Race Recap: NYC Half, Chuckanut 50k and L.A. Marathon

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a recap of the 2018 nyc half, chuckanut 50k and l.a. marathon Race Recap: NYC Half, Chuckanut 50k and L.A. Marathon www.runnerclick.com

While some spent this last weekend crawling to pubs and drinking green beer, others were running ultras, marathons, and half marathons. (And some may have been doing both!) Three big running races across the country took place over the weekend and we’re here to recap them for you.

Chuckanut 50k

The esteemed Chuckanut 50K attracted hundreds of ultra runners up to Bellingham, Washington this past Saint Patty’s Day, March 17. This trail race has been running for the last 26 years and is famous for its beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery and intense climbs through the Chuckanut Mountain ridges. Last year the race was a qualifier for the 50k World Championships, leading two men to break the previous course record and qualify for the USA team.

This year there was a $5000 prize purse with $1200 awarded to the top male and female finisher. Though no course records were broken this year, Cole Watson and Keely Henninger claimed their prizes. Even though this is Watson’s debut at Chuckanut, he is no stranger to winning 50Ks. The 26-year-old from Folsom, California placed first in Canyons 50K and 2nd at US 50k Trail Championships in 2017. When Henninger first raced Chuckanut in 2016, she placed 4th. Two years later the 25-year-old from Portland, Oregon ran 18 minutes faster and claimed the first place spot. Below are the results for the top men and women:

1. Cole Watson 3:36:35  Folsom, CA
2. Patrick Smyth 3:40:57  Santa Fe, NM
3. Paddy O’Leary 3:47:43  San Francisco, CA

1. Keely Henninger 4:07:46  Portland, OR
2. Anne-Marie Madden 4:15:27  Vancouver, WA
3. Gina Slaby 4:28:42  Bellingham, WA

Photo Credit: Michael Dorausch, michaeldorausch.com

L.A. Marathon

Moving on from the dirt to the concrete, one of the most historical road races took place this past Sunday, the L.A. marathon. Starting at the Dodger stadium and finishing at the Santa Monica coast, the race allows runners to see the sights of Los Angeles. The race with its hefty prize purse and chance at notoriety attracts runners from all over the world.

Last year the two top females and 7 of the top 10 men were Kenyan. Hellen Jeptergat was the first female last year with a time of 2:34:23. Although she bested that time by 22 seconds, the 26-year-old Kenyan slid into 3rd place in this year’s race. In first was 28-year-old Sule Gedo from Ethiopia with a time of 2:33:49. The first place male was L.A. marathon veteran Weldon Kirui. The 29-year-old from Kenya also placed first in 2016. Last year’s winner was 32-year-old Kenyan Elisha Barno who took third place this year. Results for top men and women are below:

1. Weldon Kirui 2:11:47  Kenya
2. Gebresadik Adihana 2:11:57  Ethiopia
3. Elisha Barno 2:12:47 Kenya

1. Sule Gedo 2:33:49  Ethiopia
2. Tsehay Desalegn 2:33:57  Ethiopia
3. Hellen Jepteurgat 2:34:01 Kenya

NYC Half Marathon

While the L.A. Marathon was happening on the sunny west coast, all the way on the slightly cooler east coast, runners were competing at the New York City Half Marathon. Featuring a flat and fast course, many of the top runners in road running appeared at this race. This year the course was completely redesigned to accommodate the record breaking 21,965 runners.

By Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York (New York City Marathon 2014) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The number one finisher, who ran an average 4:47 mile pace, believe it or not, had never competed in this distance before. The longest race 32-year-old Ben True had competed in beforehand was a 10 miler. True, the American record holder in the 5K, made history on Sunday by being the first open male runner to win the event.  On the women’s side, 24-year-old Buze Diriba from Ethiopia claimed the first female title. Close behind is American track star and New Balance athlete Emily Sisson.  Marathoner Desiree Linden was also running the NYC Half on Sunday, coming in 8th place.

1. Ben True 1:02:39  West Lebanon, NH
2. Dathan Ritzenhein 1:02:42  Belmont, MI
3. Chris Thompson 1:02:53  London, GBR

1. Buze Diriba 1:12:23  Ethiopia
2. Emily Sisson 1:12:23  Providence, RI
3. Karoline Bjerheli-Grovdal 1:12:43  Oslo, NOR