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What are the best low-light or reflective running shoes for 2018?
Avatar oelisea
15 November 2018

What are the best low-light running shoes or the best reflective running shoes in 2018?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
08 November 2018

The cold winter months mean more than just layering up to protect ourselves from the dropping temperatures when we go out for a run. With winter also comes decreased amount of daylight, and it can become tricky to squeeze in a run when the sun is still high and bright - especially for those of us who work full time jobs during the day and who go into the office when it is still dark and leave after the sun has already started to set! The decreased amount of daylight coupled with the fact that running on a treadmill in a gym five or six days a week will make most of us go insane means we have to get creative and find ways to take our runs outside, even if it means running in the dark. Fortunately, there are some excellent light reflector running products and gear on the market today to help us out!

While we do not have a list of reflective shoes specifically, we do have two great articles for you to check out. The first is our list of the 10 Best Reflective Running Gear Products, Tested. These will make sure that you have the proper attire, head to toe, that will reflect light and keep you visible during dark runs.

Another fantastic option to consider are iron-on reflective strips. Our Review of the Brilliant Reflective Iron-On Strips will get you started in the right direction. These are such a great option because they turn any article of clothing you already have into a safety device. In this way, you do not have to sacrifice being visible for comfort, quality, the brand name you love, etc. You can simply strap a couple of these strips onto your beloved pair of running shoes, and get out there! Simple enough!

If you are dead set on getting low light or reflective running shoes, then there are plenty of trusted brands who you can look into. And always remember that if you are planning to run in the dark, make sure you stick to well lit areas with plenty of street lamp lighting on roads and paths that you are familiar with. And NEVER run alone outside, especially in the dark. Grab a friend to go with you or, at the very least, leash up your furry K-9 pal. Dress properly for the cold and include lighter colored materials, if you have them so that you can be more visible (as well as reflective gear!). And do not forget to bring your cell phone or tracking devices!

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