No Time for a Shower? How to Get Fresh After a Run

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No time for a shower? How to get you Fresh After a Run No Time for a Shower? How to Get Fresh After a Run

For most people, most days are scheduled to the max.  In one day you have to run, shower, get to wherever you need to be, deal with errands, possibly kids and pets, significant others and any number of random events and not in the order listed. Sometimes things have to give, and most runners won’t let that be their run.

More often than not it’s a lunch hour spent running errands or eating while performing tasks you can cross off your mile long to-do list.  On occasion though even the best laid plans get tossed aside or you miscalculate your time and it’s the kind of day you are racing from one thing to the next and one of the easiest things to nix can be your shower.  While you probably aren’t going to log a speedy 10 miler in the thick, sticky humidity and skip a shower, there are some workouts where you can get away with the following tips to freshen up and get on with your day.


Your lovely locks can be the biggest give away. Some men with super short hair won’t have any issues but for the majority of the population, it’s a concern. First and foremost don’t try to rock a hairstyle that looks best when your hair is completely clean and after you have spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror.

For women, an elegant chignon held in place with a hair chopstick, a sleek bun, pony or any type of braid work best with slightly damp and kind-of grungy hair.  Men, if you have days where you use gel, you might want to select a skip-a-shower day as one. Pre-styling it might be a good idea to hit your hair with a quick blast of the blow dryer.

If you feel like a grease monkey there are a ton of dry shampoos, aerosol sprays or powders on the market ranging in prices from affordable drug store brands like L’Oréal and TRESemme to higher end salon brands.  Just follow the directions. If you are in a pinch (and a blonde), you can use baby powder to counteract your greasy hair.


Most of us continue to sweat for a while after a workout especially in warmer weather, and a cool shower can help stop that.  But when you are skipping the cooling shower, you might want to double check you wardrobe. Oxford shirts are the worst offenders so both men and women. Avoid if possible or put on an undershirt or tank. A chino material can also be a tell-tale sign you are perspiring, especially a thinner version used for dresses or skirts. Stick with dark colors if possible. There is also the smell factor to be aware of.  To help with that fact make sure you don’t wear clothing that doesn’t allow your body to breathe. Looser clothing and layers would be ideal.

The Money Maker (Your Face)

Splash you face with a little cold water, grab your favorite wash and do a quick once over. Follow up with a moisturizer containing sunscreen and you’ll feel like a million bucks, or at least much cleaner.  There is also a wide-variety of unisex no water needed cleansing cloths if the day calls for it. You can buy a pack  to toss into your gym bag.  And ladies, keeping a compact with no-shine powder is a great way to manage your t-zone which can get super shiny.

The Machine (Your Bod)

We’ve all heard of the bathroom sink “shower” and its many interesting names but it gets a bad rap because in this day and age with the amount of products at our disposal, it’s almost better than showering or at the very least, quicker.

There are also cleansing cloths and towellettes specifically for your body. They are big enough, strong enough and get the job done. Not only do these body cloths clean off sweat, oil, mud (trail run anyone?) but some are also infused with ingredients to nourish and moisturize your skin. You can opt for version with essential oils added to assist with smell or simply opt for fragrance free.  There are all kinds of options from brands like Cetaphil, Yuni and more upscale Clinique.

Smell Good

Now that you’ve gotten the main parts freshened, replicate your post-shower routine. Put on deodorant. Don’t listen to your mother’s voice in your head telling your pre-pubescent self you actually need to shower for it to work. We’re adults. We know that but it will help.  Put on a scented lotion, at least on your arms and neck if you are going to be shaking hands or hugging anyone.  And if you normally wear it, splash on a little perfume or cologne.

One other item to note that it often forgotten about even with a shower is your breath. When we are even slightly dehydrated our breath smells even less pleasant. Brush your teeth or chew some gum en-route to your next destination.

Sometimes your daily self-cleaning routine gets shortened or tossed aside so you can actually participate in life. Showering and washing your hair has not always been a daily (or twice daily) occurrence in society. A little break (even a few short hours off schedule) can be good for your skin and can make you appreciate the super-clean culture we are lucky enough to be living in. Plus going for a run always outranks taking a shower.