Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Brooks Product Showcase

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showcase of brooks gear at OR in 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Brooks Product Showcase www.runnerclick.com

It’s safe to say Brooks is dedicated to producing quality clothing, shoes and accessories. As a consumer that runs and likes what they offer, I can personally vouch for that. If you haven’t tried out their products, you may want to. That is, if you are a runner too. Who are they? Brooks is a company that makes running products, but chances are you already knew that.

I had a chance to check out some pretty interesting stuff that will be coming out soon and some that can already be purchased. Here’s a preview of some of the great products you can expect to see on shelves, racks and possibly your closet in 2017.

Glycerin 15 running shoe

This is a highly advanced road running shoe made for those who want more comfort on their runs. It features a plush upper with 3D stretch print overlay for structure and a comfort collar for maximum cushioning on that rub rash susceptible area. I’m particularly fond of the comfort collar. If you’ve ran a thousand and one miles you will know the significance of this feature, and how much it sucks to have a rash form on a shoe with a rough collar. I don’t see that happening here. In fact, I can clearly see it won’t. I have tried the Glycerin 14 myself and have to say, I’m pretty excited about the model’s newest installment.


Ghost 10 running shoe

The Ghost 10 is another running shoe from Brooks with an emphasis on cushioning. The great thing is, those who love the previous version will love this updated installment just as well. They stayed loyal to their Ghost line and did not change what the shoe was, but rather incorporated features which advanced how it already performed. On the 10 you have a shoe with a one-piece engineered mesh upper with larger, more pronounced holes for better breathability. I love a breathable shoe. I think we all should. It also features their 3D stretch print overlay to give that added structure to the upper and an external heel counter as well. Ghost runners, keep an eye out. The 10 is coming.


Revel running shoe

This is a completely new model that Brooks will be releasing in 2017 and is made for those who want a versatile shoe that can handle the miles, but can also perform through other types of active sessions, crossfit and even yoga if you so choose to partake in these activities. Take this shoe to the gym, or hit the road with it. The revel is a fully cushioned shoe that features a flatknit upper, which is a first for Brooks in their line of shoes. It has a fairly modest design made for versatility and best of all, it will retail at only $100.00! I’m excited for this one.


Launch 4 running shoe | Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoe

Here we have two models from Brooks that are currently available for purchase, but have been revamped to offer runners a fresh new style. New to the Adrenaline GTS 17, and Launch 4 is a first for Brooks, an inclusion of circular knit on the upper. This offers a great aesthetic appeal and those who look forward to new styles of their favorite running shoes will want to check these out. They will stay true to the same performance GTS 17 or Launch 4 runners know and love, but you will now  be able to get them with circular knit and new color options.

Brooks Launch 4


Adrenaline GTS 17


PureGrit 6 trail running shoe

Yes, something for the trail runners appetite! I’m a multi-terrain runner and like to do a bit of everything, but nothing’s more enjoyable than hitting a trail and really testing your endurance out there. For that you will need a shoe that will endure what you can. The PureGrit 6 has a shorter midsole so you’re closer to the ground but gives a much better range of flexibility because it. The midsole and outsole stay true to PureGrit runners. On the outsole you get the multi-directional traction with a double-lug added to the more susceptible to damage areas around the edges, helping to prevent any breakaway of the lugs that may occur.  On the upper you get updated protection by way of their 3D print rubberized overlay which is also incorporated into a mudguard at the outer and inner side of the shoe.


Cascadia 12 Gore-Tex trail running shoe

More for the world of trail running! Let’s get into the Cascadia. As we all know, or perhaps not if you are new to trail running, the Cascadia is a great trail runner that can be easily appreciated for it’s traction and overall ability to tackle trail terrain. However, Brooks are now giving us the Cascadia 12 that we all know and love, now with the well-known Gore-Tex Material incorporated into it for maximum protection against the environment. We waited, and it’s finally coming! As a person who doesn’t mind getting mud on my shoes, but hates the feeling of it inside, i’m extra anxious for this installment and seeing how it performs out there.


Adrenaline ASR 14 trail running shoe

Trail running is popular enough, right? So let’s not end it with only two trail runners. Here we have the Adrenaline ASR 14. This is a trail runner that has been built off the same effective midsole & outsole technology as the Adrenaline GTS road runner, so you can be confident the support and performance is there. Of course with a trail runner you need a more aggressive outsole to handle the environment and that is one of the inclusions here. It’s is not super aggressive and you should be able to perform off and on trail to asphalt. The upper is water resistant without being fully shrouded with Gore-Tex Material so you get a nice balance of protection and breathability.


Shoes, shoes, shoes shoes and more shoes! Yes, shoes are great, but what about the other stuff?

Brooks isn’t only about shoes. They are about everything running. That includes tops, jackets, briefs, sports bras, and more. Check them out.

 Juno Sports Bra

The Juno sports bra is a very popular performance piece with great feedback that can be used by runners, but also for all other athletic purposes just as well. The thickness of the shoulder straps has been updated and they also feature a much softer material. The strap is adjustable as needed, easily done from the front for convenience, and the cross point of the strap on the back side has been raised up more toward the shoulders, giving more of an opening at the bottom portion enabling easier on-and-off motion. The cups are perforated for better breathability and special fabric has been added in sweat zones to allow effective drainage.


FineForm Sports Bra

Adjustable slider straps for a more tailored fit, more appealing neck line, cross back conversion clips for added support, and a very comfortable performance bra that the ladies will love. This is the Fineform by Brooks.


Cascadia Shorts

Rip stop fabric, waterproof secure zip pocket with a drainage port & a short that you can wear and feel free in. That’s what the Cascadia short is all about. Trail runners, you will love this piece and you no longer have to deal with flotation pockets when you decide to jump into the lake on your runs. Tired of getting snagged on branches and ending up with a rip that only expands as you continue your run? Well, the rip stop fabric will ensure that does not happen. Pair these with a nice trail running shoe, and get out there.


Cascadia Shell

With great water-resistant fabric and a simplistic, easy to pack design you have a very handy outer shell here. Nobody likes to get caught unprepared in flash downpours but they do happen and when you can quickly pull out a layer that will keep you dry, that’s a great thing. The Cascadia shell completely folds into itself, and stores in it’s own front pocket, which then allows for securing via carabiner for easy access. Additionally, you have a “turtle shell” design to accommodate for the size of your pack so that it fits easily over, which also allows for quick and easy use. Ditch your rain cover as it’s now an extra item you no longer need. Convenience is key, and I personally love the features here.


Brooks has a lot more great water resistant jackets and outer wear to show spanning from their LSD jacket that can already be purchased to their Cascadia thermal jacket and thermal vest that you can watch out for.

LSD jacket

This is a jacket that is already out and so happens that I own one myself. I do appreciate the simplistic feel of this jacket. It is not breathable, but will keep you dry effectively when the day decides to sprinkle a bit your way. It’s lightweight and easy. For those that like to keep it simple, what more can you ask for? It’s a great piece that I use quite a bit and can personally recommend. New styles are always great, so I may just have to look into getting a new one.


Cascadia thermal jacket | Cascadia thermal vest

These are two great cold weather pieces by Brooks that will keep you warm on your runs. It comes as a vest and as a traditional jacket. They are water resistant as you would assume, and use the same fabric utilized in some of their other popular jackets. To me, their style and overall aesthetics are always favorable. I really like the look of this jacket and the vest is quite the looker itself, but more so appreciate the performance features incorporated. For greater movement ability you have their greenlight stretch woven fabric included in those critical areas. This fabric is also very soft so it adds to the overall comfort, but also gives a level of breathability which you will find quite pleasant.

Cascadia thermal jacket


Cascadia thermal vest

The vest is made with the same effective features the jacket has. This is a good looking piece that will have you out running when others are inside waiting for the cold weather to blow over. Just make sure to check out other thermal options from brooks so you are properly layered.


More outer wear to look out for from Brooks




Layering up! Yes, that’s very important. We outlined some jackets above, but how about some particular thermal wear.

Threshold hoodie

I love balaclava’s and this is another awesome piece. Aside from looking like a ninja warrior, you can layer this with your jacket and stay as cozy as the guy or gal that decided to stay home thanks to it’s brushed fabric on the insides which will keep you warm. It’s wind protection flat based material on the outer will ensure you are protected well from those cold gusts that come your way. On the back is a more breathable woven fabric which allows for regulation of temperature and breathability. This is great because the back isn’t an area that will be pummeled by the wind, so they take advantage of that with this neat feature. Now, only the men’s comes with the balaclava. With the women’s version, you get a nice stand that perfectly shelters the neck as you can also see below.

Men’s Threshold



Women’s Threshold


I have to say, I really enjoyed taking a look into what they have in store for us runners. I really do appreciate the effort they put into their clothing, shoes & running gear, and for the fact they consider feedback to further improve what they offer. If you don’t already know of their products from a hands-on perspective, definitely give them a try. Everyone has particular preferences and you may just find yours here. They have much to offer, and their values are in the right place. They are a running company, making products for us runners. Keep warm out there and and keep active!