New Balance MD800v5

Shopping for racing spikes can be a bit overwhelming since there are a large number of them on the market today and you have to make sure you find some that will deliver a certain level of comfort, grip, breathability, and durability. Not only that, but you have to make sure they are built for the right distance. The New Balance MD800v5 is engineered to be a middle distance racing spike and perform best at distances between 800 meters to 3000 meters. You do not want to buy a spike that has too much cushion and you also don’t want one that gives you way too much ground feel. For this reason, the MD800v5 just may be the middle distance spike for you. They look great, are built to be durable, and are extremely breathable. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Mono mesh upper is durable and breathable
  • Very sleek and stylish 
  • There is some REVlite cushioning found in the midsole for added comfort
  • Sharkskin TPU heel for added durability
  • Midfoot-wrapping tongue for extra support
  • Cons
    • Tends to run narrow
    • One consumer said they did not last through one season
    • Key Features
      This middle-distance lightweight spike shoe features a durable synthetic outsole made of rubber. The forefoot area features the 6-spike system that will enable you to grip the track with ease and push you forward faster. The honeycomb-like pattern on the bottom of the shoe allows for extra grip and will help prevent slipping. The heel portion of the outsole boasts a Sharkskin TPU heel which is designed to deliver additional durability in areas of high wear. Because these are racing spikes and not your typical running sneakers, they do not feature a heavy-duty lug system.
      When it comes to racing spikes, you typically will not find a whole lot of cushion in the midsole since they are worn for a shorter period of time. If you are running longer than 3000m then you may want to look for lightweight racing sneakers with a little more underfoot cushioning. With that said, it should be noted that there is a small level of cushioning offered through the lightweight Revlite midsole material included. These are designed to be worn in races ranging from 400m to 3000m but really the sweet spot is said to be 800m to a mile, considering the fact that they are engineered to be middle-distance racing spikes. The most impressive part of this shoe’s midsole is the 6-pin Pebax Plate that is found at the forefoot. This plate is made of heavy-duty TPU material that is not only flexible but also highly impact-resistant for added durability. This Pebax Plate will bend and flex with your feet as you sprint around the track.
      The upper of this racing spike is pretty impressive in its design. The material used in its engineering is called “mono mesh” which is a material that is constructed to exacting specifications. The wires of the mesh are welded using a high strength process, resulting in a material that will mold to your foot like a second skin and will be extremely durable. There is also a thin layer of TPU film overlaying the mono mesh with a laser cut pattern. This will allow the sneaker to support your foot with strength and durability and allows it to fit like a glove. The mono mesh is extremely breathable so you won’t have to worry about your feet getting too hot during your race. The MD800v5 features a soft fabric lining for comfort and has a no-sew design which will help to prevent irritation. The tongue of this sneaker is unique in design as well. One side of the tongue, the medial side, is attached to the inside of the sneaker and wraps around the foot. This allows an even better and more precise fit.
      When you are sprinting at top speeds around a track, you do not want to have heavy sneakers weighing you down. The New Balance MD800v5 is extremely lightweight and will feel like a second skin on your feet. Weighing in at only 4.5 ounces, these are extremely lightweight middle distance running spikes.
      Mesh alone tends to be extremely breathable because it is a lightweight and flexible material with lots of pores to allow for excellent airflow. Not only does the MD800v5 feature a mesh upper, but the mesh used in its engineering is a step up from your typical mesh. Mono mesh is a highly durable and lightweight material that is able to mold to your foot's specifications and that is what is used to make up the upper on these sneakers. The mono mesh has the same breathability properties of typical mesh and you will feel exceptional airflow into and out of the foot chamber in these shoes. So not only are these shoes durable and sleek, but they are also extremely breathable.
      Racing spikes are not built to be overly comfortable, meaning they won’t feel like pillows of air on your feet. On the contrary, the best racing spikes will feel like a second skin and will allow you to fly around the track with the comfort you need that will not detract from your performance. These spikes do boast a small amount of REVlite cushioning in their midsole which is needed especially if you are running middle distance events. This cushioning provides just enough underfoot softness to allow you to perform at top speeds without weighing you down. The mono mesh upper and unique foot-wrapping tongue will help the sneaker to mold to your foot and give you that second-skin feel. The upper is made using no-sew technology, so your feet will not experience any irritation due to seams. Most reviewers said that these sneakers perform well but it should be noted that other reviewers said that they tend to run narrow.
      One thing all reviewers can agree on with the MD800v5 is how great they look. As soon as you open the box, you will notice how sleek and stylish they are; they look like they can carry you through your race quickly without even strapping them on your feet. The low-top design is very eye-catching in every colorway. The mono mesh and TPU film overlays give them a streamlined and elegant design. The large New Balance “N” emblazoned on either side of the shoe helps to show the world that these are some high-quality spikes.
      The synthetic rubber outsole alone is very durable and this durability level is increased thanks to the 6-pin spike system found at the forefoot. The rubber and spikes combine to form a durable and reliable traction system for middle-distance racing. Additionally, the heel of the outsole is reinforced with a Sharkskin TPU heel for even more durability in high wear areas. The Pebax Plate that is featured in the midsole of the sneaker is a flexible yet durable piece of TPU that is designed to withstand high speeds while allowing lightweight flexibility. The mono mesh upper is not only durable on its own but is even more so thanks to the thin TPU overlays that run over the entirety of the upper.
      Your feet will definitely feel protected from slipping around the track in these shoes. The rubber outsole and spike system at the outsole will help to keep you sure-footed and protected. The design of the upper, with the midfoot-wrapping tongue and durable mono mesh upper, will keep your feet protected as well by keeping your foot securely in place within the sneaker. Because these are not your typical running shoes, they do not offer a whole lot in the way of shock absorbency but there is a small amount of REVlite cushioning for mild protection against jarring motions.
      Since these are engineered to be middle distance racing spikes, they will not deliver a springy ride through the use of lots of cushioning. On the other hand, the flexible and durable TPU Pebax Plate that is featured in the midsole will help to act as a springboard of sorts and help push you forward as you sprint. The 6-pin spike plate at the front of the shoe works with the Pebax system, resulting in a fast-paced performance.
      The bulk of the support in these sneakers will come from the upper. Because these running spikes are designed to mold to your foot’s specifications through the use of high-tech mono mesh materials, they will help to form a second skin around your foot. The midfoot-wrapping tongue will also grip your foot and keep it in place as you move. When you are wearing these racing spikes, and any good racing spike really, you do not want to feel any movement within the foot chamber because if you did, it could result in irritation or blistering. For that reason, New Balance engineered these sneakers to fit your feet like a sock and to provide the support you need when running at top speeds.
      Obviously, racing spikes are not meant to be worn on hard terrains or for any off-roading adventures. The 6-pin spike system on the forefoot of the shoe is designed to grip track or turf with ease and push you forward while running at high speeds. These spikes, in particular, are designed to be worn in races ranging from 400 meters to 3000 meters. Anything over that you may want to consider a more well-cushioned racing sneaker.
      Depending on the colorway and size that you are looking for, these middle distance racing spikes can be purchased for anywhere between $85 and $120. Considering the high-quality materials and brand name you can trust, this is a decent price.
      Any racing spike is going to deliver excellent traction because that is what they are designed to do. The 6-pin spike system found at the forefoot features spikes all the way around the toe area toward the midfoot, which will allow you to grip the ground at top speeds. The outsole of the sneaker features a honeycomb-like pattern in the rubber which will help to grip the ground at the midfoot and heel areas. The Sharkskin TPU heel is durable and aids in traction.
      When it comes down to it, racing spikes have less material in their makeup because you want to be wearing a lightweight, breathable, and flexible pair of shoes on your feet when you are running at high speeds around a track. The New Balance MD800v5 does not have a thick rubber outsole and the REVlite foam found in the midsole is minor. These two things combined with the extremely lightweight and flexible upper result in a very flexible racing spike. The Pebax TPU Plate in the sneaker is firm, but it is also made to be very flexible to enable your foot to move and bend as you run.
      The New Balance MD800v5 is not engineered to be a stability running shoe. Racing spikes are designed to be worn by people specializing in running short to middle distances and if you need stability, you probably won’t be running in these events anyway. With that said, these spikes are engineered to fit like a second skin so really, you’ll feel like you are wearing a firm pair of socks. Stability-speaking, that’s pretty much the amount of stability you will receive.
      As with most running spikes, there is not a whole lot of drop in these sneakers. The heel does feature a small amount of padding, but overall, they are a low-profile racing spike built for speed.
      Key Features
      - Mono mesh upper combined with thin TPU overlays for an adaptable, durable, and breathable fit
      - Pebax Plate in the midsole is flexible, durable, and helps you to perform at top speeds
      - 6-pin spike system found at the forefoot will provide excellent grip and traction
      - Sharkskin TPU heel provides additional durability in high wear areas
      - REVlite foam in the midsole provides some cushioning that is good for middle distance races
      Bottom Line
      When you are shopping for a middle distance racing spike, the New Balance MD800v5 is definitely one to put on your list of available options. The mono mesh upper is not only extremely breathable, but it is also durable and delivers an exceptional second-skin fit. The unique tongue design delivered in these spikes wraps the foot for added support and enables an even better fit. Like most racing spikes, these shoes are very lightweight and feature a spike system at the forefoot to help grip the track during a race. Most users were impressed with the aesthetics of these spikes but some said their fit was rather narrow. It may be a good idea to try them on before settling on them.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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