Running News Recap: Week of June 4, 2021

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Weekly running recap Week of June 4, 2018 Running News Recap: Week of June 4, 2021

Here’s your running-related weekly news recap for the week of June 4. This week’s roundup includes race, gear, and brand news.

Active Shooter Shuts Down San Diego Marathon Course

San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon was disrupted last weekend because of a reported active shooter incident. No one was injured, but the course was shut down, and several thousand participants were rerouted to safety. The shooter was eventually arrested and detained.

Later in the week, it was reported that the shooter, a woman in her 50’s, would be charged. It turns out the woman had a pellet gun. It seems she did not fire it. The gunfire heard in the area was due to an officer accidentally firing his weapon. While it’s good news that no one was hurt, it’s scary to think that even race courses aren’t safe.

Monday’s Running-Related Google Doodle

Did you catch a glimpse at the Google Doodle this past Monday? The running-related graphic commemorated Canadian First Nations runner Tom Longboat. In 1907, Longboat ran the famed Boston Marathon coming in first place.

Let Your Dog Set the Walking Pace. It might be good for you

Picking up the pace might help you increase your lifespan says a new study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. You don’t need to start incorporating sprints on your dog walks, but averaging about 3-4 mph can increase your longevity by reducing your risk of dying by over 20 percent.

That’s good news for runners! But is equally useful info for walkers. The faster you walk, the more you can decrease your mortality risk. For older active individuals walking at a faster clip, the benefits are even more significant. Brisk walking can cut the risk for heart disease in half.

Looking for your next vacation spot? Consider Edwardsville

The Road Runners Club of America just recently designated Edwardsville, Illinois, an official ‘Runner Friendly Community’. The town features a vast network of running trails and boasts an active running club called the Metro Milers. If you’re looking for a race to do in the area, the club puts on the race along Route 66 each year.

New Suunto Watch Just Announced

Is your GPS watch starting to feel a little dated? Is it on the fritz? It might be worth waiting before picking up a brand new watch. Suunto just announced its new multi-sport GPS unit, the Suunto 9. The biggest draw? It’s outstanding battery life. At 120 hours, it’s a good choice for long-distance runners and triathletes participating in ultra-long events. The watch is filled with other neat features, too, but the battery life is where it shines.

Grandma’s Marathon Ups Security Measures

The Grandma’s Marathon takes place this upcoming weekend and along with a new route, the race will also increase its security. The popular race will feature K-9s capable of detecting bombs, undercover cops, and more. If you’re signed up for the event, avoid packing your essentials in a large opaque bag. Instead, opt for a clear pack that can easily be assessed by security.

Distraction-Free Running on ASIC’s New Blackout Track

London is now home to the ASICs Blackout Track. What does that mean exactly? Running on the track lets you tune into your senses by minimizing potential distractions. The track features minimal lighting and was designed with the help of sports scientists and run coaches.

A Real Streak

A lot of on-the-run poopers have been in the news lately but what about old school streakers? It turns out streaking isn’t totally a thing of the past. A Pittsburg man has been spotted running in the nude and stopping to do some yoga, too. Witnesses reported the man as chipper and in good spirits. He was eventually taken into custody by police and transported to the nearest hospital to be evaluated. We hope he’s okay and that his little streak was just his way of expressing his contentment with life. A little inappropriate, but sometimes doesn’t even the lightest running clothes feel a little restricting?

Impaled South African Runner Set to Run Comrades Ultra

Imagine setting out to run an ultra. It’s a pretty daunting event to look forward to. It requires lots of training and immense determination. Now, imagine training for an ultra after being involved in a horrible accident. That’s what one South African runner is doing. Daniel de Wet was horribly injured in 2015 when he was impaled with a crowbar. He suffered serious internal injuries. Wet had been an ultrarunner prior to his accident and has amazing comeback plans to run the Comrades ultra. What makes this impressive isn’t just that Wet has returned to running after a horrific injury but that he only has one kidney following the impaling. It’s even more important that he dials in his hydration strategy, which many runners know isn’t an easy thing to do.