Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: La Sportiva Product Overview

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La Sportiva – So many great things I can say about their shoes. In fact, the first ever pair of legitimate trail running shoes I had was one of theirs. Needless to say, I loved them and was introduced to the world of trail running shoes in a big way. They have a hardy line-up with many models to sift through and consider for your specific running style and probably too much to see for those who had limited time at the event.

I had a chance to stop by and secure some quality time for a breakdown of some of their top shoes at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market event in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had tons of shoes, so had to pick and choose the right one’s to get a segment on. We went with the Helios 2.0, Helios SR and the Crossover 2.0. Why, because these are overall great releases and RunnerClick will be in-depth testing and reviewing them ourselves so make sure you stay tuned in for that!


From aggressive lug patterns to gaiter infused upper’s, you will likely find exactly what you need from them. Now, you won’t be finding most of your casual running shoes here, and if you want something simply road, you may have a hard time. Although they do make road-to-trail type shoes, they’re best in durable, mountainous, rough trail specific running shoes for pulling through outdoor environments. Well, at least that’s why I like their shoes, and the way I view them. That’s not to say their road features are not there, because they are when they do focus on it as you will see with the Helios 2.0 covered below, and some others. Again, to me, these are all great trail running shoes,  some of them are good cross-over road runners, then you have the extreme mountain runners.

We are talking about “running” shoes here.


Let’s get into what you can expect from these three model’s.

Helios 2.0

Here’s a trail running shoe that can also be utilized to hit the road effectively. They call it a door-to-trail running shoe because, well, you can fair well in stepping out your door, skipping the car, and running straight to your favorite trail. It’s made to respond well for that road action and has an outsole incorporated with easier, non-aggressive lugs which give a good balance of effectiveness between the two terrain types. It’s not as “built” or stable as some of their more rough style shoes, with the heel counter removed so you get a lightweight, flexible, diverse runner. The upper is highly breathable, allowing proper drainage and features their speed lacing system. You’re looking at a four millimeter midsole offset here. The Helios 2.0 is out now, so make sure to check it out, and stay tuned. RunnerClick will have a full test and review up soon.


Helios SR

The SR is an effective trail running shoe based off the design that makes the 2.0 what it is, with incorporated features to perform well in the purpose of trail racing. You get an upper with a unique visual stlye, but when it comes to practical features, you’re not left lacking at all. The outsole is more solid, versus the flexibility the 2.0 exhibits for the purpose of it’s road capabilities, thus gearing the SR towards a better trail running experience. On the inside, underfoot, you have an additional endurance platform , EVA layer, that spans the full length of the shoe to provide more cushioning and protection, which also alters the overall offset and height of the midsole.


The outsole features a sticky rubber on the forefoot area for maximum traction and grip out there, with a harder rubber unit on the heel area where you wouldn’t need as much emphasis on flexibility. You’re looking at a lower midsole offset of two millimeters with the overall weight of the shoe coming in at eight ounces.

Good to know! Right?


The Helios SR is also out now for purchase. Go ahead and check it out. Stay tuned. RunnerClick will have a full test and review up soon!


Crossover 2.0

Winter running sounds great, but not when you find yourself stuck in the snow without the proper gear. Your footwear is crucial, so make sure you have the right selection. I’m glad to have been able to get up-close with Crossover 2.0. This is my personal favorite of the lineup. it has made such a great impression that I may just go out and get a pair for my own personal use. This is a shoe will allow for effective running during the winter months and even post-holing if need be. As you can clearly see, they feature a full-zip gaiter with a 4-way stretch membrane. The gaiter will keep any snow or water out the inner of the shoe, and makes for convenience, versus having a separate piece to deal with, as it is incorporated into the design of the shoe. The heel and gaiter are perfectly combined so you get very easy off-and-on action. The upper features a gore-tex bootie coverage and toe protection by way of a Uretech guard. The outsole is made with their most aggressive lug pattern and as it’s specific for the winter months, also accepts their screw on hobnails for the traction you will need on icy conditions.


The Crossover 2.0 is also currently available! If you need a diverse running shoe for a plethora of extreme conditions, definitely look into it. We will also have a full test and review of this shoe up soon, so look out for that as well!


So there you have it! This is what La Sportiva currently has available for those looking into shoes that can deal with the winter conditions, but also may want something for less harsh conditions. I took a look at what they had, and was quite impressed. I would recommend at least looking into their lineup and just holding a pair to get the feel of what they are. Put them on if you like them, and wear them out if they fit. The quality and attention to detail is there and I’m even more excited to get these fully reviewed.

They did have much more on display and in their arsenal, so keep an eye out for future installments .

I want to thank the folks at La Sportiva’s booth at 2017’s OR event for their time and overview. I’m looking forward to covering much more in the future. I enjoyed learning more about their shoes from an inside perspective and the technological features they offer to runners.