete for a sports enthusiast. An everyday commuter can also wear this pair of headphones, however, they are really designed for a secure fit at the gym. A fairly lightweight feel you can jump up and down and forget you even have them on. Durable and sweat-proof everyone will be confident that a little bit of sweat or a lot of sweat will not ruin these headphones. They really are the perfect companion to running.
Basic Features
The brand Monster authorizes a one year warranty when you purchase the Monster iSport Victory Wireless headphones, this is one feature you can feel satisfied with when making a purchase for these headphones. The battery life is also right up there with the other competitors, coming in at a solid eight hours of battery time. For a pair of wireless headphones, it is important to have a strong battery that will last you. If not, you are constantly charging them rather than being in-use. The iSport Victory has an IPX5 rating when it comes to being sweat-proof. This certification is not the best of the best but it’s not the worst and will definitely withhold on any workout.
Advanced Features
The iSport Victory comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which is a must for a pair of wireless headphones. Stop worrying about where the cable is and start playing sports. It’s much easier to move with a pair of wireless headphones. With Bluetooth capability, these will ensure you can freely move, listen and talk. The Victory iSport has Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX to deliver music at the highest quality it possibly can. However, a few people did mention that they had Bluetooth connection issues. It’s mentioned that the wireless range on these goes for twenty feet.

Noise isolation is another advanced feature, as the Victory iSport comes with ninety-percent noise isolation, which is a high number. This simply means you can go about your activity without any distractions. Perfect for that buyer who wants to block out other music, voices or anything else going on at the gym.

Sound Quality
The sound is the best of the best as Monster is known for producing quality sound. In case you didn’t know music is known to increase athletic performance by 15% so if you are going on that run, plug into Monster iSport Victory Wireless and start moving. The headphones are known for their bass sound, it’s loud and perfect for music. One major benefit is the dual sound modes, where you can choose which level you want. Many have mentioned that both modes offer some serious loud music and both offer deep bass. Even with loud bass, the music doesn’t sound distorted or lack clarity at either mode. Some did mention that the less intense mode leads to higher frequency depending on the music or the sound. There is an integrated microphone, however, it’s nothing special just enough to make a simple phone call. The headphones are not made for phone calls or reference listening, podcast, etc. It’s really a pair of headphones for music lovers and bass lovers. Both modes offer different styles of mega-bass and low-frequency response. A natural sound is not what Monster is known for, so don’t expect that with the purchase of the Monster iSport Victory. The bass on these will jump start you on your next sport or physical activity. A few people mentioned that the sound roars! So roar on!
The Monster iSport Victory Wireless lets you stay connected anywhere with it’s Bluetooth capability. These are also designed with three sizes of ear-tips in the box, so you can decide which suits you best. It comes with small, medium and large. An easy to use USB charging cable and soft carry pouch will allow you to charge up quick on the go or anywhere.

The remote control and microphone are located on the cable around chin height close to the right earpiece. It’s a three-button remote with a central microphone compartment. The central button handles power, pairing, and any phone calls. The plus and minus buttons handle both volume and track navigation. There were a few people that mentioned the headphones changed songs and volume on their own, however, if this happens you can use the one-year warranty to get a new pair. It’s also very easy to confuse the volume with the skip a track button. If you want to change the sound mode all you have to do is hold down the plus and minus buttons for three seconds.
This is a new premium, compact and lightweight design from Monster, which is delivering some of the best and most comfortable fit yet from a pair of Monster wireless headphones. These are secure fit ear-hook headphones and they stay fit on the ear without any discomfort. Don’t need to worry about these falling out as the fit is extra secure. They come with three sizes of ear tips, a small, medium, and large size. There is one comfort fault on the Monster iSport Victory, they are pretty large for a pair of wireless headphones. Experiment with different ear tip sizes to find the right comfort level. But keep in mind for a marathon long run these might be slightly too big.
The design has the DNA of the Monster brand. The overall look and feel are similar to other Monster products. The design is overall nice and has a ‘sport’ feel to it. The cable is reflective which is nice if you are outside walking and or running. The colors on the headphones put them into more of a fun category rather than something minimal and sleek. The Monster iSport Victory comes in three different colors, black, green and blue. The black one even has a small amount of electric green on them and of course the green and blue are both electric and bright colors! The green and blue might be a little aggressive for the office, depending on where you are, but the black is a classic and could transition easier from the gym to the office. There is a Monster logo on each ear which is no surprise and classic Monster brand. The Monster sport small carry pouch is nice because it easily fits the headphones and you might even be able to add something else inside of it’s small. Overall this is a style for the gym.
Made for the gym, you can expect something durable and long-lasting. The fit is extra secure and no matter how much you bounce around they will stay put which is big for anyone using these for running, sports or at the gym. The iSport Victory is fully sweat-proof and if you do sweat there is no need to worry about damaging these headphones. These have a rating of IPX5, which is not the best, but not bad. There is no proof if these are waterproof, so suggest that you avoid water, the rain or the snow. But we do know that the earbuds and the clips can be rinsed or wiped after use and are resistant to microbial build up.
Ease of Use
As a pair of wireless buds, these are pretty easy to use. The only problem might be some confusion with the buttons, but once you start using them it’s easy to get the hang of. The Bluetooth and wireless range are twenty feet which are an above normal distance. The main idea is to wear the iSport Victory to listen to music, but the Bluetooth capabilities are good so in the case you need to make a phone call, there is no problem.

At ninety-percent noise isolation, it will be very easy to pop these in and go about your workout with zero interruptions. The easy over the ear fit also makes these an ideal pair to throw in the gym bag.
Power Source
At eight hours of battery life, you cannot go wrong, however, there were a few comments that these did not last for the eight hours mentioned. But the iSport Victory promises to give eight hours with a fully charged pair of headphones. They also come with integrated rechargeable batteries, so you can easily use them to you and from the gym. It’s easy to check the charge level on the headphones to see if they are fully charged and ready to go. The USB charging cable is what’s connected to the headphones to charge them up. The travel pouch is large enough to throw in the charging cable.

As for anyone who is failing to charge the battery, or that it’s dying in a very quick amount of time, the best solution is to return them with the one-year warranty.
The price is towards the lower end for a Bluetooth wireless pair of headphones, coming in at just under fifty dollars. It’s a great price for a pair of wireless headphones that will take you through your workouts. The idea of the iSport Victory is to get you going at the gym, the bass, the sound, the music and if that’s what you need and are looking for than the price is just right. Given the amount of battery life, the noise isolation and the Bluetooth capability there shouldn’t be any hesitation to not make this purchase. It can be found on Amazon for the best price and even if you purchase on Amazon you still receive the one-year warranty. Many buyers did complain that the battery died fast and or the product just stopped working, so it’s important to make sure you receive the one-year warranty. There is no difference in buying these or something more affordable if it will tick all of the boxes for a pair of headphones at the gym.
Key Features
-Microphone unit easily accessible
-A one-year warranty
-The battery holds an eight-hour charge
-Different color options
-Three different ear tips sizes
Bottom Line
The bottom line is if you love a good bass, have an appreciation for music and or need a good pair of headphones for the gym, the iSport Victory Wireless is a great match for you. The majority of buyers are happy with the listening experience but complained about the battery life. The price tag for a pair of headphones to wear while being active or at the gym seems to still be justified with the sound quality, battery life, noise cancellation and the fact that these are sweat-proof.

Monster delivers yet another exciting wireless headphone that is truly made for the active person in mind. The electric blue and electric green are also a very unique aspect to the headphones and this could be a way to lure in the buyer just to have a loud and fun statement headphone.
Where to Buy
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