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A Review of the Popticals Popstar Sunglasses

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An in depth review of the Popticals Popstar Sunglasses A Review of the Popticals Popstar Sunglasses www.runnerclick.com

Popticals is all about providing high quality sunglasses that are able to be carried around safely, and simply. Situations that may leave another pair mangled and bent, or lost can be prevented with the ability to pack and store them easily in their small, durable carrier, which then can be pocketed, put into bag, or clipped onto pants or your bag via carabiner.

They solve the problem of the huge, bulky carrying case some glasses come with, and the issue of being mangled while in storage for those that don’t use a case, or just the bag. This means you don’t have to be forced to wear them up top of your head,  or behind, although you still can. You’re given another option with these Pop-out sunglasses.


The portability alone isn’t enough to make an item worthy. It must perform well, so Let’s see what they offer.

Here are the features summarized

  • FL2 Micro-Rail System – this is the design feature that allows the folding and breakdown of the sunglass structure.
  • Grilamid TR 90 Frame Material – This is a strong and lightweight fusion of polyamide and thermoplastic that allows for flexible strength.

Lens Specs

  •  Polarized – For those that hate the blinding glare of sunlight, the polarization will nullify it, and give you the ability to see properly in the sun without having to squint.
  • UV Protection – These will fully protect your eyes from the suns harmful UV rays. 100% UVA and UVB protection.
  • Ri-Pel Lens Technology – A coating that makes the lenses extremely easy to wipe down. They are hydrophobic and oleophobic – oil, dirt, and water resistant.
  • Scratch & Impact resistant – You can rest easy knowing these aren’t going to shatter on you, or snap so easily. Additionally, they don’t easily scratch.

Nice. That sounds great, but how did they perform? Here’s how I felt about them below


UV Protection

As stated, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. This is a standard for all respectable sunglasses, and am glad to know I won’t be suffering from cataracts if I put on a pair of these to go out on a run on those sunny days. It’s great to actually feel like you’re behind a pair of shades, and these certainly let you know that.



One of the aspects that greatly comes in handy when on a run is the ability to shade the eyes from the glare of the sunlight. I mean, these aren’t just for fishing. Polarization comes in handy on many occasions, even for those going out on the snow for a good hike or winter run. The snow causes blindness in sunlight, the same goes for any bright surfaces in urban terrain, or wherever you may be running. If you don’t want to deal with squinting so that you can see to a degree, these will help you out. They performed really well in this regard. Really well.

The mirrored lens also assists in reflecting the sunlight away from the eyes.



The main, although not only, feature on these is their ability to fold in and store conveniently. Ordinary sunglasses are easy to mangle, therefore I usually resort to keeping them up-top my head or behind when I decide to pull them off my eyes. This has led, many times, to them falling off, either while bending down to tie my shoes, or other similar motions, only to find out later when I have arrived home or left the area. You now have to option to store them via carabiner by folding them up, putting in compact case, and clipping to belt eye, or sticking them in your pack if you have one on. The great thing here is, you’re not dealing with an extremely bulky case (those one’s that hardly anyone uses) so you can effectively pack them, without having to worry about them getting bent up.

  • Fold up – so can fit almost anywhere
  • Are sturdy – so won’t damage when stored away
  • Compact carry case clips on to belt loop or pack via carabiner


The case is extremely sturdy and secure. I’m sure there’s not much that can get through this thing. I compared it to my bear canister. I mean, the two give off the same impression. It’s a solid container, compact that you can be sure will safe-guard your shades. If you’re like me and tend to mangle up your sunglasses at least twice a week, these are a good option. I don’t use the standard cases because of their bulky nature, but this I  can see myself using while in the backcountry, or even on daily runs. I mean, I can think of numerous instances where I would for sure use the case.


FL2 Micro-Rail System

This is the system incorporated into the design which allows the shades to be folded in.

The stainless steel pins guide the components outward and in, and a magnet is present to snap them firmly together when extended. The system incorporates corrosion proof materials, so they will last, and the design is done well.


The whole motion is actually very smooth and easy. The pins are at a precise, perfect length to allow everything to work in harmony, keeping the whole system secure. You don’t have to fumble with the pair to get them to fold, and they aren’t flimsy, so you don’t have to worry about them wiggling around because of the extra joints either.

  • powerful magnets guide and clamp the two sections together
  • The rail system enable smooth motion of the fold-up transition


Once folded up, they can fit almost anywhere, and the parts are tucked nicely and gives a much more sturdy, mangle resistant piece. The arms (temples) are very flexible, and in addition are also jointed, so that they can be folded in, folding in twice as much as you would see with traditional temples. Folded down, you’re looking at around 10mm

  • 10mm width – folded
  • Folding arms (temples)
  • Completely collapsible
  • Stainless steel – corrosion resistant joint material
  • Packs almost anywhere

In regards to the grilamid frame material – It offered ample flexibility but nothing extreme, although the frame is very sturdy and for the size of the Popstar (somewhat bulky toward the top to accomodate for the rail system), they maintain a favorable weight.

  • Weigh 65 grams with case
  • 25 grams (Glasses only)


They fit perfectly inside their durable case. The case snaps shut very firmly. You may have to put a bit of excess force onto the clip to get it to snap closed, and open. That is the only downside of the case, as it’s fairly lightweight as well. I would think, over time, the clip would be easier to snap on and off.

  • Comes with carabiner and has a carabiner loop for attaching to belt or pack
  • Very Sutrdy and durable – this case can take a beating
  • Compact size can pack easily into smaller, condensed areas


My verdict – Overall these are a very nice, and well performing pair of sunglasses but there are downsides just as well, as there are with anything. The best aspects of this pair is their portability in breaking down to a convenient to carry size, and the performance on the lens themselves. I think the lenses get two thumbs up, as they do their job extremely well.


  • Fold up and convenient to carry in a vast amount of situations
  • Strong and sturdy, especially when folded up
  • The lenses perform extremely well in shading the eyes from the sun
  • Mirrored and Polarized
  • Easily wiped down, and clean up nicely without spots
  • Overall a really nice looking pair of shades


  • The hold from the temples isn’t the firmest
  • Somewhat Pricey

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