Race Recap: Stanford Invitational 10K, Crescent City Classic 10K, Daegu International Marathon

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What a weekend for 10Ks! Gwen Jorgensen gave triathletes a name at the Stanford invitational on Friday night, and Jake Robertson blasted past the Kenyans for a second year in a row win at the Crescent City Classic on Saturday, March 31. In marathon news, elite marathoners flocked to South Korea for the Daegu International Marathon on Sunday where Abraham Kiptum crushed the course record.

Stanford Invitational 10K

Gwen Jorgensen is a gold medalist triathlete, a mom, and now a full-time runner recently joined Bowerman Track Club to train with elite marathoners and at the Stanford Invitational on Friday night, she wore her new uniform for the first time.

Jorgensen (left) at the 2016 Summer Olympics Photo By André Motta/brasil2016.gov.br [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Up against a competitive field of collegiate and professional athletes, 31-year-old Jorgensen did well considering it was her second track race ever since shifting to running. She finished the 24 laps around the track in a time of 31:55.68. Just behind her was Carrie Dimoff, a former Princeton track runner. Like Jorgensen she is a mother and recently made a comeback to running. She finished two seconds behind her teammate with a time of 31:57.85. In third was Karissa Schweizer, an impressive young NCAA champion runner for Mizzou. A few weeks earlier, Schweizer won the women’s NCAA Indoor 5K. She was dropped by Jorgensen and Dimoff with about a mile to go, finishing in 32:00.55.

Vincent Kiprop won the men’s 10K with a new personal best of 28:19.07. Kiprop signed to the University of Alabama last year along with Gilbert Kigen, who placed third on Friday with a time of 28:27.31. In second was Lopez Lomong, finishing two seconds behind Kiprop with a time of 28:21.37. Lomong, an Olympian and long time track runner has an eventful history. After escaping Sudan as a teenager and moving to the U.S., he took up running, became a citizen a year before qualifying for the 2008 Olympics, and at age 33 still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down in the running world.


  1. Gwen Jorgensen 31:55.68
  2. Carrie Dimoff 31:57.85
  3. Karissa Schweizer 32:00.55


  1. Vincent Kiprop 28:19.07
  2. Lopez Lomong 28:21.37
  3. Gilbert Kigen 28:27:31

Crescent City Classic

The following morning, more than 20,000 runners gathered on the streets of New Orleans for the 40th annual Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic. One of the oldest races in the country, the Crescent City Classic has been identified as one of the premier 10K races in America. The event consumes New Orleans during Easter weekend much like more famous events that take place in this city… At times it does feel like a festival as you can see people in bunny costumes carrying cocktails alongside elite athletes. One of those elites was Jake Robertson from New Zealand, returning to keep his winning title from last year. He took the win again with a time of 27:28, 24 seconds faster than last year and getting close to breaking the 27:10 course record. This win was important for Robertson as last year he broke a 20 year streak of Kenyan winners and wanted to maintain that break. His time also ties him with his twin brother for having the fastest 10K by a New Zealander. Almost a minute behind him was John Muritu, winner of the Classic in 2015 and 2016. Muritu, from Kenya finished with a time of 28:14. Only 4 seconds behind his compatriot was Edwin Soi, an Olympian from Kenya, with a time of 28:18.

Monicah Ngige of Kenya took the women’s win with a time of 32:05. Though not a personal best for the 24-year-old, this was the first win of the Crescent City Classic for this veteran runner. Just 22 seconds behind her was Iveen Chepekemoi also from Kenya. In third was Ethiopian runner Hiwot Ayalew with a time of 32:31. Ngige said that she was with Ayalew for the first 4K until she pulled away. Ayalew, age 28, represented Ethiopia in the 2012 Olympics for the 3000m steeplechase.


  1. Monicah Ngige (Kenya) 32:05
  2. Iveen Chepekemoi (Kenya) 32:27
  3. Hiwot Ayalew (Ethiopia) 32:31


  1. Jake Robertson (New Zealand) 27:28
  2. John Muritu (Kenya) 28:14
  3. Edwin Soi (Kenya) 28:18

Daegu International Marathon

Abraham Kiptum of Kenya showed he is a force to be reckoned with at the Daegu International Marathon this past Sunday. He was leading the front pack for the entire race. Finishing in 2:06:29, he broke the course record by 22 seconds. Evans Korir, also from Kenya, came in 6 seconds later at a new personal best time of 2:06:35. He was in third for most of the race, but closed in on third place Peter Some in the last few kilometers. Some finished with a time of 2:06:49. At the 2017 Daegu International Marathon, Some placed second with a time of 2:09:22. This year, all three Kenyans finished faster than the previous course record of 2:06:51 set by Ethiopian runner Yemane Tsegay in 2014.

Although the women’s field didn’t manage to break any records, it was still an impressive race with a strong lead pack. Janet Rono steadily broke away from the pack towards the end and managed to finish first with a time of 2:28:01. Rono, a 29-year-old from Kenya has a strong running career but this was her first time racing the Daegu Marathon. Coming in 16 seconds later was Korean Ahn Seul-Ki at 2:28:17. The 25-year-old represented her country in the Olympics for the marathon in 2016. In third was Pamela Rotich, last year’s winner from Kenya. Rotich finished with a time of 2:28:45, just a minute slower than her winning time last year.


1. Janet Rono (KEN) 2:28:01
2. Ahn Seul-Ki (KOR) 2:28:17
3. Pamela Rotich (KEN) 2:28:45


1 Abraham Kiptum (KEN) 2:06:29
2 Evans Korir (KEN) 2:06:35
3 Peter Some (KEN) 2:06:49