Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 Review

Plantronics' BackBeat FIT 500 wireless headphones are the largest ones in this line, yet they're every bit as versatile. Its ear cups feature memory foam cushioning and house 40mm drivers for comfortable wear that creates an incredible sound experience. The adjustable headband is also equipped with padding at the top for a more pain-free fit throughout the day, and a drawstring cloth bag can be included for easier and safer storage.

Multiple on-ear controls and a built-in microphone ensure easier usage, along with the set's 18-hour battery life and power-saving Deep Sleep mode. Buyers also have the option to attach an analog wire to the left-hand side and plug this headset into their mobile device or laptop, and it can be paired with two different devices simply by flipping a switch. Finally, a military-grade water-resistant nano-coating allows this headset to stay fully functional in all types of weather for truly long-lasting usage.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
-Great connectivity
-Sweat and water-resistant
-Impressive battery life
-Completely wireless
-Amazing sound quality
-Comfortable fit
-Easy to use and store
-Lacks overall durability
-Not fit for certain workouts
Key Features
Just like all other models within this line, the BackBeat FIT 500 proves to be a surprisingly versatile pair of headphones. Reviewers state that they have frequently used them for different types of indoor and outdoor workouts, traveling, and even at work without experiencing any issues with its wear or performance.

Its built, overall durability, and surprisingly lightweight can make it an excellent accessory for the gym or for an outdoor run. Some buyers have also reported using it during different activities such as skateboarding, cycling, rollerblading, or even a game of soccer or basketball. And its military-grade nano-coating by P2i means that it will stay fully functional in all types of weather.

With all of this said, its design doesn’t make it the best choice for high-intensity workouts. And while it can hold up to rain or snow, it goes without saying that this set is not meant to be used in or around the pool or open water.
Basic Features
The BackBeat FIT 500 has all of the same basic features as any other pair of over-the-ear headphones. Its ear cups house 40mm drivers and thick memory foam cushioning, ensuring both high-quality sound and a comfortable fit, and its headband also includes an area of padding. This headset is also adjustable, as both ear cups can be pulled down or pushed back in for a customized fit or rotated to lay flat for better storage.

Right next to the charging port on the left-hand side is a 3.5mm headphone jack, which allows buyers to plug in a connecting analog wire whenever they prefer. A USB cable is included, as is standard for all wireless models, and buyers have the option of purchasing this headset with a drawstring carrying pouch for safer storage and travel.
Advanced Features
Despite its relatively basic design, the BackBeat FIT 500 is actually packed with an impressive amount of advanced features. Both earpieces are large enough to include all of the controls that buyers will need while on the phone or listening to music. These include the power switch, a call answer/end button, and controls that can change volume and skip songs, as well as a switch for Deep Sleep hibernation mode to conserve battery life.

Other features include Multipoint Bluetooth, which enables the option of connecting two different devices to the headset. These can include smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and both can be used simultaneously. A wideband-enabled microphone is also fixed into the right-hand side for a convenient, and enhanced, calling experience.

One feature that buyers seem to be particularly thankful for is the military-grade nano-coating created by P2i, which provides protection against sweat and water. While it’s not meant to be submerged in water, this layer still keeps the headset fully-functioning even after multiple sweaty workouts or frequent use in heavy rain or snow.
Sound Quality
To no one’s surprise, the BackBeat FIT 500’s sound quality has been widely praised across the board. It’s outfitted with two 40mm drivers, as well as advanced acoustic technology, which provide the brand’s signature audio. Both audiophiles and average buyers have noticed how well balanced its overall sound is and how much it enhances their phone calls, music, and videos.

A wideband-enabled microphone is fixed into the right-hand ear cup, which is specially engineered for use with smartphones. Even though it’s not clearly visible, buyers are still impressed with how well it functions during calls. However, it can’t be determined from the reviews if this particular mic is able to reduce background noise for a clearer and more isolated sound.
The BackBeat FIT 500 relies on Bluetooth connectivity, specifically version 4.1, in order for it to be functional. It can be easily connected to the buyer’s device by switching on the power button and following the prompt to go into the phone’s Bluetooth setting and selecting this headset. A second device, such as a tablet or laptop, can also be connected by holding the power button towards the Bluetooth icon and repeating this process.

Although wireless is almost always the way to go with the headset, it also comes with a port for an analog cable on its left ear cup. This is included in case its battery life is running low or if buyers want the added security of knowing that everything is connected, and it can be especially useful during travel.

Most reviewers have had no issues when it came to this headset’s overall connectivity, thanks to its sturdy build and water-resistant coating. While similar models were known to drop calls or interrupt the music, this one stayed consistent throughout its entire use.
Almost all reviewers agree that the BackBeat FIT 500 provides them with very comfortable wear. Even though it weighs in at 5.4 oz., which is substantial for a headset, its overall design prevents the buyer from feeling fatigued or achy even if they wear it for a longer period of time. And since they typically use this set during workouts, it’s important that they remain secure yet non-invasive and relatively light.

What helps most when it comes to this headset’s wear are the memory foam earpads that are fixed to each cup, as this material is substantial and durable enough to offer long-lasting cushioning yet it’s also very comfortable. Extra padding is also included along with the headband, especially at the top, to ensure that it sits on the head without causing aches or irritation. It’s fit is also adjustable, as both cups can be pulled down or pushed back in for customizable wear.

Despite this added feature, it still might not be able to provide a good fit for those with a smaller head. Some reviewers have said that it will keep sliding off no matter how many times they adjust it.
Unlike the smaller and more lightweight versions that are typically in the line, the BackBeat FIT 500 is a full-size over-the-ear headset that can still be worn during different types of workouts and activities. Its design can also bring another element of convenience and style to everyday living.

The large and super soft memory foam ear cups are each labeled with an ‘R’ or ‘L,’ ensuring a proper listening experience, and the band itself is adjustable. Controls are clearly visible on each ear cup, and wire can be attached on the left-hand side if the buyer chooses. The name of the brand is also clearly printed across the headband.

When it comes to this headset, buyers are given two different color options to choose between. Although all black seems to be the more popular option, a gradient teal/black version is also available and is known to sell surprisingly well. Buyers like that it adds a nice pop of color to any outfit without being too overbearing.
Most reviewers seem to be happy with the BackBeat FIT 500’s overall level of durability, saying that it stays surprisingly solid for many months or even well over a year. Although its main materials aren’t anything special, P2i’s protective military-grade nano-coating provides a layer of water resistance to safeguard against sweat, rain, and snow. It’s also flexible and easy to adjust, which allows it some extra give, and a storage pouch helps to maintain its condition even past a two-year warranty.

Even so, a few buyers have had this headset fall apart on them after a relatively short period of time. They said that either the connectivity or sound quality declined or the headphones themselves were bent or broken. It’s not entirely clear if these occurred because of improper care or a simple manufacturing error.
Ease of Use
Thanks to its on-ear controls, long battery life, and easy pairing, the BackBeat FIT 500 is a very easy headset to use. It proves to be an excellent choice for those who are new to wireless headphones and have a compatible mobile device.

All that has to be done to pair this headset is to switch on the power to hear the voice prompt and then go to the phone’s Bluetooth settings. And while some of its controls could be confusing at first, the user’s guide and some online instructional videos should get all buyers used to this headset in no time at all. They can even rotate the ear cups and place them in their specialized carrying pouch for safe travel and storage.

The only part that could become difficult for some is finding the right fit. Even though it’s adjustable, there are some reviewers who still claim that it slides off whenever they tilt their heads.
Power Source
A micro-USB cable is included along with the BackBeat FIT 500 for easy charging. It connects to a port at the bottom of the left-hand side and is then plugged into the buyer’s laptop, a plug for a wall outlet, or even a portable charger. With this set-up, buyers can create easy access to a charge whenever they need it.

Reviewers are also extremely happy with how long this headset’s battery life can last. They are offered as much as 18 hours of listening time, 16 hours of talk time, and up to 22 days of standby time when not in use. Buyers also have the option of placing it into Deep Sleep mode, simply by flicking a switch on the right-hand side, which will allow it to last as long as six months without usage.
The BackBeat FIT 500 is within the average price range for a pair of high-quality over-the-ear headphones. It’s listed on the Plantronics website for $100 and can be found at reduced prices at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Even better deals can also be found on Amazon or eBay, although buyers should still check the listing’s reviews before making a purchase.

Based on its high ratings and reviews, most buyers agree that this set is well worth every dollar they’ve spent. While they greatly enjoy its comfortable fit and eye-catching design, they agree that the sound quality and overall durability are what really make it an amazing investment. They also appreciate its long battery life, power-saving features, and the fact that it’s so versatile and easy to travel with.

Of course, those who swim frequently or partake in a lot of intense training sessions would find this set to be a waste of money. And there are some buyers who have complained about a poor fit and poor pairing with certain devices. While these complaints aren’t too widespread, buyers should still keep them in mind when they’re searching for new headphones.
Key Features
-40mm drivers
-On-ear controls
-Memory foam ear cushions
-Padded adjustable headband
-Water-resistant nano-coating by P2i
-Available in black or teal/black
-Connectivity with up to two devices
-18 hours of listening
-DeepSleep mode
Bottom Line
Although this set might not be fit for certain activities, it's still very clear why the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 wireless headphones have been rated too highly. They provide buyers with very comfortable wear and incredible sound quality that greatly enhances calls and music, making both workouts and day-to-day living that much better. And the fact that they include on-ear controls and a strong water-resistant coating means that they will be durable and easy to use.

Despite its overall design, this set does manage to be quite versatile and easy to travel with. As with all other headsets, buyers should still be sure to take proper care of it be realizing when not to use it and keeping it stored away safely when it's not being worn. If they follow all of the basic maintenance instructions, they could have a great, high-quality pair of headphones for several years.
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