Ragnar Runners And Marathoners Can Finally Organize Their Gear With The Race Mate Bag

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The Race Mate bag stores and organizes all gear for long distance runners. Ragnar Runners And Marathoners Can Finally Organize Their Gear With The Race Mate Bag www.runnerclick.com

It’s every racers worst fear. You start fumbling around in your duffel bag looking for that headlamp and the panic sets in when you realize you left it at home. You are in the middle of a two-day race and your team is counting on you. Or maybe you start to lay everything out on your hotel bed the night before a marathon and realize you forgot your race day socks. Organizing race gear is crucial for these type of events. This is why every runner needs the Race Mate bag.

Created by Ragnar racer and marathoner Vanessa Joyce, the Race Mate bags brings organization and peace of mind for runners when it comes to knowing where their gear is.

What makes it so different? “There’s nothing else like it on the market,” Joyce told RunnerClick.

The bags have two main purposed: to store gear and keep runners organized.

“I believe—having been a runner for over 30 years— that this is the ultimate gear bag for anybody that is active,” she said.

Here are the reasons why runners should check out Race Mate.

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It Stores Gear

The Race Mate bag is lightweight, yet durable. It is water-resistant so that gear doesn’t get wet in the rain. The bag starts off rolled up tightly when empty. Then it rolls out to be laid flat to store gear, and then rolls back up to become a duffel bag when “fully loaded.” Just fasten and unfasten the buckles.

Unrolled, the bag has labeled compartments for all types of gear. This includes a specific place for watches and chargers, a pocket for safety, hydration, nutrition, race bib and clothes. There is even a space for shoes, which is designed to fit up to men’s size 13 shoe. This pocket is also designed so that the shoes fit nicely horizontally. This helps make the rolling up easy when packing up this bag for on-the-go.

The Race Mate bag is made for runners who travel. It can fit under the seat of an airplane as a carry-on.

“When people travel, a lot of times they might bring stuff on the plane or they’re worried they don’t want to pack things in their checked bags,” Joyce said. “With the Race Mate bag, you can keep it all with you so if your luggage gets lost you’re not at a marathon without your shoes. You are never separated from your important equipment.”

It also can fit in any size trunk so that the ultra runner is fully stocked with spare items when going on an impromptu run or have their must-have runner products with them when traveling.

It’s A Race Day Checklist

Many runners write or make a mental checklist for race day. This includes placing all gear out on the hotel or home bed. But then race morning comes and they overlooked a key product or worse—left it at home.

Racers should check out this bag because it serves as a more throughout checklist for race day because the athlete can actually see if everything is packed or ready to go.

“It is a visual checklist,” Joyce said. “You can actually see, do I have my socks?”

It also helps runners remember not to leave behind anything either. If one pocket is empty that you know you had full, the runner knows they forget something.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Joyce said. “You hang it up when you start packing. You start from the top and you keep going until all the pockets are full. If one of the pockets are empty, you know okay, I need to put something in there.”

This eliminates the need to scramble around the morning before a marathon to gather missing items. It takes a lot of stress and anxiety away from race planning.

It’s Designed To Keep Runners Organized

The Race Mate bag stores gear and keeps all important running products in one centralization location. It allows runners to take better care of gear, and transport it in an organized fashion.

It helps runners keep track of their stuff, and that is their stuff. For example, in a race like a Ragnar, everyone has a headlamp. This bag prevents people from getting gear mixed up or scrambling to find and repack their items. The runner can put their gear back right away and not lose it.

And more than just for race day, the Race Mate is a life savior in the home organization department. Instead of losing headphones and having nutrition in on place and an armband and other accessories in countless other places, it keeps everything together. This means no more searching all around the house for that running watch charger the night before a big run. “It’s a way to keep everything organized and protected,” she said.

Which is important to be able to keep track of items that the runner can’t live—or run—without.

“This bag for me, besides making travel easier and racing easier, is a way for me to keep all my valuable running stuff in one place where I know where everything this all times,” she said. “The more people run, the more people get attached to their gear and want to make sure they have their favorite, let’s say hydration pack or water bottle ready. It can hang up in a closet, on the back of a door, or just roll it out on a bed and pack it that way.”

What Type Of Runner Should Buy A Race Mate Bag?

Joyce revealed her inspiration was from running Ragnar because it is a 25-35 hour race where runners need to make sure that they have all their gear. But it also came in handy when traveling for a recent marathon. This product is really for the long distance and ultra runner. This is because these types of runners need more items for their run, whether it be clothing, accessories, nutrition, and safety gear.

But every kind of runner can benefit from this bag, including recreational runners to serious competitors and everyone in between.

“You want to grab your headphones, and your watch, and your armband, or your nutrition and hydration, “Joyce said. “Everyone seems to have those needs, whether it be training or racing, or traveling and racing.”

Race Mate bags are functional and practical. It is compact, yet fits all the necessarily get for race day or training. It is versatile, going from a running gear storage unit to a travel case to race day bag.

“If you have gear, and if you run this bag is for you,” she said.