Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Columbia Sportswear | CW-X | Lorpen | CEP Product Overview

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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Columbia Sportswear | CW-X | Lorpen | CEP Product Overview Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Columbia Sportswear | CW-X | Lorpen | CEP Product Overview www.runnerclick.com

Performance wear is essential to any athlete, runners included. We need the proper clothing to help keep is dry upon perspiration, provide comfort for those grueling workout sessions, and not be a burden as we need to put our focus elsewhere. Thankfully, there are companies producing the performance wear that we need to effectively get through our workouts and runs comfortably, effectively and without complication. Here’s some performance wear we got to check out at Outdoor Retailer 2017 from three different companies.

Columbia Sportswear


Columba Sportswear has a new pair of performance briefs hitting shelves Fall 2017. They feature Columbia’s omni-wick technology – hence the name – and are great for all athletic purposes including running.


You also get an elastic, rubber waistband for an easy, accommodating and comfortable fit.


The omni-wick technology here is said to keep your body temperature down by one to two degrees


Omni-Wick Diamond Mesh

This model has their omni-wick technology but with diamond mesh for a textured feel. It’s not a super compressed fit and leaves you with ample room to breath properly.

omni-wick-diamond-columbia omni-wick-diamond-mesh-columbia

Columbia Sportswear Video Overview


CW-X incorporates the idea on kinesiology tape directly into their performance tights. This concept enables proper movement in critical areas such as the knee joints. This  is supposed to help in preventing expense of unnecessary energy outward, so you get more forward propulsion.


This model is made specifically for joint support. This stems from an KT type overlay starting from the knees and going upward through the IT band and also providing support for the hips.



Endurance Pro

This model put focus on all major muscle groups and has a support band that goes all the way across the quads, comes around the back to the hamstrings and also provides support in the hips as shown in the previous model.



Endurance Generator

This model encompasses aspects of both above models and combines them into one. The support band here targets all major muscle groups, knees joints, IT band for an all around secure fit.


CW-X Video Overview


T3 Active & Wintersport Collection

This trail performance sock is based on their exclusive technology, dubbed T3. There are three different types of yarn incorporated here. The inner is made out of Coolmax polyester, a hydrophobic material that absorbs sweat and brings it to the outside for effective evaporation. The middle layer is made of Tencel, which assists the inner layer in keeping the moisture off the skin. The you have an outer reinforcement layer in the area that is under constant pressure and prone to rip


These are made for trail running and ultra marathon purposes and are supposed to effectively control perspiration and prevent blisters, while resisting any tearing that may occur to to extensive friction.


Again, you have a three layer cushioning so the sock is fairly padded. But, you can also get an ultralight version with less cushion.


There are many color variations to fit your style, mood and location from more vivid colors to more basic schemes.


Lorpen Video Overview

CEP Compression

CEP has some new products coming out for Fall of 2017. If you like what their company has to offer, you certainly want to check out these new installments.

Night Run

This sock is full length and covers the whole calve, compressed just above the ankle and tapers upward allowing blood to be pushed back up toward the heart. This is the functionality of compression socks.


It also features a reflective design going down the back-side in order to reflect car lights so drivers can see you in night conditions where they would otherwise be unable to.


Here’s a lower cut version of the same type of sock. Again, you get the compression but without the added portion over the calves. This lower cut style does not have the reflective ability as the full length one.


Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

This sleeve specifically covers and targets the plantar complex towards the back of your foot’s arch for extra support. It can be worn as is, or with socks.


With the cushioned materials, it’s best these are worn directly to the skin and not over socks, but if socks are to be worn with, should be worn over.


CEP Compression Video Overview

So there you have it, some performance wear you may want to check out this year. Of course, RunnerClick wouldn’t leave you without in depth test and reviews of these products, and any other’s that hit the shelves. Look out for those soon and in the meantime check out our massive database of other product reviews!