Running Tours: Exploring Cities in the U.S.

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Running tours offer new routes to your daily run and are an easy way to clock some miles when you travel for work. Running Tours: Exploring Cities in the U.S.

Get my daily run in while simultaneously learning about the city I’m visiting? Sign me up.

One of the best parts of exploring a new place is learning about the local history and the many shoes that previously stepped in the same place. This is where running tours come in: the brilliant idea of fusing urban running with traditional city walking tours. Also known as “site running,” the idea has been around for about a decade but in recent years has gained exponential popularity. Essentially, it’s the best way to see a new city: on foot, lead by an experienced local guide offering interesting and usually historical tidbits about the city, while keeping around 11 minute mile pace. (Though tours tend to cater to the group’s pace- whether faster or slower.)

Contrary to popular belief, running tours aren’t just for your typical tourist. More and more site running groups offer customizable runs that can be catered toward the businesses traveller’s needs – some cities even offer specific corporate and social bookings. Tours depart at 6:30 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. or even 12 p.m.  Many even have the option of personalized tours, meaning they can depart anytime you choose and will visit specific sites you want to see.

Traveling for work can mean busy schedules and days spent holed up in convention centers, barely seeing any natural sunlight. It can be hard to find a course to run when you’re in a new city and only for a few days, especially on a time crunch. Why not consider a running tour of the area? You’ll be taken on a run at a predetermined time, and you don’t have to worry about directions or getting back to the same spot. That’s all taken care of by your group coordinator. Plus, you’ll actually get to see and enjoy the city you’re in, and who knows, you might be in a better mood when you head back to that convention center.

The next time you’re traveling for work check out these running tour options in popular corporate destinations.

Las Vegas

There are a myriad of reasons you might find yourself in Las Vegas: a convention, business, pleasure, or perhaps to attend your fifth bachelorette/ bachelor party. Regardless of the reason, try a running tour the next time you find yourself in Sin City. You’ll get your miles in, and you might even see something beyond The Strip. Las Vegas Running Tours offers a historic tunnels trail run and a Valley of Fire run/hike tour. But, if you want to see more of The Strip, not to worry, the tour group also offers a historic Las Vegas Strip run.

New Orleans

New Orleans Jogging Tours says it best, “[our] tours are ideal for travelers tired of being confined to planes, cars, and hotel rooms.” Tours departing at 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Monday- Saturday and allow runners to visit 19 sites over 6 miles. The perfect excuse to get a 10K in and leave your hotel before you even begin your workday.


Chicago Running Tours & More’s motto is “In the business to make friends and have fun.” You’ll do just that with a slew of tours to choose from like Run to Wrigley, where over the course of six miles and many sites, you’ll finish at the nation’s second oldest major league baseball stadium.


Atlanta is one of the most popular meeting destinations in the country, and as such plays host to City Running Tours Atlanta. Runners can pick their distances, with options like a Midtown Atlanta 5K or 10K tour depending on how much time you have before or after meetings. On the Atlanta History and Highlights tour, you’ll see much more than your usual car ride to and from the airport and your hotel. Runners on this tour will take in the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement at the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., see where Coca Cola was first bottled, and run past the Centennial Olympic Park where the 1996 Summer Olympics took place.


City Running Tours Austin offers a unique tour featuring the city’s musical history. You’ll start at the legendary Clifford Antone’s “Home of the Blues” venue and run through prominent music heritage sites woven in with some current hot spots. The tour finishes with a complimentary beer and free entry to a live concert at Antone’s.

San Diego

There are few better combinations than beer and running and many cities are honing in on the trend. In San Diego, the “beer capital of America,” locals can embark on a beer run with City Running Tours San Diego. In four miles, you’ll pass over 10 breweries and finish at the brewery of the month where your first beer is complimentary.

Just because the word tour implies learning about a place you’re not familiar with doesn’t mean you can’t try one of these at home. In fact, you should try a running tour in your city. A local tour can break the monotony of your usual route while infusing your city with history and offers an easy way to explore different parts of town.

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or just want to spice up your runs at home, you’ll be happy you tried out a running tour.