A Review of the Peek-A-Breeze Top and Squeeze Play Capri by Handful

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A Review of the Peek-A-Breeze Long Sleeve and Squeeze Play Capri from Handful. A Review of the Peek-A-Breeze Top and Squeeze Play Capri by Handful www.runnerclick.com

If you are someone that lives in leggings and a sports bra like me, you are always looking for the next most comfortable outfit that you can get away with wearing everywhere. Now that the “athleisure” movement is going strong with no signs of slowing down, there are many more options available. Handful offers a small, but strong selection of cute clothes. The company was founded and is run by women who believe in high quality clothes that are functional but also flattering. The Peek-A-Breeze long sleeve top and Squeeze Play Capri, which I will be reviewing here, are two of their more popular items and they are no exceptions to the functional and flattering rule.


Both the Peek-A-Breeze top and Squeeze Play Capri are made from a polyester and spandex blend that is extremely soft and also moisture wicking.  I did an intense yoga sesh wearing both the top and the leggings and the sweat dried almost immediately. I really liked the material that the Squeeze Play Capri is made out of. It feels very technical and strong but it is also soft and moisture wicking. There is some compression, which makes it a bit tight but I like it because it holds everything in very shapely. Also the mesh on the sides is durable and hasn’t ripped like some of my other leggings with mesh have.


I am usually a medium in everything so I got both the top and leggings in a medium and the fit was perfect. There is a sizing chart on the website if you need more guidance but everything is pretty true to size. I prefer that my leggings are tighter than having extra fabric. So if you need to, size down for those. The top has plenty of fabric, so no need to size up. I love how the Squeeze Play Capri has a high waistband that sits comfortably above the hips. It holds everything in, is very flattering, and keeps the leggings from slipping down- even on a run. I thought that the over the shoulder cut for the Peek-A-Breeze long sleeve would become annoying if the shoulders kept sliding off but it never happened! The cut is just the perfect fit to keep from falling off the shoulders. I didn’t even have to think about adjusting the shirt once it was on.


Let’s just say that if I could wear Handful clothing all the time, I would. The fabric is just so soft! And they really nailed the fit. Honestly once the clothes are on, I don’t think about my outfit at all. (Except maybe to check out how cute it is). I can focus on doing basically whatever! Eating, doing yoga, sleeping, running… When I’m doing yoga I don’t have to tug down my shirt to make sure it doesn’t slip up because the Peek-A-Breeze top stays put. I also love the mesh in the back because it makes the top super breathable.


What I love about Handful clothing is that not only are they functional and comfortable, they are actually cute. Cute might not be the right word… I feel sexy when I put on the Squeeze Play Capri. (I know it might be hard to tell from my super awkward photos, but I promise I do.) The ruching on the waistband in the back draws everything in making your behind look good. The mesh on the sides is perfect because it is breathable but also very flattering in a subtle way. I get compliments every time I go out in them. They come in two colors: booya black and smokin’, which is gunmetal gray.

My favorite feature of the Peek-A-Breeze long sleeve is the cut-out back. It is unique, very flattering and perfect for showing off a cute sports bra. Also the mesh gives it texture and a subtle sexiness. I also like that there is a lot of material in the front and back of the top so you can hide any tummy if you want, and you don’t have to worry about it riding up in the back. The wide scoopneck looks great because it doesn’t slide off the shoulder, it accentuates your collarbones, and you can add a pop of color to your outfit with a sports bra or tank top underneath. The top comes in black, white, or purple. I personally like black because it is the most flattering color.


The Peek-A-Breeze long sleeve is $60 and the Squeeze Play Capri is $70. The prices are similar to the price point of other high-end athleisure brands like Lululemon. So they are expensive, but comparable to what you would get at the same price from other brands. I would say that they are valued correctly and worth the price.

Key Features

  • Soft, moisture wicking, durable fabric
  • Breathable and cute mesh details
  • Flattering seams and ruching
  • High waistband

What I Didn’t Like

There is little I didn’t like but if I had to get picky, the Peek-A-Breeze top takes a little time to adjust the shoulders when you put it on. But once you adjust it, it stays put and the shoulders don’t droop off. And the only thing that bothered me at first about the capris was the amount of fabric in the back. The ruching is cute, but it is a lot of extra fabric in the lower back region. The Squeeze Play Capri has a pocket in the front inside of the waistband, which is a neat feature, but I think it would be more functional to have it in the back so the pocket could be bigger and you could fit a phone in it. My iPhone 6 doesn’t fit in the pocket with its case so I can really only use it for small items.

Bottom Line

I loved Handful’s clothing. But perhaps what really sold me were the principles behind the company. They are focused on making quality, functional, and cute clothing. Their website is not overwhelming and you don’t spend hours combing through it. If you want cute athleisure clothes and to support a good company, Handful is a great option. If you are unsure about what to get, I recommend starting with one of their bras or the Squeeze Play Capri. You won’t be disappointed with having either of those as an addition to your closet no matter what size or shape you are.