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Race Recap: IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships, Carlsbad 5000 & Philly Love Run Half

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a recap of the major races for March 24 & 25 Race Recap: IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships, Carlsbad 5000 & Philly Love Run Half www.runnerclick.com

IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships

On Saturday the 24th, history was made at the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia, Spain. Netsanet Gudeta broke the previous world record with a time of 1:06:11. The 27-year-old from Ethiopia had the race of a lifetime leading her to claim the title of world record holder as well as a $50,000 bonus check.

Following close behind her with a time of 1:06:54 was Joyciline Jepkosgei from Kenya. The 24-year-old was making a comeback after battling malaria last year and she certainly accomplished her goal. Just before the finish, Jepkosgei edged out fellow Kenyan Pauline Kamulu. Kamulu, age 23, finished in 3rd with a time of 1:06:56.

Though the finish of the men’s race wasn’t as exciting as the women’s, the race itself was. Geoffrey Kamworor claimed the championship title with a time of 1:00:02 just barely missing the under 1 hour mark. The 25-year-old Kenyan raced the last 5K in 13:01. He did the last 6K at a 4:10 mile pace. Kamworor now has 3 world championship titles under his belt. Following in second was Abraham Cheroben from Bahrain with a time of 1:00:22 and behind him in 3rd was 20-year-old Aron Kifle from Eritrea. It was a day of fast racing and record breaking in Spain.


  1. Geoffrey Kamworor, Kenya, 1:00:02
  2. Abraham Cheroben, Bahrian 1:00:22
  3. Aron Kifle, Eritrea 1:00:33


  1. Netsanet Gudeta, Ethiopia 1:06:11 WR
  2. Joyciline Jepkosgei, Kenya 1:06:54
  3. Pauline Kamulu, Kenya 1:06:56

Carlsbad 5000

Across the globe in another coastal city, the Carlsbad 5000 took place on Sunday, March 25. The Carlsbad 5000 is part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series and is known as “The World’s Fastest 5K” because it has produced 16 world records and 8 U.S. records. This year was its 33rd year and continues to attract runners from all over the globe, offering an opportunity to break records and a decent prize purse. (Although, this year was the lowest prize purse total in history.)

Carlsbad, California

Claiming the number one spot for this year was Kalle Berglund from Sweden with a time of 14:15. Berglund, at only 22-years-old, is the Swedish national record holder for the 1500m. In second with a time of 14:20 was Gebre Abadi from Colorado. Abadi held the lead for the majority of the race, unable to fend off Berglund who patiently hung back until he took his chance to overtake Berglund. Ole Hesselburg from Denmark snagged the 3rd spot with a time of 14:27.

On the women’s side, it was definitely a race to the finish. Emilia Gorecka and Sarah Brown were dueling it out for the last 2 miles of the 3.1 mile race. Brown was in the lead until Gorecka pushed past her finishing at 16:04, only one second ahead of Brown at 16:05. Gorecka, a 24-year-old from Great Britain, is a leading track star for her country. Brown, 31 years old and representing the U.S., was an all American athlete from University of Tennessee. Alycia Cridebring’s personal best for the 5k distance is 15:35, which made the 26-year-old from Sacramento a promising competitor. She certainly delivered as she placed third only a few seconds behind Gorecka and Brown with a time of 16:18.


  1. Kalle Berglund, Sweden 14:15
  2. Gebre Abadi, USA 14:20
  3. Ole Hesselburg, Denmark 14:27


  1. Emilia Gorecka, Great Britain 16:04
  2. Sarah Brown, USA 16:05
  3. Alycia Cridebring, USA 16:18
By Hu Totya (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon

While all the fastest half marathoners were probably recovering from their race on the coast of Spain, on Sunday the 25th, thousands of runners of all ages and abilities gathered on the streets of Philadelphia for the annual Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon. Only in its 5th year, the race has quickly gained popularity on the east coast. Over 11,000 runners showed up this year to show their love for Philly, each other, and the sport of running!

Every year the race donates a portion of its proceeds to an organization for charity and this year they donated $25,000 to Ainsley’s Angels, an organization dedicated to advocating for mobility for the disabled and people with special needs.  Luckily for all the runners, Sunday morning offered great weather conditions for the half marathon.

The male winner was Jason Ayr from Massachussetts, a 30-year-old former UMass track athlete. The top 3 females were older than their male counterparts, ranging from 28 to 46 years old.  On the women’s side, Renee Skelly, finished first with a time of 1:20:15.

But everyone who showed up to the Love Run in the City of Love was really a winner!


  1. Jason Ayr, Allston, MA 1:10
  2. Darryl Brown, Exton, PA 1:10:20
  3. Nickolaus Lachman, Lancaster, PA 1:11:10


  1. Renee Skelly, Wyndmoor, PA 1:20:15
  2. Jen Cronin, North Wales, PA 1:21:54
  3. Abby Dean, Philadelphia, PA 1:23:07

Stay tuned for more race recaps next week!

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