Running News Recap: Week of July 16, 2021

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Running News Recap: Week of July 16, 2018 Running News Recap: Week of July 16, 2021

Here’s our running-related news recap for the week. Below you’ll find the latest in heart-health, record-setting, and race news.

Heart Gut Link

Runners won’t be surprised to learn that a new study points to a link between the heart and gut. The San Francisco University study revealed that there’s a potential link between cardiovascular and gut health. Those with healthy hearts may be more likely to have healthier tummies. There’s also evidence that exercising may actually help increase gut health. It’s probably obvious to all you runners that the body works in mysterious ways. Like a forest, our bodies represent a unique and complex eco-system. When one part is out of order, the rest isn’t able to function at maximum capacity. 

Boston Marathon Sets Record 

Earlier this week it was announced that Boston Marathon runners raised more than $35 million for charity. While the Boston Marathon is an important essential event for elites, the race also provides entries to runners who commit to raising funds for charity organizations. The runners clearly did their job. We wonder what 2019 has in store!

Nike’s New Retail Concept

Nike’s got new digs in LA. The store works in tandem with Nike’s retail app, which provides loyalty customers with various options. Texting is also supported at the shop, so customers can send text messages to make appointments for returns. The new concept store is located on Melrose Avenue in LA, and plans are in the works to open up shop in Tokyo in 2019. 

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: Dubai Desert Ultra Marathon

How does an $80,000 cash prize sound to you? That’s what winning the Dubai Ultramarathon will get you. The race is set to take place in a nature reserve that spans 40 hectares (1 hectare is equal to 100 acres!). Runners will have to cover 270 kilometers of hot desert terrain to get to the finish. The race will take place over five days and be split into segments. Not interested in a multi-day event? A 100K and 50K will also take place. 

The Lowdown On Fish Oil Supplements

This news probably isn’t surprising to most of you. New research shows that taking fish oil supplements isn’t all its cracked up to be. People have long touted the benefits of taking Omega-3s for heart health, but it turns out that’s likely a bunch of hooey. What’s better for your ticker? Eating actual whole fish. Including fish in your diet is the best way to take advantage of the health benefits of Omega-3s. Not that shocking, is it? Whole foods are good for you.

Breaking Records: Triple Stroller Half-Marathon Finish

The idea of pushing a stroller in any capacity is enough to make us feel exhausted. Imagine pushing a stroller with three children in it over 13.1 miles. That’s what Cynthia Lauren Arnold did this year during the Missoula Marathon. Her finish time of 1:29 earned her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Arnold is looking towards more record-breaking in her future, eyeing the full-marathon pushing that same stroller. Wow!

Strava Helps Nabs Cheater

A recent disqualification of a female triathlete at the San Diego Triathlon involves a tale of cheating and bad coverups. Anita Carcone was eventually DQ’d after it was discovered that she didn’t complete the full bike route during the race. How did she get found out? A number of people became suspicious after she posted her Strava info to social media. The discrepancy was then reported to the race organizers. A warning to all potential cheaters out there! People are watching, and they’re not afraid to take you down!