Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Adidas Outdoor Terrex Product Showcase

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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Adidas Outdoor Terrex Product Showcase Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Adidas Outdoor Terrex Product Showcase www.runnerclick.com

There’s so much to say about Adidas and how they’ve really embedded themselves deep into the world of athleticism. I had a chance to stop by their Outdoor Terrex brand’s booth at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market event in Salt Lake City Utah to get an update on the shoes that us outdoor runners will find fascinating, and see some of the models we already know & love up close.


We all love a shoe that can handle what the terrain can throw at us and Adidas Outdoor Terrex is really revolutionizing what it means to have traction ability. From mountain running shoes to more of an every day running style, you can find your fix here. On their footwear they have incorporated top of the line tire profiles from Continental, the #1 manufacturer of mountain bike and race-car tires. With that experience and success you will get performance you can trust. Good luck slipping with these.

Here’s some of what I got to see.

Terrex Skychaser

Of course with a mountain purpose running shoe you can’t leave it with standard laces that would be vulnerable to the rough terrain. With the Skychaser you have a Kevlar quick lace system, but its durability doesn’t stop there. Also featured is an aggressive outsole made from the Continental mountain bike tire material mentioned above and placed into a full boost midsole platform. This isn’t your everyday flexible shoe so you will find it a bit stiff with the support needed to tackle the mountainous and  rocky terrain that it’s made for. Here you get the protection, support and traction you will need for that.


Terrex Agravic

The Agravic is one of the more popular trail running shoes from Adidas Terrex. It features a less pronounced Continental outsole also fitted onto a full boost platform. Because this shoe isn’t made for the more extreme mountainous terrain as the Skychaser, but rather for the more casual trail, it has a standard, less durable lacing system. The upper is one piece, comprised of thermoplastic polyurethane laminate, and you can get this shoe in either Gore-Tex or non gore-Tex as shown below. If you love a good trail shoe, but don’t intend to go all-out, you may want to look into this one.



Non Gore-Tex


Terrex Trailmaker

Here you will notice some slight similarities to other shoes in the Terrex arsenal. Some features are just too effective to leave solely to one release. I suppose it helps to mix it up a bit to see what the users prefer. Here you have kevlar quicklaces for that rough running and a low profile Continental outsole. This time you’re dealing with a two-piece upper, with thermoplastic polyurethane utilized in the overlay. The shoe is wider set than others you may see from Terrex and has a six millimeter ramp angle. Overall, the Trailmaker is known as a great shoe for those who like to hit more distance on their runs.


Agravic Speed

We all love to see what’s new. Here’s a 2017 release which also features their staple Continental outsole, lower profile, with an easy sock-like upper material for those who like a more comfortable, conforming & seamless fit. Overall, this is a simplistic design on a very soft and flexible platform. Personally, I love an adaptive upper and tend to lean more toward shoes with less stiffness. I’m curious to see more of this shoe.


Response Trail

Here’s a classic for those who stick with the old that works and shy off from the newer products. The response trail is one of the first successful trail shoes that were put out and feature a Continental outsole that is more aggressive than most that you see here. Although with this shoe, the aggressiveness of the outsole doesn’t come with a hard covered upper, but rather a more toned down sock-like material as shown in the Agravic Speed. Along with that you get a pronounced, cushioned boost midsole to keep you pushing hard from the ground up.


With Adidas Terrex, you don’t only get shoes. You get outdoor clothing and gear to keep your performance up while venturing into the harsh environments around you.


Make sure you’re ready next time you go out, and always stay equipped and prepared. These companies are here to provide you what you need to do so. Just make sure to get the full reviews because as we all know, some products are just more effective than others.


We want to see to it that you get the right gear for your needs and are safe from the ground up, starting from the ground. We feel shoes are, although not the only important piece of gear, one of the most important.


The right shoes protect your feet which are susceptible to easy damage by constant pounding on the ground, so that is why we emphasize the need to select them more carefully. Adidas Terrex seems to be doing a great job in producing these effective shoes for running for all particular occasions but more-so for those who really like to get out there and pound the dirt. Will the colder months stop you? Choose your gear right, and you won’t need to stay inside.