Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Hoka One One Product Showcase

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I was very fortunate to be able to catch up with Hoka One One at their booth and see everything they had up on display. Their booth was very well lit, and caught my eye as soon as I turned the corner. Once I seen the big bold letters of their logo, I said to myself “found you”! I own a pair of their new ATR 3’s, so I was glad when they accepted my proposal for an “over the counter” segment on the shoe. Not only did I get a great overview on it, but also a segment on their upcoming SpeedGoat 2, and Hupana. You can see the overview of this trio below.


Not so fast!

Before getting into the featured shoes, I think it’s worth noting their unique style, for those not yet familiar with Hoka One One. By style, I don’t mean the wide variety of color options you will see. I’m referring to the design template they base their shoes off of. It’s quite unique, and more pronounced on some models than others. Pick up a Hoka One One and you will immediately notice their pronounced, easily distinguishable midsole, especially in hoka-one-one-heel-bulkthe heel area. This staple platform design is not for looks, although does give a unique one. The midsole is designed for stability, and gives a good amount of separation from the ground and foot. So it has a cushioning factor as well. It’s also lightweight and responsive, so you get a package of performance for the bulky look.

Now, I do own and really like their new ATR 3’s, but I’m still fairly new to their line-up in general. From what I seen, the design aspect mentioned above was a trend in most, if not all their shoes to some degree. What do I think about it? Well, I tested the ATR 3. it’s effectiveness in shock absorption and overall comfort was enough to sell me on that particular shoe. I actually wore it to the show (planning on doing some trail running in Utah afterwards that didn’t quite play out). I’m a bit on the fence about the visual, but it’s definitely growing on me.


 Ok, enough of that, let’s get into what we came to see. Some cool shoes, with performance rich features.

Challenger ATR 3

As mentioned above, I really like this shoe. It’s very comfortable and handles trail terrain well. It’s an all-terrain, lightweight, highly cushioned running shoe, made with diversity in mind. You can take this on your trail runs, where the aggressive outsole will come into play or keep to the road where it’s flat lugs will give more surface room to effectively grip the asphalt. You have a more accommodating, supportive, breathable fit of the upper on an EVA, super cushioned platform. It is out now, and retailing at $130.00.

Make sure to check out our full review and if you’ve tried the shoe, let us know what you think!

Challenger ATR 3 In-Depth Test and Review (Link)


Just look at that lug profile!


SpeedGoat 2

With the speedgoat 2 you get a shoe with their pronounced, cushioned EVA midsole that Hoka One One runners are familiar with in a package designed for those trails that make you really consider the details. The outsole profile is aggressive, with Vibram megagrip sticky rubber for the grip and grab factor you will need out there. For even better traction hoka-one-one-breathability-supportthey’ve included multi-directional lugs that will make slipping a thing of the past. The upper is made of engineered mesh with open weave in the forefoot area but more closed toward the back, and an overlay toward the bottom for protection, giving ample breathability but not sacrificing structure and support. Combined, these factors leave you with a shoe that will be great on technical trails.

The SpeedGoat 2 will be available in July, and retail at $150.00.


Look at that outsole profile! Vibram megagrip rubber for sticky traction, and aggressive lug pattern. You’ll find this useful out there.



Here’s another recent release, the Hupana! This is a speed shoe, made for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and do road running but may not want to get too technical. The midsole in comprised entirely of RMAT material, a responsive rubber injected EVA for a very unique, smooth ride. Although flat, you still notice their staple design, more pronounced, especially in the heel area. Here, you don’t have a full blow lug system as you see in their hupana-flat-profiletrail models, but instead a flat profile for those who want a less aggressive feel to their shoes. With the removal of any extra material, you also get the benefit of less weight. The breathability factor is definitely up to par here, with an engineered mesh construction where you need it most and  more structured in the areas where more support is needed, but overall keeps a soft feel even in the support based areas.


The Hupana is available now, and retailing at $115.00


As you can see here, the midsole profile is very flat, almost like a sandal. If you want a very smooth ride with less bulk, this is a good option.


Hoka One One Product Overview: Video

 So there you have it. One great event, a booth full of their best shoes, and an overview of their latest! Keep an eye out for updates, and we hope to be reviewing much more of their shoes in the future.