Latest Eyewear From Popticals & Under Armour

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An article on Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Under Armour | Popticals Product Overview Latest Eyewear From Popticals & Under Armour

As a huge fan of sunglasses I didn’t want to miss stopping by these two booths at the Outdoor Retailer event. Not only can a good pair of sunglasses shield your eyes from the onslaught of the sun rays in the summer months, but can also prevent the reflection of the sunlight from causing snow-blindness in the winter months. I can’t think of the last time I wen’t out without a pair, so was glad to see some new options to look into. Here we have an overview from two companies, Under Armour and Popticals.

Under Armour Eyewear

Under Armour provides a plethora of performance clothing, so it’s no suprise that they also include eyewear in their inventory. They have a large line of updated sunglasses coming out, but let’s take a look at the octane below.

Octane Sport Performance Sunglasses

UA Sunglasses feature their Armour Site lenses, which are anatomically true and give a wider range of peripheral vision. This helps you see everything, not just what’s in front of you and I got to admit, they look pretty darn cool!


Another of their features is the auto-grip rubber temples. This allows a custom fit, versus having firm plastic arms with no ability to bend. This means they will conform to your head shape, and not pinch as they are softer than traditional temples. They are made of co-molded rubber which ensures durability and proper performance.


For an even better, more accommodating all around fit, they included adjustable nose-pads. This allows for them to sit comfortably, no matter what your facial structure is. This is great as I sometimes have issues with the nose pads in particular. Sometimes they sit too high, and sometimes they don’t feel as if they’re actually there. You can adjust the fit by three clicks in either direction to fix that.


So, you get an all-around adjustable fit with the ability to see more of your surroundings. The aesthetics are great and the performance features seem to match.


I can look into my closet and find several Under Armour products but I don’t yet own any of their sunglasses and am eager to see how they perform out in the field. When it comes to my shades, i’m very picky. I can’t wait to get some test and reviews set up and put in depth results out. Stay tuned for that!

Under Armour Sunglasses Video Overview


We have something really neat and innovative here. So, all of us who wear sunglasses know what it’s like to have them become very annoying when it comes time to remove them. You can wear them up-top your head, and that’s the usual solution, or you can now put them safely away without the bulkiness of a large case, and not have to worry about them getting smashed or falling off if worn loosely above your forehead.

Pop-Out Sunglasses

Popticals has a wide range of models and styles to choose from, all featuring their staple fold-up design. Aside from what they already have out, there are also three new releases that I had the chance to take a look at, but before we go into that, lets go over their general product some more.


As you can see, aside form the different versions, there are also coloar variations. The looks change up quite a bit from one model to another, but overall, they are well designed.


What’s a pair of nice looking sunglasses without a good set of lenses? Popticals are made with Carl Zeiss lenses. Who is he, or what is that? Well, if you don’t already know, he’s an optical genius, creating everything from camera lenses to sunglass lenses as you see here. The lenses are hydrophibic, oil and water resistant!


The real innovation here is their ability to fold up to fit almost anywhere when it comes time to packing them away! You can easily store them in the specifically designed case, which is very compact and protective, plus you can even clip it onto you backpack or belt loop via carabiner for convenient carrying or ease of access when needed. Best of all, it’s almost seamless. I was confused when I was told they could be broken down and fit into the case. I looked at the pairs and thought, well, if I try I’m probably going to break them, but no. They aren’t solid as they look at first glance. Great, right!


Here, just as you seen in the Under Armour sunglasses, the arms are very flexible. They are made up of thermoplastic which offers durability without the stiffness.


Here you can see the great aesthetic on these. We all want a great looking pair of sunglasses aside from their performance features. So, a pair that doesn’t look great on you doesn’t go far. These are very cool looking. There are plenty of shades I wouldn’t wear but I would wear these out, no problem.


Here you can see just how small they fold up. Look at how compact that carrying case is. I mean, you can pretty much fit this anywhere, unlike your traditional case.


The New

At the show, Popticals unveiled three new models, all of very different styles but still holding onto their signature design. Let’s take a look!

Pop Air

These fashionably designed sunglasses are a choice for those who enjoy the aviator style!


Pop H2O

Although not specifically made for athletic purposes, it’s still a worthy mention. These sunglasses are styled for those who enjoy days on the river.


Pop Storm

No specific use here, just an extraordinary design, made to go anywhere for however you want to use them.


Although popticals aren’t all athletic based sunglasses, they do have some particularly great choices for runners. I hope to be able to try some of them out myself, and give a personal perspective and in-depth review of them. Keep a look out!

Popticals Video Overview

There you have it, some very cool shades from two brands that are looking to push out the best performing products as possible for us consumers. If you like what you see here, let me know. We will have in depth test and reviews froom a few on the Under Armour lines up soon, and perhaps some test wear for the Popticals so stay tuned if you want an users Perspective on these items!