A Review of Avia Women’s Summit Stretch Woven Shorts

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A Review of Avia Women's Summit Stretch Woven Shorts A Review of Avia Women’s Summit Stretch Woven Shorts www.runnerclick.com

I am more of a capris and tights runner, because I hate leg chafe. I also hate when the legs of shorts bunch up or move around while you run, and you constantly have to adjust them. It’s just plain irritating and it affects the quality of your workout.

I was skeptical at first when I saw that Avia sent me two pairs of the Summit Stretch Woven Shorts to test out. As you can imagine, shorts aren’t my favorite piece of clothing for running. However, the sturdy-feeling waistband, smooth fabric, and built-in brief gave me a little bit of hope for these shorts. Keep reading to see if Avia’s Summit Stretch Woven Shorts were able to change my feelings toward running in shorts.


These shorts have a very substantial feeling waistband, but the legs are light and airy. It is quite a contrast, but this is a good thing. The waistband stays exactly where it should – around your torso- and lays flat against your body. It can be tightened if necessary with a drawstring. The thick, yet comfortable waistband made me feel confident that my shorts would stay in place as I ran, and they definitely did. I went for a short run and lifted afterward, and the shorts stayed up and moved with my body. I didn’t have to adjust them once!

The Summit Stretch Woven Shorts are equipped with a small notch pocket in the waistband. It has no top closure, and is big enough to store a key, an ID, or an energy gel to take with you on your run.

I am not  a fan of most shorts with inner linings. They are usually too bulky and make me feel like I am wearing a diaper while I run. However, the brief-style inner lining of the Summit Stretch Woven Shorts was practically non-existent. The combination of the light fabric and the cut of the lining made me forget it was even there. I really appreciated how unnoticable the inner lining was, since they have the tendency to be annoying or cause irritation.

As I mentioned before, I hate leg chafe. I despise it. These shorts, with the thin and light material of the legs, initially had me worried about not only leg chafe, but also unwanted movement. However, I was pleasantly surprised by these shorts. The moisture wicking material kept me cool and dry and, most importantly, stayed in place! There was no need to constantly adjust the legs of my shorts because of bunching as I ran or lifted. Even when I did squats, the shorts and inner lining stayed in place, keeping my outfit intact as I moved around. And, most importantly, I ended my workout free from leg chafe. 


These shorts are made of a combination of polyester and spandex. I was highly pleased with the sturdiness, yet comfort, offered by the waistband as I worked out. It stayed exactly where I wanted it and caused no irritation or chafing. The airy fabric of the legs kept me cool and their ability to stay in place kept me confident. The moisture wicking material kept my skin cool and the sweat evaporated almost instantly from the legs of the shorts.

One area that concerned me about the materials of the legs was their thinness. Although they were comfortable, I was a little concerned that they would be see through, even with the inner lining. Avia sent me these shorts in two colors, a medium blue and a light mint/blue green. There were no see through issues with the medium blue color. However, the lighter mint green/blue color you could see right through both the short and the inner lining. Although they had an equally high level of comfort and fit, I will only be wearing the lighter pair around the house with a long t-shirt to cover my bottom.


These shorts are extremely flattering. The waistband lays flat, giving you a smooth silhouette. The cut is flowy but not baggy, making your thighs look slim. The colors offered are a combination of brights and neutrals, so there is something to match every runner’s fashion preferences. The notch on the side of the leg not only enhances the functionality of these shorts, it adds a cute detail to a simple pair of shorts. These not only look good while I run, but I would also throw the Summit Stretch Woven Shorts on to go to a casual outing or to run errands around town.

Favorite Features

  • Light leg fabric
  • Secure, yet comfy waistband
  • Side notch in leg
  • Nice colors, as long as they aren’t see through
  • Inner lining

Areas for Improvement

In terms of the colors, I would recommend that Avia offer  the Summit Stretch Woven Short in darker colors. With the thin material,  the very light colors, like the mint green/blue, were completely see through. As a result, I couldn’t even wear them out of the house.

My second suggestion would be to equip the Summit Stretch Woven Short with larger pockets, and at least one that zips. This would allow runners to take additional items with them on a run and would keep them more securely stored.

Final Thoughts

The Summit Stretch Woven Shorts were comfortable, kept me cool and dry, and stayed in place while I ran and lifted. With a price tag of a mere $9.86, these shorts will definitely become a regular piece of my running and workout wardrobe – but only in the darker colors.