Oakley Radar EV

The Oakley Radar EV blends high-end performance with a slimmer and more understated frame that is ideal for cyclists, runners, or any outdoor adventurer that needs to keep their vision clear and sharp.

It boasts a comfortable three-point frame, tall lenses that will not obstruct your vision, and plenty of venting to prevent your lenses from ever fogging up!

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Pros & Cons
PRIZM road lenses help users identity hazards clearly
O-Matter frames are flexible and incredibly durable
Vented panels on the top and sides of frames reduce fogging
Available in many color options
HDO transform your vision into high-definition
Taller lenses boost top peripheral vision
Sleek and slim design
Lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear all-day
Key Features
Key Features

The Oakley Radar EV is built for cyclists, but the understated frames and comfortable fit are perfect for runners as well. Whether you are cycling, running, hiking, climbing, or just enjoying an afternoon on the lake, these frames are built to contour to your face and boost your vision while also protecting your eyes.

One of the things that makes the Radar EV unique is that the lenses sit a little bit higher on your face than regular shades. This sleek design choice means that no matter how your move your head, these lenses will provide 100 percent unobstructed vision no matter how much your move.

Other shades with shallow lenses only work when your face is pointed straight ahead and create blind spots when you need to cock your head at an angle. The Radar EV, on the other hand, is designed for high-impact workouts that always demand unobstructed vision.

Overall, I would recommend these sunglasses for anyone that likes to train in highly-congested urban areas where keeping a keen eye on your surrounding will help keep you safe. The PRIZM Road lenses are specifically designed to filter out urban light for crystal-clear vision.


What’s great about the Oakley Radar EV is that while the lenses help to protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, they also work to boost your vision clarity as well. Budget-friendly sunglasses simply shade your vision to reduce glare and squinting, but these lenses work a little bit differently.

Made with Oakley’s patented HDO (High Definition Optics) technology, these lenses transform standard definition vision into ultra HD!

HDO works by organizing light into one central spot on your eye to provide a sharper image. With non-HDO lenses, your eyes need to work overtime to organize light that comes from multiple positions, which can cause your vision to appear washed out and the world around you doesn’t look as sharp and clear.

In addition to HDO, these lenses are also treated with Oakley’s PRIZM technology. PRIZM Road lenses are specifically targeted for outdoor athletes that need to have a sharp eye for potential hazards on the road ahead. PRIZM road lenses boost green and blue hues that are specifically designed for urban areas.

For wooded areas, the PRIZM Trail lenses are more ideal for low-light wooded areas and make it easier to pick up tree roots and rocks.


The frame of the Oakley Radar EV is composed of O-Matter for a lightweight feel and flexible fit. Instead of utilizing basic plastic that won’t bend or flex (especially in cooler temperatures), O-matter is made from patented Nylon composite materials that are a little more pliable than your average plastics frames.

When compared back-to-back with budget-friendly sunglasses, these frames are able to take quite a beating. Users found that they won’t crack or break when dropped on the ground, and can be tossed into a backpack without running the risk of damaging the frames. The very pliable frames allow these shades to bend easily, which prevents them from breaking when tossing them into your pack.

Users also loved that these frames are incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at just 28 grams, you may even forget that you are wearing these frames as you work out! If you are on the hunt for the lightest frames that Oakley has to offer, the EVZero clocks in at just 22 ounces, but doesn’t quite sport the advanced performance features of the Radar EV.


The Oakley Radar EV is the type of frame that sits so well against your face that you may even forget that you are even wearing sunglasses! So, what is it about these frames that make them so incredibly comfortable?

These frames sport Oakley’s three-point fit that only touches your face in three places: your nose, and the sides of your face.

Limiting the contact that these make with your face reduces the chances of the frames rubbing your face raw when engaging in high-intensity activities.

What I also love about these frames is that the Radar EV utilizes even more Unbtanium than previous versions.

Unobtanium is Oakley’s patented rubber compound that grips your face without digging into your skin and provides a nice and comfortable fit.

These frames are fitting with ample Unobstanoum around the ears, and a nice and padded nose bridge that prevents the glasses from sliding down your face as you start to sweat.


Cycling glasses have quite the reputation of being big and blocky. While this style boosts performance and the quality of your vision, it’s hard to get excited about sunglasses that are inching into cataract eyewear territory.

If you are on the hunt for cycling shades that are a little less bulky while still keeping your vision crisp and clear, these frames are a great choice.

What I also love about the understated style of these frames is that they are also offered in a myriad of color options. Whether you prefer neutral tones such as black, gray, or white, the Radar EV has you covered.

If you gravitate more towards bright and punchy colors, my personal favorite is the 1980’s inspired Poseidon/Prizm Road combination!


The downside to the Oakley Radar EV is that it is one of their more expensive designs. While it’s not the most expensive (looking at you, Elite C Six!), it will take a pretty sizable chunk out of your bank account.

However, for those on the hunt for premium sunglasses that will hold up quite well over the years, these frames are an investment worth making.

They say that you get what you pay for, and that rings especially true when it comes to sunglasses. Sure, these shades may pack a wallop of a price tag, but few sunglasses out there on the market perform quite as well as the Oakley Radar EV.

Plus, their strong and durable frames may be the last pair of sunglasses that you will ever need to buy!
Comparison to Oakley Radar
The Radar series was released in 2006, and since then Oakley has updated these frames to keep up with the times.

The original Radar hosted a very similar style to the newer Radar EV, but it lacked many of the high-end performance features.

Overall, Oakley gathered up many of the complaints that athletes had with the original Radar, and implemented these changes with the Radar EV.

Another great product we reviewed is the Oakley Kato, so make sure to check it out as well.

This newest design in the Radar lineup provides users with more Unobtanium on the sidearms to provide a more solid and comfortable fit. The original Radar really nailed the comfortable fit on the nose bridge, so Oakley left it alone.

Oakley also tinkered with the design of the lenses as well. The lenses on the EV are slightly taller and sit higher up on your face. If your head is pointed down to the grown, the top of the lenses will not block your vision. They are also built with more vents along the top of the frames and the sides to prevent fogging.

These frames are also a few ounces lighter, and boat more aerodynamic cut-outs in the frames for a comfortable and lightweight fit to your face. The changes are very subtle, but make a world of difference on those long training days!
The Oakley Radar EV (Expanded View) is noted as being one of the best cycling glasses out there on the market. It boasts a more streamlined frame that isn’t quite as bulky as other frames that shift more into face-shield territory, yet they still provide unobstructed and crystal clear vision with insanely comfortable frames.

If you are on the hunt for frames that provide the quality of vision as cycling frames without all of the extra bulk, these sunglasses are a great choice!

While the frames are insanely lightweight and comfortable, the real claim to fame of the Oakley Radar EV is the PRIZM road lenses.

These lenses are built specifically with urban athletes in mind. If you love cycling or running in busy urban areas, the blue and green filtering of the PRIZM Road lenses allows users to see road hazards more clearly than if you weren’t wearing sunglasses at all.

With vented panels on the top and sides of the frames, Unobtanium rubber grips that stay in place, and a lightweight and durable frame, these sunglasses prove to be worth every penny!
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