Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100 wireless headset was designed completely for safety, allowing the buyer to avoid potential accidents as they train in high-traffic areas. It's especially ideal for those who prefer a wireless wear yet aren't comfortable using earbuds, as it prevents possible tangles yet doesn't run the risk of being lost or damaged easily. Like many of the brand's other models, it comes with a lightweight and flexible neckband and behind-the-ear design to enable a comfortable and customizable fit that stays secure throughout training. Its signature feature seems to be its Always Aware eartips, which are placed right at the entrance of the ear for great sound-quality that doesn't block out sounds from the surrounding environment. Its design is also reflective, enabling it to be seen in low-light situations to further ensure the wearer's safety. It also works along with the BackBeat app, allowing the buyer to customize their sound levels, connect to voice command, and further enhance their workouts.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Comfortable fit

-Decent battery life

-Wireless wear

-Water and sweatproof

-Great for use while cycling


-Lacks durability

-Disappointing sound quality

-Can be difficult to use

Key Features
The BackBeat Fit 2100 has been designed for both rugged environments and high-traffic areas, allowing buyers to run and train safely. Not only is it able to withstand harsh weather and moderate amounts of debris, but it also enables the wearer to hear their surroundings as they go about their routine. Both reviews and product listings have stated that this model is especially good for cycling in urban areas, since they can easily hear oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. It also comes with a built-in microphone to enable calls or voice commands, with help from the BackBeat app. And its wireless range of 33 feet means that buyers don’t have to feel completely tied down to their phone as they train. While many buyers do appreciate is safety features, however, there are still plenty out there who prefer noise-canceling earphones for their workouts. Therefore, those who prefer to train indoors or in low traffic areas might not have much need for this particular set.
Basic Features
Those who aren’t comfortable using wireless earbuds should definitely consider the BackBeat Fit 2100, as should those who train in high-traffic areas. Buyers especially appreciate this model’s behind-the-ear design, which enables it to stay put during intense training and provide a more comfortable fit. As with the brand’s similar models, it features a flexible neckband to make it easier to find and provide a more customized and secure fit. Aside from this, its most notable feature is its Always Aware eartips that are set directly over the ear opening. This enables clear-enough sound that also doesn’t block out the noises from your surroundings. Those who run or bike along busy streets or public parks can easily hear an oncoming car or a passer by, and in turn they reduce their risk of accidents. Large on-ear controls are fixed onto either side enable quick control for calls, music, and voice commands without interrupting your pace. As an added bonus, it features a reflective finish which enables it to be seen in low-light areas and further enhances the wearer's overall safety. This set also comes complete with a USB cord to enable easy charging via computer or a wall outlet. It can even be plugged into a traveling charger if the buyer is out for longer periods of time and needs a fast power-up.
Advanced Features
Buyers seem to be very happy with the BackBeat Fit 2100's wireless design, as it means that they won't run the risk of getting tangled or caught on anything as they go about their training routine. A small microphone unit is also built in to enable calls and voice command, which can be activated simply by tapping the on-ear controls. Of course, its the brand's BackBeat app that really enhances the buyer's overall workout. Of course, it allows them to better control and customize their volume, select their ideal playlist, and effortlessly connect to features such as Siri or Google Assistant. However, it also comes equipped with a timer and a stopwatch to allow them to keep better track of their overall progress. It even offers instructions for properly using the app and getting the most out of your individual workout experience.
Sound Quality
Although the BackBeat Fit 2100 might provide decent sound quality on its own, product reviews and descriptions don’t focus on this specific detail. This particular set is designed for safety, featuring Always Aware eartips to allow the buyer to hear their surroundings. Several reviewers state that this makes them perfect for cycling, as they can still hear an oncoming car or pedestrian while they listening to music. However, it does mean that its performance and fit are not meant for everyone. It is easy to recognize the benefits of hearing your surroundings, especially in areas with lots of traffic. But it can be incredibly distracting for those who prefer to zone out and let their music guide them through their workouts. It’s unclear if many reviewers were aware of this when they purchased this set, as it may or may not be the reason for some of the negative feedback.
Just like the sound quality, reviews also seem to be quite mixed when it comes to the BackBeat Fit 2100's levels of connectivity. Via the BackBeat app, it's very easy to connect it to your phone for easy an easier calling and music experience. And product listings state that its wireless range is up to 33 feet, meaning that buyers can stay on calls and continue listening to music without feeling tied down to their device. However, an alarming amount of reviewers have stated that this model stops working properly after they've had it for only a few weeks. Some have noticed called dropping or heavy amounts of static, while others claim that it stops charging altogether after some time. And, unfortunately for some buyers, there have been reports that it's not entirely compatible with android phones.
Although reviewers seem to be mixed when it comes to its durability and sound levels, they do agree that the BackBeat Fit 2100 is a very comfortable model. According to its listing on the Plantronics website, this entire set weight just about a full ounce. This means that buyers can use this without that weighed-down, cumbersome feeling that they may experience with similar models. Its behind-the-ear design, as well as the flexible neckband, allows you to adjust it in order to properly fit your unique head and ear shape. Those who wear this while cycling said that it doesn’t interfere with their helmet at all since it can be modified so easily. Its Always Aware eartips fit in comfortably without causing chafing or other forms of irritation. While there are some buyers who claim that its shape doesn’t work for them, it may have more to do with their own individual ear shape than the earphones themselves.
The BackBeat Fit 2100 is very similar in its design to some of Plantronics’ other ear sets and looks almost identical to its predecessor. Its behind-the-ear design is the same type that fans of this brand are familiar with, reassuring them that they’ll be offered a comfortable fit. And its neckband has the same thickness as before to ensure greater durability along with its lightweight and flexible structure. Those who aren't already familiar with this line will definitely appreciate this set not only for its wireless wear but also for its convenience, as it will be much harder for them to lose or break then wireless earbuds. Buyers also have four different color options to choose from, although they differ from the previous model. These options include black, blue, grey, and lava/black, depending on the buyer’s personal preferences.
The BackBeat Fit 2100 has been given an IP-57 rating, meaning its waterproof wear can hold up to heavy rainfall and even accidental drops into puddles and streams. According to a review on, this model and withstand complete submersion up to one meter. Even light-to-moderate amounts of dust and debris will prove to be no issue while outdoors. Although it was made to withstand constant use in rugged or busy environments, some reviewers have still complained that it only lasted a few weeks. Some noticed a reduction in sound quality, while others claim that it just stopped charging altogether. Although these could be manufacturing errors, proper maintenance is usually the best way to ensure that buyers can truly get their money’s worth.
Ease of Use
On the surface, the BackBeat Fit 2100 should be an easy set for buyers to use. Although it doesn't fit directly into the ear canal, its behind-the-ear design and flexible neckband enable a secure yet customized fit that can stay intact even through intense training or harsh weather. This also allows it to bend and fold up neatly for easier storage and travel while it remains sturdy. Buyers don't even have to worry about harsh weather or accidentally getting it wet since it's constructed to be both sweat-proof and waterproof. Of course, it's the BackBeat app that really allows for both easy set-up and full utilization. It even gives the buyer instructions for how to properly use their headset and all of its features. However, there are some reviewers who claim that they could not see the instructions that it was supposed to give. And the fact that it stops charging or with only work with certain outlets makes things even more difficult.
Power Source
The BackBeat Fit 2100 relies on a single USB cable in order to stay powered up. Its mainly designed to be charged via laptop or computer, but those who purchase an adapter plug can also use a wall outlet. And when they're on the go, it can easily fit into a portable charger for an easy boost. All product listings show that it gives up to seven hours of battery life while it's fully powered-up. Those who are really in a rush can charge for fifteen minutes to get a full hour of performance. Unfortunately for buyers, this is one area that seems to encounter a lot of issues. Not only are there reports of this model not charging anymore after some time, but buyers also state that it doesn't work with certain outlets.
The BackBeat Fit 2100 is listed for $100 on the Plantronics website, and it can be found at an even lower price on retailers such as eBay or Best Buy. Even though this isn’t nearly as expensive as some similar models on the market, and it can be found for even more on certain sites, some of its reviews to make buyers question how much it’s actually worth. In order to get your money’s worth, it’s important to do proper research on this particular set and determine if it really is the right one for your specific needs. Those who train along busy environments such as roadways or public parks would definitely get a great deal of use from this, as would those who aren’t comfortable using wireless earbuds. Knowing how to maintain and store this model will also ensure that it lasts longer and becomes worth its high cost.
Key Features
-Wireless wear
-7-hour battery life
-Behind-the-ear design
-Four different color options
-Lightweight and flexible neckband
-Always Aware eartips for safety
-Compatible with the BackBeat app
-Water and sweatproof design
Bottom Line
Reviews for the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100 seem to be very mixed, although most lean towards being positive. Buyers are happy with its comfortable fit, wireless design, and the fact that it prioritizes safety over everything else. On the other hand, they were unhappy with its sound quality and the durability issues that they experienced. It's unclear how many of these buyers were aware that this set does not provide noise-cancelation, as it may or may not have impacted their review. Regardless, those who are in need of high-quality earphones would be wise to do complete and thorough research and determine which features they would actually need before making a purchase.
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