Running New Recap: Week of July 9, 2021

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Running New Recap: Week of July 9, 2018 Running New Recap: Week of July 9, 2021

Here’s what’s going on in the world of running this week. We know you’ve been busy training and enjoying the outdoors to look at your Twitter or Facebook feed, so we’ve got you covered. Here’s the news you missed.

Online Friends and Weight Loss

If you’re a Strava user or someone who has a bunch of running buddies friended on Facebook, this won’t be news to you. A study from the Journal of Internal Medicine found that an online support system was helpful for those seeking to lose weight. Going at it with online friends is far more likely to earn you success than if you do it alone. That’s certainly true in real life, too. Runners know that having encouragement whether online or IRL is extremely important. 

Grizzly Bears & Ultramarathoning

The Canadian Death Race is one of Canada’s most grueling ultra-distance races. The 125-kilometer event takes place in the Canadian province of Alberta and traverses mountain trails bringing runners deep into the wilderness. Runners Phil Troyer and Lisa Lauzon were training for the intense race doing some specificity training on the course itself when they encountered a momma grizzly bear and its cubs. Thankfully, Troyer was well-prepared and had bear spray on his person. The spray deterred the larger bear, but only temporarily. What ensued was a scramble for their lives. Once the can of bear spray was empty, Troyer was left with just his hiking pole to defend himself, and Lauzon used rocks to try and dissuade the bears from attacking them.

It’s a cautionary tale. The two runners were reasonably well-prepared for the encounter, though nothing could have truly prepared them for what occurred, without the right knowledge and tools, it’s doubtful they would have survived their encounter on the trail. Are you signed up for the Alberta race? Or perhaps another wild ultra or trail race? Be aware of the potential dangers and risks involved in participating in this kind of event. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step to ensuring you return from your journey safe and sound.

Battery Acid From Skechers Shoes Allegedly Burns Young Boy

A story out of New York has been making the rounds lately. The shocking incident involved a young boy and his Skechers brand light up shoes. The boy’s mother claims that the shoes got wet and burned her son’s feet when battery acid leaked out from the inside. The child is now recovering after a hospital visit, but the mother worries about the possibility of this occurring to someone else’s child. Skechers responded by saying that this was the only incident of the sort to happen, but that they are looking into it and taking it seriously.

Deceased Cave Rescuer a Runner

We’ve been following the story of the boy’s Thai soccer team with bated breathe. The trapped youngsters have since been successfully rescued, but not before tragedy struck. Diver Saman Kunan died in an attempt to get to the boys and their coach to provide them with oxygen. The heroic Kunan was not just an ex-Navy SEAL he was also an avid adventurer, runner, and cyclist. 

Fewer DNFs for Women Competitors

An interesting piece was published earlier this week discussing the dropouts rates of men versus women in the Boston Marathon. For this year’s race, the drop-out rate for women was slightly less than for men, with a huge increase in the number of DNFs for men. An economics professor, Muriel Niederle speculates that there’s more at stake for women who race, including smashing gender stereotypes. What it comes down to is that it’s all in the brain, however. Perhaps women are simply more psychologically resilient? At critical moments in a race are women more likely to persevere and finish rather than give up in the face of potential failure? 

Soup or Salad?

Go ahead and choose the soup over that healthy green salad. The choice will make little difference if you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, it turns out that eating savory, brothy soups before your meal can help you cut down on later consumption of saturated fats during your main course. The key is eating soup with an umami taste. 

The Tough Mudder Warm-Up No One Wants 

A controversial Tough-Mudder warm-up has been making headlines in the U.K. Participants were taken through a strange and inappropriate pre-race routine that purportedly involved sexually suggestive movements and a whole lot of uncomfortable moments. Considering the high entry-cost of these types of races and the months involved in training, it’s no surprise that many participants were extremely upset about the incident. Tough Mudder has assured press outlets that the DJ who led the sexually-charged warm-up was disciplined, though they didn’t provide any details.