Petzl NAO+ Headlamp

Have you been looking forward to and training for an ultra marathon race? Maybe you're still not sure about it but have been thinking about it pretty hard. Whether you've got a race around the corner or you're gearing up for one, it's important to outfit yourself with the right kind of gear. If you'll be running a race longer than a marathon, it's entirely possible that you'll find yourself running in the evening hours and depending on the time of year, that can mean low light or pitch black darkness. A headlamp is an essential piece of gear for anyone who plans to run in the dark. It provides not only light but safety by ensuring you can see and be aware of your surroundings. Even if you're just a nighttime city runner, a headlamp can be a valuable tool that can provide you with extra confidence as you take to the streets under cover of darkness. Cars will be able to see a bouncing light ahead and know to watch out for you. The Petzl NAO+ Headlamp is a high tech headlamp that's suitable for tech-geeks and newbies alike. It's easy to use and has plenty of features to suit various needs. If you've ever thought about getting yourself a headlamp, why not opt for one with Bluetooth connectivity and smart features?

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Bright light
  • Feature heavy
  • Customizable lighting
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Battery indicator
  • USB charging
  • Very impressive technology
  • Cons
    • Battery life may not be enough for some
    • A little bulky
    • Key Features
      The Petzl NAO+ Headlamp is a device for nighttime outdoor activities. It works for all kind of outdoor sports including skiing and running. An updated version of the regular Petzl NAO Headlamp, the NAO+ version works in tandem with a Bluetooth app for superior customizability of lighting modes. There's no need to fiddle with manual adjustment with the MyPetzl app.

      There's also a built-in light sensor that ensures optimum light output and adjusts according to conditions. A red light at the back of the headlamp provides extra visibility and acts as a battery indicator. It can be seen up to 1 kilometer away. Users can enable a lock mode to prevent accidental powering of the device, and there's also a reserve mode for the battery for emergency situations. The reserve time has a maximum run time of 2 hours. The light can be programmed via the app, or you can choose to rely on the headlamp's sensors. The headlamp offers two beam patterns: wide and spotlight. Each useful in different situations.

      Reviewers found the Petzl NAO+ Headlamp extremely useful. They appreciated the bright light (brighter than the previous version of the headlamp) and liked all of the extra features it came with. Something to note about this updated version is that is no longer accommodates AAA batteries in the case of an emergency. Some users were disappointed with this change.
      The strap material of the Petzl NAO+ Headlamp is comfortable against the skin, but this product doesn't have much fabric, so there's not too much need to worry about breathability. There were no complaints from users about the Petzl NAO+ Headlamp's ability to ventilate.

      Reviewers liked the way the Petzl NAO+ Headlamp fit around the head. The headlamp is actually designed so that it's easy to use and handle on the go and with gloves. The strap is stable and adjustable, and there's also a top strap to provide extra security for particularly rigorous activities.
      The Petzl NAO+ Headlamp weighs 185 grams, and the light has a range of up to 140 meters. Two LED lights emit bright light from the Petzl NAO+ Headlamp. Reviewers were impressed with the amount of light this headlamp gave off. A long battery life makes it appropriate for long-distance running events. It's perfect for ultra-marathoners doing 100-mile races that will last into the night. Although a few reviewers just weren't impressed with the battery life - an advertised maximum of 15 hours - the majority found the battery life suited them just fine. The lack of back battery option (mentioned previously) is definitely a glaring omission, though. The Petzl NAO+ Headlamp features an incredible variety of lighting modes that can be accessed via the MyPetzl app, and although it's a bit heavier than some other headlamp models, users have the option of moving the battery pack from the head to their waist with a belt attachment kit.
      The Petzl Headlamp features an IP 4X rating, which makes this device splash resistant. The headlamp is also guaranteed for a whopping three years, and the battery features a separate warranty of 1 year.
      The NAO+ Headlamp features Bluetooth connectivity and works with a Smartphone app called 'MyPetzl Light.' Users can use the app to customize lighting for different activities. The app also features four preset profiles for various activities. With the app, users can also see how much battery life they have left and allows users to monitor the amount of light run time left. The 'MyPetzl Light' app is available for Apple and Android devices. The device recharges via USB. Some users found the Bluetooth app options a bit superfluous. For those who prefer to ignore the app features the light works well without customization and Bluetooth can be disabled to conserve battery power. The headlamp is also compatible with a belt kit that allows users to swap the battery pack's location to the waist instead of on the head.
      The Headlamp is super high tech and has a sleek professional look to it. It'll make you feel like you belong in the outdoors. It's available in a single color option of red, black, and white.
      The Petzl Headlamp is a very pricey piece of equipment, but it's guaranteed for three years and is a super high tech headlamp. For many, it was worth every penny. Reviewers had no qualms about spending the money on this product. It has countless features, and it's exceptionally well designed. Its intelligent functions will help users get the most out of the product without requiring too much of a learning curve.
      Key Features
      - Bluetooth connectivity
      - Use with MyPetzl app to customize lighting modes
      - Can be used without the app
      - Reactive Lighting Tech thanks to a built-in sensor
      - Long battery life
      - Wide beam or spotlight options
      - Battery indicator (via app or on headlamp itself)
      - LOCK mechanism prevents accidental powering on and waste of battery life
      - Rechargeable (via USB)
      - Adjustable fit
      - Extra strap at top of the head lamp for even more secure fit
      Bottom Line
      The NAO+ is the perfect piece of gear for ultra runners or anyone looking to add a quality headlamp to their gear closet or drawer. Don't be left in the dark, opt for a high tech headlamp that does all the thinking for you. Via Bluetooth, the Smartphone app can tell you how much light you have left and whether you have enough battery power to light your way to your destination. Athletes can choose to create their own activity profiles, select from the four preset options, or use the light's intelligent sensor to light a path. The Petzl NAO+ Headlamp may offer more features than some need, but gadget geeks will enjoy its bevy of functions and options.
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      By Steph Coelho
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