An In Depth Review Of the Sprigs Armband

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Sprigs Armbands are form fitting, stretchy and ultra-comfortable. An In Depth Review Of the Sprigs Armband

Even on days when there is no motivation to get moving, the right music can help power you through a workout. Then there are those times when the perfect song comes to help get us in the zone to pick up the pace on a run. They say music can help increase performance when running.  So whether we are going for a run outside or on the treadmill, having our phone on us is a must.

But the last thing any runner wants is to have to fumble with holding anything in their hands. That’s why having an armband is the running accessory many athletes just can’t live without. It’s also why we at RunnerClick couldn’t wait to try out Sprigs Armband. I tested it out in hopes that runners can worry less about reading texts or how heavy their phone is, and more on completing runs.


The armband from Sprigs is made from the company’s own “custom performance fabric.” The material is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable and form fitting. It is breathable and lightweight, ideal for using when working out. The high end performance fabric is also machine washable. This is  a great feature so that consumers can easily  keep it clean and germ-free after sweating.


The Sprigs Armband features a patented design that stretches to fit the user. Instead of wrapping around the arm and fastening with velcro, the armband is simply one “tube” of fabric. The armband has a slot for the phone that is cut inside the fabric with a velcro strap that contains the company’s logo.

Pull the velcro strap up and insert the the phone into the pocket, and close the velcro brand fastener over it. This design makes the Sprigs Armband compatible to fit any size phone. The consumer can even leave their phone in its phone case and it will still fit. The armband is designed to easily access the phone and earphones, but phones that have the headphone jack at the bottom of the phone may fit a bit awkward.

On the inside of the armband is tiny grip dots that is sewed into the fabric that help make the band stick to the arm when sweaty.


Sizes are based off of the circumference of the consumer’s arm. The Sprigs sizing goes as follows:

  • Small – Under 7” to 9 1/2”
  • Medium- 9 1/2” to 12 1/2”
  • Large- 13” to 16”
  • XL- 16 1/2” to 19 1/2”

It’s extremely important not to estimate what size the consumer should buy so that it fits the upper arm snug. And the armband really does fit true to size. At first it may feel too tight for those used to the standard designed armbands on the market, but this means it won’t fall off.

Because of its design, Sprigs claims that there is no adjusting needed. The first time using it, the consumer might need to adjust it a tad to see exactly where it should rest, but once it is on it will not move once the activity starts. Position the armband up a bit higher to avoid feeling like it will slide off. However, even if worn a bit lower on the arm, it will not slip off. Instead it may just move around slightly.


The Sprigs Armband is tight around the arm, but doesn’t feel suffocating. That’s thanks to the breathable, soft fabric that feels great against the skin. It takes a minute to get used to how it feels when wearing the phone. It might be hard not to notice the weight of the phone at first. But then the consumer will forget they even have anything on. How comfortable and lightweight it is plays a major part in this.

Plus the more the user sweats, the more it will stick to the arm thanks to its grip dots. These grips are designed to keep the armband in place so that the user can move, run and twist and the band will stay in place. And this couldn’t be more true. It does a great job staying in place without any adjusting.


The Sprigs Armband is definitely more stylish than other armbands. It comes in various color options include Black Melange, Blue Melange (as pictured), Coral Melange, Hot Pink / Black, HiViz Run and more. Sprigs also sells the armband in different prints and even country flags.


Sprigs hits the nail on the head when it claims the Armband is “where comfort meet performance.” It works well, fits well (with the right sizing) and is ultra-comfortable. Sold for $24, it costs more than other options, but is worth the small investment. This is the armband for those who like to run with nothing else but their phones.

Key Features

  • Patented design that makes it highly functional
  • High quality, soft and comfortable fabric
  • Great grip and won’t fall off
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Many color and print options

What I Liked

The best feature of the Sprigs Armband is its easy access phone pocket. This means I didn’t have to stop running to take the entire band off to get to my phone—something I despised doing with my other armband. This comes in handy when looking to change music quickly.

I am also sold on how comfortable this product is. Between its fit and fabric, there is no way I could go back to other armbands when going for a quick run.

What I Didn’t Like

The only major downside to the Sprigs Armband is that since it is so fitted, layering is an issue. It’s not ideal for cold weather sports or runs since it won’t fit on the arm with multiple layers on. It would have to go under a sports jacket, but this means removing its quick accessibility to the phone.

It’s also no ideal for rainy weather since it won’t protect the phone in bad weather unless worn under clothing.

Bottom Line

Once using this armband, it’s hard not to keep doing so with each run. It’s a great option for hiking, traveling or other workouts as well, since it won’t budge and doesn’t feel bulky. This means it can be worn under shirts. The Sprigs Armband is a product that we can recommend and stand by because of how well it performs and its overall quality.


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