Nike Aeroloft Flash Vest

When the temperatures plummet, runners have to choose between toughing it out or taking it indoors on a treadmill. Part of the dilemma is getting dressed appropriately for winter running as it can be a chore. For many of us, layering is the method of choice. And Nike's AeroLoft Flash Vest presents a well-balanced layer for the seriously outdoorsy to keep warm this winter. I say seriously because it does come with a higher price tag, and even with all the pistons firing gloriously, it might be considered a little too extravagant for casual runners. It provides a snuggly but ventilated comfortable outer layer due to its smartly placed pockets of lightly insulated but highly effective goose down fill (with one of the highest ratings of 800) and reviews are exceedingly positive. Runners and hikers alike have enjoyed the cold and wind protection giving them the ability to focus on getting in their miles. The zippered pockets allow for a few items, as large as a Galaxy S7 phone, to be securely toted along as well. And while it didn't trap heat, sometimes we all have needed to drop a layer on the go. The decidedly not bulky AeroLoft Flash simplifies this as it can be folded up and tucked in on itself and strapped on the wrist for easy portability for less stress and an unencumbered adventure.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Road Runner Sports Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Surprisingly compact
  • Down-filled for warmth but not bulky
  • Superior reflective detailing
  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellant
  • Breathable materials to alleviate overheating
  • Full front zipper closure and pockets with zippers
  • Stylish
  • Cons
    • A higher price point than comparable models
    • The Nike DRI-Fit technology requires specific washing instructions
    • Key Features
      Built to get through the cold and windy days of winter, the AeroLoft Flash vest has created some firm believers. One reviewer claimed the vest with a base layer and windbreaker beneath was ample for up to 10*F. And not only does the combination of insulating material and the down fill keep runners warmer in cold weather but the exterior shell with its printed detail creates very effective reflectivity for added safety for excursions in the dark.
      With lightly insulated pockets of 800 rating down fill, one might not expect the vest to offer any breathability, but s/he would be surprised. With laser perforated detailing allowing just enough airflow to vent the body and prevent overheating, the strategic set up of the insulation strikes a perfect balance of warm/protected and breathable/dry. The inclusion of Nike's microfiber polyester Dri-FIT lining helps to whisk sweat from the body to the fabric surface, where it evaporates further helping with moisture control and breathability.
      Taking advantage of Nike Flex fabric incorporated into the sides and back and perforated laser detail on the body allowing heat to escape, most find this vest to be exceptionally comfortable, warm, and well ventilated. This makes extended time out in cold weather feel like more of an afterthought allowing for concentration on the adventure du jour. Given that it is lightly insulated and comprised of one of the highest grades of goose down fill at 800, it is also surprisingly packable. With the added benefit of a water repellant outer fabric, most found the vest to help them brave not only cold but also wetter conditions. As a vest it is limited to keeping one dry but keeping the core warm and dry and allowing for breathability is an attribute wearer enjoyed. Even the addition of elastic in the armholes and hem lends itself to a more customized fit. Comfort and warmth are celebrated key features.

      The Nike Aeroloft Flash vest is referred to as semi-fitted (meaning it follows the shape of the body but allows for extra layers between the skin and the vest - falling between tight and loose). Most customers found it to be slightly more fitted than advertised but steering well clear of compression level. The majority of women reviewers found it to be sized appropriately, some say slightly large but still perfect, for a comfortable layered fit. Whereas, some of the male wearers indicated that it ran just a bit large. With sizing options available in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large for both men and women, runners could better customize their preferred fit level.
      With just an isolated less than positive review for durability, the AeroLoft Flash is a sturdy option that can withstand the cold and wind. The one complaint cited is that the vest, while it can withstand the harsh temperatures, has difficulty during laundering. The drying created some frayed seams causing unraveling. However, it is important to note that Nike has specialized instructions for washing to maximize the lifespan of the vest. On the whole, though, the majority of users were more than pleased with the strength and intelligence of its construction that allows for such wear and tears. Even the water repellant applied to the outer layer creates enough of a shield to protect the interior of the vest (and the wearer) allowing for increased longevity.
      Aside from other apparel in the Nike Aeroloft collection like tights and jackets, there are no true accessories for this product.
      The Flash in Nike's AeroLoft Flash vest is not just another way to stay stylish. It is indicative of the highly visible safety detailing component covering the front and back of the vest that, while stylish, is markedly functional. The AeroLoft vest is available in a Flash and non-Flash version. However, the non-Flash alternative does not feature the highly reflective material which seems to be a large selling point for many reviewers. And with all the warmth provided, one might expect it to be puffy and bulky, but it is surprisingly lightweight, streamlined, and even packable. Reviewers claimed it is quite flattering. It is available in a variety of colors from different online sellers. Featuring the reflecting geometric prints covering a good portion of the vest and varying by color choice and model year, customers have a few choices on colors. The women's vest can be purchased in flash/red, flash/purple, seaweed/reflect, black, or purple and the men's vest is available in midnight navy, seaweed/reflect, red, and black.

      For an active, packable, lightweight down vest, the Nike Aeroloft Flash is arguably top notch. At its original price point, it is also relatively expensive. Even with the markdowns available, comparing it to other down vests still yields a higher investment cost. When weighed against similar garments from Patagonia or The North Face, customers are still being asked to put out a pretty penny, but it seems that you get what you pay for and most that took the chance and purchased this vest are very pleased.
      Key Features
      - Lightweight and not bulky

      - Warm with strategically placed down fill insulated pockets

      - Designed with materials that create breathability to prevent overheating

      - Full front zipper closure and pockets with zippers for transporting a few essentials

      - Superior night-time reflectivity built into a large portion of the vest

      - Stylish with geometric patterning as reflective detailing elements

      - Flattering slightly fitted feel available in a range of sizes

      - A higher price point
      Bottom Line
      When looking at the cons of this jacket, there seems to be only one, cost. Aside from that, and even despite it, most are singing its praises saying that it is worth every penny. The slightly fitted and lightweight design allows for easy garment packing and a well-liked fit. With one of the highest down fill ratings (800), Nike does an admirable job of providing ample cold protection with perforated laser detail in all the right places to provide a streamlined and stylish appearance without sacrificing a measure of warmth. Cited as well balanced for warmth and breathability, hot spots and overheating are avoided allowing for mid-winter adventures. And with the precise and balanced reflective detailing, runners and hikers don't have to head inside when the sun sets as they will be highly visible. With all this in mind, the Nike Aeroloft Flash is a well put together winter gear item. It can help make the decision to forego the treadmill and head outdoors easier when you know you will have tools to keep you warm though if you are looking for a standard run-of-the-mill vest, this is not the one for you - for cost alone. There are other more reasonably priced options. But if you are looking for an investment and can afford to open your wallet a little wider, it has the substance. If you're middle-of-the-road, wait for a markdown (which seem to be readily available on a few sites online) and go for it, it might be the right choice for you too.
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