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A Review of the Avia Women’s Sweetheart Singlet

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A Review of the Avia Women's Sweetheart Singlet A Review of the Avia Women’s Sweetheart Singlet www.runnerclick.com

Singlet-style tanks are a staple in my running and workout wardrobe. They are comfortable, keep you cool, and allow for free mobility of my arms. And, to top it all off, the latest singlets are offered in a variety of colors with stylish details like mesh panels and cut outs. This means that running singlets not only help you perform well, they also keeping you looking cute while you run!

With this in mind, I have pretty high expectations when it comes to singlets. I look for a singlet that is highly breathable, feels good against my skin, doesn’t restrict the movement of my arms or shoulders, and has some sort of stylish detail.  Read my review of the Avia Sweetheart Singlet to see if it meets my very specific singlet standards.


The Sweetheart Singlet is incredibly lightweight. It has a deep scoop neck that leads to racerback straps. The arm holes are also deep scoops. The lightweight fabric and minimal chest, shoulder, and back coverage help keep you extra cool and allow for complete freedom of movement of your arms. The bottom hem of the tank hits at the bottom of my hips.

The triangular back panel is made of a mesh polyester blend and have a mesh look to them. They feel similar to the fabric that makes up the rest of the singlet and contribute to the overall lightness of the tank.

The singlet, like majority of Avia’s other running attire, is made of moisture wicking fabric. Avia’s moisture wicking technology pulls moisture through the fabric to the outside, allowing it to evaporate. After a 3 mile run, the moisture wicking feature of this top kept me cool and incredibly dry. Even though I knew I sweated, I felt pretty fresh after running in the Sweetheart singlet because the sweat did not have a chance to cling to my upper body.


The body of the singlet is constructed of 100% polyester, and the trim that makes of the neckline, straps, and back panel is made of a mesh and polyester blend. It feels smooth and light against your skin, and even has a cooling effect that keeps you feeling comfortable during a tough workout. This is an especially nice feature to have when on a long run on a warm day.

The fabric is very thin, almost like a grocery bag or tissue paper, and I was honestly worried that I would tear the straps just trying to put the tank top on. However, the Sweetheart Singlet held up very well during my run, and even when I purposely removed it forcefully by pulling it over my head by the straps. However, the stretchiness of the polyester fabric is very strong, making it resistant to wear and tear.  I have to say, this singlet is light but mighty!

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Another area in which this singlet surprised me was it’s ability to stay in place. The smooth fabric, deep scoop neck, and deep arm holes made me a little wary that this tank would slip around while I ran. I expected the hem to move, the torso to twist, and to constantly be pushing the straps back up onto my shoulders. To the contrary, however, this tank stayed exactly where I needed it to. The straps stayed on my shoulders and the hem stayed at my hips without riding up.


The color blocking of the Sweetheart singlet is a very stylish and sporty design. The main color of the singlet covers your torso and to about one inch below the scoop neck. The scoop neck, straps, and mesh side panels are in a different complimentary tone. This gives your outfit a pop of bright color that not only is stylish, but also increases your visibility, which is important if you are a strictly outdoor runner like I am.

The color blocking combination of a neutral and bright color also helps this singlet match a lot of other pieces in my wardrobe and running shoe collection. The simple design makes this a very versatile piece of athletic wear.

The triangular mesh back panel draws the eye down the body, creating a longer, sleeker torso line. As a result, this singlet makes you look slimmer, especially around the waistline.

Favorite Features

  • Light weight fabric
  • Moisture wicking
  • Versatile design
  • Cut for mobility

Areas for Improvement

I truly don’t have any areas for improvement for the Sweetheart Singlet. The moisture wicking technology of the fabric is phenomenal. It fits well and stays in place, and allows me to move freely while I run and workout. Don’t change this singlet, Avia!

Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed wearing the Avia Sweetheart Singlet. I felt cool, fast, and free to move. Surprisingly, this tank is priced at only $7.86. It’s a steal that will definitely make a regular appearance in my running wardrobe.