Montrail Mountain Masochist III

The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is a mild stability shoe made for off-road running. These shoes can definitely handle some tough trail conditions. It's made of durable, quality materials and should stand the test of time throughout your training. If you're a mild overpronator,  the Mountain Masochist III provides just the right amount of correction. This third iteration of the Mountain Masochist doesn't feature too many changes. In fact, Montrail has opted to make very minor tweaks. Some runners were a little miffed about the non-existent changes in this update but the majority were pleased that Montrail chose to stick with the tried and true. The shoe handles technical trails just as well as the previous version with a few small changes that are intended to increase the comfort and fix some small issues present in the Masochist II. Montrail choosing only to change what was necessary just goes to show how solid the previous version was. Keep reading to find out what those small changes were and what reviewers thought of the shoe overall.

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Pros & Cons
  • Same superb traction and grippy Gryptonite outsole
  • Still as durable as ever
  • Improved breathability
  • Same excellent protection from trail debris thanks to the Trail Shield rock plate
  • Like before, despite featuring a rock plate, the shoe is quite flexible
  • Affordable
  • Cons
    • A little heavier than the previous version
    • Poor performance on roads
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Montrail Mountain Masochist III is essentially the same as before. It's been left alone by Montrail. The shoe features the same a durable outsole that's meant to handle varied terrain, including technical and non-technical trails. The Gryptonite outsole features the same very effective angled lugs in the forefoot area to ensure excellent traction. Lugs are also featured on the sides of the outsole making the sole perfect for technical trails. The multi-directional forefoot lugs are perfect for climbing uphill and are able to grip various surfaces, even when wet. The outsole does feature some cutouts as well, likely to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. Despite these holes in the sole, mud and other debris do not tend to stick to these areas. Runners don't have to worry about picking up additional weight as they continue on their run since mud doesn't tend to build up on the outsole.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III's midsole includes the same new FluidFrame component as in the previous iteration. It's also been left alone in terms of updates. The FluidFrame provides pronation control. The midsole's Trail Shield rock plate is meant to protect the wearer from trail debris that might puncture the shoe's sole and cause injury. The Trail Shield has a bit of flexibility so the ride remains comfortable and smooth despite its existence. The midsole foam - FluidFoam - runs the length of the shoe and offers a good amount of impact protection. It's not too thick so the wearer remains close to the ground. There's still a nice bit of cushioning to pad each footfall. The midsole cushioning is also quite responsive. The shoe also features a good amount of arch support which reviewers appreciated.
      The upper of the Montrail Mountain Masochist III features the bulk of the minor updates. The upper is composed of a synthetic mesh and this time around it features fewer overlays. This results in a more breathable and flexible upper. The upper also still features a webbed-like material to help keep out mud and debris encountered on the trails. A toe bumper is also featured in the shoe to protect from impact with hard materials. The lacing system provides the ability to adjust the fit of the upper as you wish. In addition, the forefoot is quite wide which gives breathing room to your toes. The tongue is much less prominent than in the previous version. Both the tongue and heel collar both have less padding. The reduction in material solves a problem common with the Masochist II which was that the tongue and the heel collar had a tendency to remain waterlogged.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III weighs in at about 12 ounces for the men's version. The shoe is slightly heavier than the previous version. Many reviewers commented that they found the shoe a bit heavy but even those who complained about the additional weight felt that it was a good trade-off for superior protection on rugged trails. This is not a minimalist shoe and it's not pretending to be one. The Mountain Masochist III is meant to deliver a stable, comfortable, protected ride on tough trails for runners and hikers alike.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III features an open mesh upper made of synthetic materials. Montrail has removed quite a few of the overlays and the result is a much more breathable upper. It still manages to keep out unwanted trail debris, though. The interior of the shoe features a removable sock liner and ensures moisture is wicked away quickly. The shoe also does a good job at draining water. The new pared-down heel collar and tongue both ensure that moisture is wicked away effectively.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III remains a very comfortable shoe. Most reviewers found the shoe fit true to size, with a few very narrow footed runners finding issues with the wide toe box. The toe box in this version remains wide. The midsole FluidFoam cushioning provides a comfortable base underfoot that protects runners from impact and provides a nice amount of padding that provides comfort for the wearer. The Trail Shield rock plate protects runners from hard trail debris while still remaining flexible and enabling a smooth ride. The well-padded heel collar and tongue have been changed. The padding has been reduced to address issues in the previous version of the shoe. The less padded heel and tongue areas still remain comfortable but they now dry much more quickly.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III looks like it can handle rough trails. The men and women's shoes are colored similarly. Both offer subdued tones perfect for hiding dirt building up after messy runs offroad. The third version of the Mountain Masochist still looks fit for all types of trail conditions.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is still built with quality materials and is a solid shoe all around. The rubber Gryptonite outsole is tough and aggressive enough to protect from everyday wear and tear. Reviewers were able to go off-road on very technical trails and get in a lot of mileage with this shoe. No reviewers had issues with durability. This is definitely a trail shoe with longevity.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III provides a good amount of protection for the wearer. In terms of shock absorption, the midsole FluidFoam cushioning provides the same great padding underfoot. The webbed upper helps to keep out debris and also features a toe bumper to protect from hard debris on the trails. The Trail Shield rock plate protects the wearer from all kinds of potentially painful debris that may appear underfoot but it's still pliable enough to ensure a smooth ride and a comfortable heel to toe transition. Reviewers had positive things to say about the Trail Shield feature. They felt it provided adequate protection without feeling rigid and uncomfortable underfoot.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is just as responsive as its predecessor. The shoe provides a smooth ride even on technical trails, whether going uphill or down. Even with the Trail Shield rock plate runners were happy with the shoe's ground feel. Runners who prefer a more minimalist shoe will still find the shoe lacks feeling underfoot, but for the majority of runners, it's just enough to enhance the ride while still offering up enough protection to prevent injury.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III offers the same great stability as before. It's a moderate stability trail shoe that's meant to provide a smooth and stable ride. The midsole is composed of FluidFoam which provides a supportive base so runners will feel stable and secure while moving forward. In addition, the upper features numerous overlays which add support for the wearer. Many reviewers found the Mountain Masochist II quite stable. The shoe also provides adequate arch support for the wearer. Runners with narrower feet may find the fit of the shoe a bit sloppy because of the particularly wide toe box, but with a tight-fitting heel cup, the shoe should fit most runners well.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III still has a tough outsole that's able to tackle aggressive varied terrain. Runners can go off-road without needing to worry about how their shoe will hold up. Runners appreciated the tough Trail Shield rock plate which helps to protect from impact with hard trail debris. This rock plate is constructed in such a way that it still manages to provide flexibility and some ground-feel. The shoe is still not suited for pavement or road running. The lugs underfoot are just too prominent and provide a bit too much traction for non-trail runs. This is definitely a shoe meant for tough trails.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is still priced fairly. Its durable construction and numerous features make it a good buy. For the person that's looking for a dedicated trail shoe, the Mountain Masochist II offers good value. The shoe is well cushioned, provides aggressive traction, protects from trail debris and impact, and is suitable for trail running and hiking. It's not a good buy for someone who is primarily a road runner; a hybrid trail shoe may be a better option if that's the kind of runner you are.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III features a durable outsole with multi-directional lugs. The prominent lugs provide a lot of traction even in inclement weather. The outsole does a good job at repelling mud so it doesn't build up on the underside of the shoe. The shoe can easily handle all kinds of trails, muddy runs, and wet weather jaunts. The shoe provides a bit too much grip when it comes to running on pavement, though. The forefoot lugs cause too much breaking-action on the roads so this shoe is really a dedicated trail runner.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is actually more flexible than before. As with the previous version, the Trail Shield rock plate offers protection without sacrificing pliability. In this version, though, the upper has become more flexible. Montrail has chosen to remove several overlays to create this effect. Reviewers were happy with this change.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III is a moderately stable trail shoe. This version of the shoe features the same effective FluidPost component in the midsole. Then FluidPost provides pronation control that varies according to the wearer's requirements and varies depending on terrain underfoot. The shoe's rugged outsole also provides excellent traction keeping runners stable underfoot, even on very uneven and technical terrain. The shoe's upper fits snugly and securely enough to ensure a locked-in feel. You won't feel wobbly in the Mountain Masochist III unless you have a very narrow foot.
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III features a slightly lower 8mm drop for both men and women. The drop ensures a close to the ground feel but it's not minimalist. Runners will feel closer to the ground without feeling unstable which is important when running on highly uneven ground. The shoe is great for trail runners that are used to standard heel to toe drops with their other shoes. Minimalists may find that the higher drop and weight take some getting used to, but the protection is hard to beat!
      Key Features
      * FluidFoam midsole cushioning material
      * FluidFrame material provides stability
      * Gryptonite material featured in outsole enhances durability
      * Trail Shield acts as a rock plate and protects the runner from debris
      * Aggressive Traction lugs provide excellent grip
      * Mesh upper
      * Toe bumper
      * Webbing featured on upper
      * Intergraft Sockliner
      Bottom Line
      The Montrail Mountain Masochist III remains a solid trail shoe that offers moderate support for the wearer. The shoe continues to provide a comfortable, well-protected ride for those seeking adventure off-road. The shoe provides ample cushioning underfoot and ensures a stable ride for overpronators thanks to the FluidPost midsole component. The Mountain Masochist III is offered in similar colors as before and all the colorways look like they belong on the trail. The excellent traction of the outsole means that the shoe can easily handle technical terrain. It's not good on the roads, but a dedicated trail runner or hiker shouldn't worry too much about this. The shoe effectively keeps rocks and debris out and repels mud. The Trail Shield rock plate ensures protection from potentially dangerous trail debris. Those looking for a solid, dedicated trail shoe need look no further. Montrail has chosen to make minimal changes to an already solid shoe. Loyalists will appreciate that the shoe offers the same great features, a similar fit, and the same comfortable ride.
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