Running News Recap: Week of June 25, 2021

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Running News Recap: Week of June 25, 2018 Running News Recap: Week of June 25, 2021

News in the world of running was a little slow this week, but below you’ll find some significant happenings of interest including a border crossing snafu and more impressive record-breaking feats. 

Swapping an Ice Bath for a Hot Bath?

As a runner, you’ve probably been told that you should be soaking in a tub of ice after long hard efforts. It turns out that hot baths have benefits, too. A Japanese study discovered that folks enjoying steamy soak sessions weren’t as likely to have arterial blockages from built-up fats. That’s a lot of bathing, though, and there’s always the possibility that other factors were at play. Without a control group, it’s tough to say.  As always, it’s important to take these kinds of studies with a grain of salt. Enjoy frequent hot baths or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.

Accidental Border Crossing

In late May, French citizen Cedella Roman was visiting her mother in British Columbia. Like most runners, she headed out for a run exploring the area nearby without a care. It turns out, the route she took caused her to cross the border into the United States illegally. Like most runners, Roman wasn’t carrying her wallet and wasn’t carrying any kind of ID. She was detained for an entire two weeks as a result of the inadvertent border crossing. Imagine going for a run only to end up spending two weeks in detention!

A Whole New Kind of Beer Run

Ever wanted to run the streets of NYC? In partnership with the New York Marathon, Michelob Ultra is giving away race entries to 95 lucky runners who will receive coaching from Shalane Flanagan. What a prize! You’ll need to get your entry in by July 2 to be considered. 

Red Bull Strava Challenge

Get started sooner than later! Red Bull is putting out a challenge to Strava users to ditch other methods of transport in favor of the bike. The goal? Rack up a collective 1 million miles. The challenge, in its second year, is meant to encourage people to use active transport to get where they need to go. And, of course, there are prizes to be won! It’s the perfect motivation to leave the car at home and include exercise in your daily commute.

Another Western States Record of Note

The podium finishes at this year’s Western States 100 Ultra Marathon weren’t the only impressive performance of note. This year, Nick Bassett became the oldest WS100 finisher at 73 years of age. The previous oldest finisher ran the race at 71 years old. Maybe some of you are thinking you can bide your time and train hard to beat that record at 72? Remember, Western States is no walk in the park. 

Let Your Inner Amazon Free

You’re basically an Amazon already. You stick to your training plan, cross-training to get strong and eat like an athlete. You’re just missing out on the Amazonian battle training. If you feel like you’re missing out on your calling and have a thing for superhero movies, you might want to make your way to Arlington to audition for the newest Wonder Woman movie. Local runners are preferred since you’ll need to be available for fittings and filming. Rumor has it that the sequel will take place in the ‘80s. Does that mean the runners will be wearing neon brights? We really hope so. 

Des Linden Makes a Change

The Boston Marathon champ announced last weekend that she made the decision to leave the Hansons team. It looks like Brooks will continue to sponsor her but no word on what lies ahead for the athlete. Linden has also announced her intentions to run this year’s New York City Marathon in the fall.